More lies from the top

Remember many of us have been asking you all to use your eyes and look up and tell us what you see. Those long trails behind the planes that 15 years ago used to evapourate in 30 seconds but now hang around all day and spread out into clouds. Tell us if you think that’s normal. What the hell are they spraying on you.

Well finally they are coming clean in the mainstream media, however they are saying perhaps they need to think about blasting the atmosphere with polution as an anti global warming strategy. Here’s a nice little article that finally brings it out into the admitted mainstream

Well doesn’t this follow a pattern folks. Where the governments do something to us for 15 years and then announce it like it is brand new when they find they can’t keep the lid on it any longer, but spin it out like it’s good for us.

Well forgive me for having more than one brain cell but doesn’t it throw the entire “Climate Change due to CO2 hypothesis out the window when the governments have been manipulating the weather since 1995 anyway according to American admissions. These things are everywhere and have been documented for years.

These chemtrails plus the use of HAARP heating the ionosphere and lifting it 200 miles out into space have been the key instruments in changing weather front systems and causing adverse weather over the last 10 years. It in conjunction with the normal solar cycle has been the main cause of temperature fluctuation on earth (remembering that every planet in our solar system is warmer at the moment due to the sun and gamma rays coming from the galactic centre we are aligning with at the moment 7000 times greater than normal

The Arctic ice cap has also been hurried along in its thaw by abnormal volcanic activity for the last 10 years along a 2000km fault line from Greenland to Alaska spraying lava 2 miles up into the ocean under the ice cap.

One good bit of news is that although some parts of the Antarctic are declining it is more than balanced by increases in sea ice on the other side of the continent and depening snow on land.

Can you not see that this is a skam ?

I have blogged before about the retroactive introduction of legislation for things that have been going on for years, there are so many examples, and they always sell it to you for your own good after the fact

How can every ice core scientist disagree with Gore and the IPCC and yet the hypothesis still stands?

How can the Guardian print an Associated Press story stating CO2 is causing temperature rise when every ice core scientist will tell you it works the other way round by an 800 year lag?

How are these lies getting peddled for truth and nobody is getting to argue with them?


Because they OWN THE MEDIA !



3 Responses to “More lies from the top”

  1. Bear Hugz Says:

    I posted some notes on this and also sent the link to the article to my son’s doctors who INSIST that the multitude of hospital visits after spray days have NOTHING to do with people spraying chemicals in the sky.

    Maybe now that Obama said something, they’ll listen. I’ve asked them to start taking notes on heavy spray days so there will be evidence later that they are killing our children.

    I’m with Kat… FUCKERS! Every last one of them.

  2. kathleen p Says:

    don’t mind me.. I am mentally ill.

  3. kathleen p Says:

    fuckers..every last one of them.

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