Here is another piece of the non reality you all live in

Why do you think there is war over oil, because it is scarce?

Why are oil companies the biggest, richest and most powerful in the world?

Why are we told we were nearing peak oil when there are more reserves in Montanna, Dakota, Alaska, Gulf of Mexico, Arctica, Indonesia, Iran, Russia, Central and West Africa, Antarctica, South America, in fact everywhere where the shallow seas used to cover 2/3 of the land mass of today, than we can imagine. Vast multiples of what is in the middle east?

Why does the US buy oil when it has it’s own reserves to last it more than 200 years?

Why are they only pretending to invent electric cars that are so shit nobody would buy them. Cars with 40 mile limits and spaz looking to boot?

Why WHy WHy ?

Because they don’t want you to stop needing oil !

Because it is the cash cow of the multinationals and the Globalist !

Because it is the reason they use to cause all the friction and war around the world for their global domination agenda !

It is their reason behind their fake global warming scam to raise carbon tax on you and so monitor every facet of your lives !

It is all part of the big global domination agenda !

It is to stop you finding out that we don’t actually need oil and never have needed it.

Don’t believe me huh?
OK example number 1

These so called scientists tell you that they can’t atomic energy without colliding radioactive atoms when in reality they know very well that the entire universe works on vibration frequencies and all you have to do is isolate the frequency to create the energy.

The best example is Stan Meyer who continued this process and discovered the frequency that breaks the water molecule H2O into Hydrogen and Oxygen. Michael Farraday split this molecule centuries ago so of course they have furthered that research but would never tell us

Stan used the frequency method to run a car of just sea water as it breaks the molecule into burnable hydrogen and oxygen. The exhaust is simply water vapour. He even invented a system that could plug straight into the spark plug socket of a normal car to run it on sea water.

He invented this back in the early 80s, was offered billions by oil companies to sell his patents and finaly signed a deal with the Pentagon in the 1990s before being killed the following day. Then it mysteriously DISAPPEARED !

How is your reality feeling now?

Here is a clip of Stan’s invention

Many people are advertising these products on the net now and converting their own cars and power sources at home

This is not the only crazy energy lie you live under in your false reality created for you by the power elite

100 years ago Nikola Tesla re-discovered the power that the Ancient peoples of this planet were aware of and used. He re-discovered the earth’s own natural power grid and he discovered how to tap into it. In the 1930s he put an engine into a Ford motor car and a 6 foot ariel on the back and tapped into the earths energy field. His car drove at 85 miles per hour? After he suddenly died his laboratory was ransacked and all his research DISAPPEARED !

How’s your reality feeling now?

If you look on the net you will find companies who will sell you a tesla generator to fit to the side of your house that will supply all your home electrical needs from the earth’s field

The ruling elites have known of this hidden technology for millenia and have not allowed us to know it because if we did we would not need to rely on them and we would re-connect with the earth the universe and what we really are.

Another example, not specifically linked to cars but to Tesla science. In the 1920s Latvian refugee stone mason Ed Leedskalnin built Coral Castle in Florida. Ed was a small man and built the castle alone at night with no lifting equipment other than a small wooden A-frame in the centre. He was able to move and place stones up to 30 Tonnes unassisted without cranes. He accomplished this by re-discovering the knowledge of the Ancient peoples of the world

The many monuments around the world like Stonehenge in England, or Balbeck in Lebanon where 3,000 tonne blocks are laid, and mountain top temples in South and Central America where 2,000 tonne blocks have been moved thousands of miles from Brazil up a mountain in Mexico. Even the Pyramids at Gisa which have blocks weighing hundreds and hundreds of tonnes and were built much much earlier than they would have you believe as they show the signs of water damage from pre-deluvian days.

Ed rediscovered that everything in this universe is electromagnetic. All the way down to the atomic level. He discovered that if you reverse the poles of the blocks, they become weightless. The pictures on the sides of the Pyramids themselves show exactly how they moved the stones. 4 men with 4 poles, one at each corner, and carried it on their shoulder. None of this ridiculous 100,000 slaves dragging block miles on wooden rollers that would crush anyway. How do you feed that many men either?

He did this with a small machine he made from junkyard scraps. He never did however tell anyone his secret other than to say he rediscovered the secret of the pyramids. After he died his equipment was VANDALISED and STOLEN !

Anyone see a pattern forming here?

Here is a radio interview about it (follow the parts)

We have no machinery today that could lift any of the large stones in these monuments, nor move them such distances over such terrain. Why? How did they do it? It is never explained and the hidden knowledge is covered up. Why do yuo think they do that?

He left clues though, his note book included the flower of life which is the basis of everything in the Universe containing all the sacred geometry that makes up everything in the universe including you and me.

How is your reality feeling now?

We even have perpetual motion machines now that aren’t being used in energy production, Why?

What it boils down to is this

“Your entire history and science is false!” It is what they tell you it is. Remember history is not only written by the winners, it has also only been taught to us plebs for the last 100 years. So history for us can be whatever they want to tell you it was.

This blog was only supposed to be about energy but after telling you your history is false I suppose I can give you one note on that.

They tell you cave men became hunter gatherers and then suddenly civilization started 6,000 years ago in Sumeria. Well this isn’t even true in the ancient texts or spoken tradition ! The Ancient peoples like Indians, Aboriginals, Maoris, ALL tell of peoples who came before them. The Maoris will admit to you that they were not the original people of New Zealand. They will tell you that before them were a race of people with white skin, blue eyes and red hair. What they are desribing is Ancient Druids who are spoken of around the entire world in ancient tradition of ancient tribes


Archaeologists made a discovery in New Zealand that in their own words “Would change the whole history of the world” The government stepped in and closed the dig and slapped a 100 year official secrets act order on it and so the archaeologist was unable to make it public. However these things have a way of eeking out and what we know now is that they d
iscovered preserved bodies of red haired white skinned people pre-dating any history we are taught.

You can now go read up on the real world you live in rather than the false world they give you as a means of control


2 Responses to “Here is another piece of the non reality you all live in”

  1. AVHAC® Says:

    why are they still bilding fission reactors when they have the capability to build fusion reactors with no “waste”?

    you’re right on with the U.S. oil reserves… it’s speculated that Colorado has more oil undrneath it than the entire middle east. it’s all a scam to keep all the $$$ flowing into the hands of a few.

  2. Bear Hugz Says:

    Excellent post. Bravo.

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