Elites now playing God

Here are two websites you should check out regarding what the government are spraying on us in our skies and how they are doing it



The New York site has video of the disguised jet liners spraying the city

The California site is the foremost site and goes into the environmental damage this has been causing to the planet, the water supplies, the crops, the animal life, and how the spraying is actually being used to heat the planet by trapping heat in the atmosphere

Here is an interview Rosalind Peterson of the California skywatch did yesterday following the recent announcements in the press about global terraforming to come to “save the planet” even though blocking direct sunlight will diminish the photosynthesis that all plantlife needs to convert CO2 into Oxygen, (and you wonder where the problem started), and will interfere in the functioning of the oceans. Everything on this planet needs direct sunlight, we need it to produce vitamin D in our skin which prevents cancer and rickets.





You might also like to investigate the phenomenum of “Global Dimming” which is the 20% reduction in brightness on the planet over the last decade or two. Check out the NASA website for this. You will also find NASA photgraphs showing the world covered in these man made clouds. All of this is linked together people. there is an agenda here

NASA ima

Remember the mantra of how to get what you want

Problem – Reaction – Solution !

1 – Create a problem to further your agenda

2 – Whip up the reaction you desire in your media

3 – Offer the solution you wanted in the first place

In this case

The Agenda – How do we tax the population into poverty, reduce their standard of living, and monitor their every action, poison the population to reduce numbers and lifespan

1 – Dim the planet, alter the climate, warm the planet, melt the ice

2 – Untruthfully blame CO2, blame human activity, predict calamity and disaster

3 – Propose world carbon footprint tax, propose spraying skies, propose energy use cut backs

The Result – A new cult of anti-humanism thus encouraging an acceptance of the non-sanctity of human life, barium and aluminium poisons sprayed on us reducing life and increasing disease, a global surveillance system on population under the carbon tax reasoning to tax every facet of your life, tax paid directly to world bankers to finance the world government plan, people acclimated to power cuts and limitations of use to seem the norm to bring western society to a 2nd world standard of existence.

This is what it is all about if you have a mind to look at the big picture

Please start making noise about this because if we let these monsters play God with our planet and our lives we won’t have either


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