Finally the truth is getting out in the public arena. . . time to act

For a long time now I have been telling you that the Military Industrial Complex has taken over American politics, just as your own President Eisenhower did in 1960 and as Kennedy warned you in 1961.

I have also tried to make you understand that the source of all this is the international banking houses like Rothchild and Rockerfeller who consolidate their positions incrementally with boom bust economics by design starting all the way back with the Rockerfeller Standard Oil scandal at the turn of the twentieth century. Your own President Wilson said the same thing when he left office.

Every financial crisis of the last 100 years has been caused by these men deliberately, the proof of that is that they are always the ones who come out the other side of it bigger, wealthier, and more powerful. For example while every bank is in turmoil last year Rothchild made record profits.

I finally was sent a video interview with somebody very deeply involved in the whole system who explains exactly how this has happened in the current crisis. I think you will all learn something from this that will open your eyes to the sheer level of corruption all the way up through government to the very top.

One thing Mr Black does in this interview however is look at it from the point of view that these people are stupid and did not really know what they are doing. He really had to approach it that way or he could end up in court. This is naive and he hints at the seriousness of the fraud without getting into the endgame agenda. These people are not stupid. These people have achieved exactly what they designed and do it by owning the issuance of currency and controlling the government from President to Congress to Senate with greed and corruption.

Here is a transcript of the interview if for any reason the video doesn’t work for you

The Endgame of all this as I have said before is to transfer all the worlds wealth and property to a global elite and to enslave everybody else in debt and poverty. Basically the agenda is to turn the world into their plantation. They are the same people who have always ruled the world in fragmentation but now they want it all together

Hence their puppet leaders are all calling for this World Governance, which is in fact a World Government by the bankers who carried out these frauds to endebt everybody into slavery. They already own the IMF and the World Bank and tehy are trying to control even first world countries economies now through IMF intervention. Some countries are fighting this off at all costs like the far east did in the 80s and 90s but this depression is going to be maintained by the people who pull the strings of finance for as long as it takes

They have robbed the bank and used their government puppets to rob the pension funds and future taxes to pay it all back while at the same time they are using your future taxes to buy up everything possible at knock down prices

If you go willingly into this New World Order run by these elite banking families, well, what do you think they are capable of doing next when they are able to do this and fund every war that has ever been? Well?

How about they decide there are too damn many of us to control?

Be careful about what you wish for and what you let happen to your country and the world.

Now please watch this interview with independent journalist Amy Goodman and Glen Greenwald about how the Mass corporate media is heavily involved in the cover ups by only pushing the narrow political propogandist view that is different to that of normal Americans. Hopefully this will help you stop watching the lying channels

again here is the transcript of the interview

Now please understand that the honesty and integrity that these journalists espouse is forced onto the internet because they cannot get on mass media. Also please be warned that the current laws being forced through by the current government are designed to silence these journalists by labelling their views dangerous under the terrorism laws.



3 Responses to “Finally the truth is getting out in the public arena. . . time to act”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    When this last “crisis” was so well-scripted, I told my office..there is no financial crisis…wealth remains somewhat simply becomes can’t vanish and re-appear…it is a simple way for people to stop and think…well, if there is a world-wide crisis, where did the money go? When they stop to think..they come around..I love breaking things down to the basics..great always

  2. Door32 Says:

    I think I can guess, who do you know who is in denial?

  3. Bear Hugz Says:

    Who’s the retard who said no?

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