Sick and tired of your stupid party politics

I am getting sick and tired of small minded people not being able to see past their little prejudices see the bigger picture and realise that the party politics game you are playing is designed for you by the real power to keep you occupied and divided. If you were ever to realise the truth you would be so horrified that you would rise up together and hang every one of your leaders from the nearest lampost

Drop your stupid placards and supporter banners. Drop your insults and your blaming and pissing and moaning. None of it is real. You have all been had for your whole lives even though the reality is staring you in the face

Listen. There are so many things that go on, so many dreadful things, that never change regardless of which party is in power. They are being done to you and your children will suffer them too unless YOU do something about it in your lifetime. If you don’t then you are a failure as a parent

I am going to give you here just one example, probably the worst example I could find as a shock demonstration, to prove to you that there is no difference at the top level and there are levels beyond those you can see. This will show you that the secrecy and the complete lack of morality is beyond your wildest dreams.

If you don’t watch this you are a failure and deserve to to have done to you whatever they want in your stupidity

There are many websites around covering this topic so I am not doing a big speech. You can go and look the subject up yourselves. However this is a subject I have read on from many different angles and they all link up

Now watch

this is the Q&A section

This is where mind control was 10 to 20 years ago. Now how far do you think they are with this now because believe me it hasn’t stopped. Hence, if they are depraved enough and clever enough to do this, how simple do you think it is for them to brainwash you all through your TV, newspaper and radios, as well as adverts, billboards.

Well they got you all to smoke didn’t they?
They got you to send your kids to war and die for nothing but their profits.
They got you to let them spy on everything you do
My God they got you to believe in the JFK magic bullet that changed direction half a dozen times

It is a piece of piss to brainwash you all and they have been doing it for so long you have never known any different.

They have the capability now to reach the parts of your brain that are unconcious and pre-programmed. the parts that control the heart beat and the breathing and the reflex action. There is no longer a need for a cyanide pill because if questioned these mind controlled people will have this triggered and their heart will just stop and they die

There are so many other parts to this story that all link up, like the child brothel that was closed in Washington DC, the CIA coverup of the FBI investigation, the disclosures by many insiders about what went on in meetings with these people, the programmes run in military intelligence in Korea and Vietnam.

You people need to wake up and do it fast because you literally can count in months how long you have left to stop what is going to happen


One Response to “Sick and tired of your stupid party politics”

  1. Hadenough Says:

    Sheep don’t know they are sheep.

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