Why wind power is NOT the way forward

Not a pretty sight is it

wind power


4 Responses to “Why wind power is NOT the way forward”

  1. Bee Says:

    It looks like progress to me.

  2. ←COSMO→ Says:

    this doesn’t bother me. Is that land so pristine that the wind turbines make it ugly? Even without the wind turbines, it looks like waste land to me..I actually find the simple design kind of attractive. What about telephone poles and wires strewn across the land? Is that more attractive than these modern mechanical “sculptures”?

    I think we need a multi-pronged approach to how we generate electricity..some say geothermal is a good way…I like the idea of tidal power to generate juice..it’s being done in UK now. For my money, we will need to make sacrifices, even aesthetic ones but aren’t these sacrifices better than burning coal?

  3. Bear Hugz Says:

    I just drove by one of these wind farms this weekend and it seems to me that the resource is viable, but the technology to harvest this resource is wholly antiquated. This is another mental game that they play because NO ONE wants to look at this. I find it very hard to believe we can’t find a more aesthetically pleasing method of getting this done.

  4. kathleen p Says:

    I think the pic to be rather pretty, if you look at it in an “artistic kinda way”.. but very exposed and vulnerable… how easy is that, for someone to wipe out power for a large area?

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