World’s worst TV journalist IMHO

After watching many of this man’s interviews as a political neutral I have come to the unavoidable conclusion that he is indeed the worst and most blatantly dishonest TV journalist I have ever seen in all my years

He continually lies, misrepresents the truth and misquotes or takes quotes out of context, puts words in people’s mouths and peddles it as reality. Surely he can’t possibly believe what he is saying can he? He must simply be “doing a job”

He makes ridiculous statements and when the guests tell him the truth he talks over them and won’t let his audience hear what they really need to know. He shouts people down. He gets history wrong. He tries to make a yes or no question out of an issue that hasn’t been solved in hundreds of years and says “it’s a simple question”. By all trading standards and standards of decency in journalism this man should not be allowed in front of the public. He is deliberately mis-informing.

There were too many examples of him mis-behaving so instead I choose to show one of the many clips where his ignorance and blatant lies were ripped to shreds, this time by a kid of just 16. Funny isn’t it. How easy it is to destroy these peddlers of mis-information when you face them with hard facts, something Billo cannot use because they don’t suit his agenda

Watch Billo squirm

Get this government schill off the air, and give people the truth for once


3 Responses to “World’s worst TV journalist IMHO”

  1. Bear Hugz Says:

    You have NO idea what I would give to watch someone beat the living shit out of this guy. I truly loathe him.

  2. Door32 Says:

    I heard that story, it was the son of somebody killed in the WTC who wanted a new investigation. O’Reilly was telling him his dead father would be ashamed of him. What an asshole

  3. Bee Says:

    There was a guest on the O’Reilly Factor that tried to sue Bill for slander. The judge threw the case out of court because Bill’s M.O. is slander and lies so it isn’t unusual for it to happen and should be expected from him. How about them apples??!! Because he is a known liar it is okay for him to lie???
    He is a waste of skin and teeth.

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