Rise of Fascism update

Just a quick summary of something that I have been keeping an eye on in the rise of the fascist state.

Since millions have lost their jobs a lot of people have become homeless. people who had good jobs and homes. Hostels and shelters are full and now most every city has a “tent city” sprouting up on the edges of town. California suffered first and so has the largest of these so far. There are, or were, a few around Los Angeles but they have been moved on or vanished. Where did they go?

Well, down in Sacremento they are finding out right now. People are being forced off the camp into the local Compound facility, the people do not want to go. They are having their mobile homes confiscated for not renewing insurance. The city even took away mobile toilets provided by a local church. They are being forced to go to the compound facility the State wants them rounded up into. They are being kicked out it at 5AM and bussed back to the city, but they have to be back to the bus for 3PM to get in the compound again and cannot bring belongings or animals. This kind of timing does not allow anyone to get work and all they get for the displeasure is somewhere to sleep.

What has happened to many people there is awful. People who have lost homes but are living in mobile homes or tent complexes are having their children taken by CPS. CPS in America is a criminal organisation answerable to no-one. They recieve huge funding for every child they place in foster care and so are encouraged to separate parents and children. I have read horror stories out there of children being taken because of dirty plates in the kitchen. I have read stories of delays in proceedings that time out the parents right to have their kids back. The judges in the CPS also sit on the boards that receive the funding. It is a nasty business and these people stand no chance of ever seeing thier kids again unless they escape this homeless cycle. This is my biggest fear, for the separation of children from their parents and being put into the care system where 3/4 of kids are put on a concoction of behavioral drugs, and the reports of paedophile rings in this system are rife in many states. That is another blog though

What is happenning now is the police have come down and forced these people to wear coloured bracelets. Now I don’t think this is a healthy sign. Tagged for being homeless. This smacks of Jews wearing the Star of David on their coat in Germany. It is a stepping stone to being RFID tagged permanently as a proviso to get into the FEMA camp just so you can get some food when the shortage comes (and it is coming). To add insult to injury, to be allowed into a FEMA camp with lots of other people they will probably insist you are forceably vaccinated for the protection of the community inside the camp. You will have to take their tainted vaccines that contain viruses and mercury

Some states are dealing with these people more humanely and setting up camp sites for them but California seems to be a testing ground to see if the gradual movement of people to the camps can be accomplished. This is what the NWO do, set up testing grounds for different theories. Schwarzenegger himself has visited the tent cities many times and this is his solution. Perhaps his hero Kurt Waldheim would approve no doubt.

Answer me this. If you were a child and your folks lost their home, would you rather live with them in a mobile home or a tent or would you rather be taken into care? I don’t think that is too difficult to guess the answer. The destruction of the family unit as a threat to the NWO is a stated goal of the CIA in the Iron Mountain Report. Go and read it!

So while these people move to tents and lose their kids and get prison tagged for trying to work and pay their bills, the high risk bankers who sold everyone a pyramid scheme and bankrupted the world get their billion dollar bonuses and a slap on the wrist and a job in the governemnt no doubt Mr Guitner

What a topsy turvey capitalist country you live in


2 Responses to “Rise of Fascism update”

  1. Bear Hugz Says:

    Well… it’s coming… that’s all there is to it. It is sickening. I did a blog a while back on Hitler’s “color coding system” in relationship to the “color coded detour signs” in Pennsylvania. This is a terrifying indicator if you ask me.

  2. kathleen p Says:

    I’ve been having fucking nightmares. What is wrong with people? I feel sick in the head.

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