Free speech gone and now thought crime

The way the New World Order group operate is incrementally. This is very important for you to understand because if you realise this you can then see the small building blocks they use, one upon the other, ever growing higher, until slowly but surely they have you surrounded in their prison.

They don’t build it in your face, they do it subtly. First they do it when your back is turned and when you notice they say “oh no you are mistaken, that was always there”. Then they build it where you can see it but the tel you “Oh this wall here is to protect you”. Before long you have no freedom left except within the walls they have given you and they say that “if you want to go beyond these confines then you would be trying to destroy it for everyone else, and we can’t let you do that”.

So knowing this you can add these building blocks to the others already listed in my last free speech blog that covered legislation of Hate speech, Fairness doctrine, campaign rules, and the change to or closure of the internet as we know it.

Barrack Obama’s administration is now pushing ahead with another PRE-PREPARED piece of legislation which will allow them the legal right to have access to all the information on your computer. The ACTA agreement which covers copyrighted material on your electrical equipment like your laptop or your ipod is being hammered out between the US and the EU and other countries. This will allow the governments to take your laptop or ipod and copy everything on it when you enter a country and possibly extending to other times like searches.

Don’t be fooled by the cover story on this people. As I have told you before a lot of legislation comes into being AFTER the practice has been going on some time. This practice has already been going on for the last year or possibly two.

Here is the news item from Russia Today TV in New York

Cover story this indeed is because for what “Just Cause” would they need to copy your laptop or ipod for copyrighted material? How would they know to look? No, what you are seeing here is nothing to do with copyright at all. It is another cover story to allow them to selectively copy anyone’s hard-drive whom they deem worthy of surveillance. This means anyone who says anything against the agenda of the government. This is the next little prison wall block in the surveillance prison.

Now some of you might say I am hyping this up, however I am not. You must look at this in terms of the small building blocks that you don’t notice gathering around you. To show you that this is so, you are already aware that the NSA has been saving every e-mail and telephone call you make for longer than anyone will admit to via the filter hubs they had installed with all the telephone exchanges and you all know about the retro-active immunity Bush granted the telecom companies last year.

Well in addition to this disgrace you should know too that since around 1995 the computer software companies (Microsoft operating systems) were instructed to design in a “Back Door” for governments to access remotely the hard disks of computers connected to the internet, bypassing any firewall you might have. With Bill Gates being well and truly ensconced in the New World Order (remember he funded the domsday seed vault where all the natural seeds have been stolen away to while the rest of the world has to eat genetically modified grain) so yes he duly obliged.

Where this is heading is that they will soon, with the advent of the media hub controlled internet 2, be able to scan your hard drive every time you plug in like a back up and they will also be able to record every search or site you visit and everything you write. You may remember there is even a move by Google (another Bilderberg attendee) to redesign computing so you don’t have a hard drive any longer but “trust” them to store your information for you. This is part of the Internet overhaul planned. Do you like that idea?

Software already fisches your internet searches and limits your results and aims adverts or sites at you. This is not streamlining for your benefit. This is another part of the “limiting the field of vision you are permitted to see” It is all part of the narrowing of the human ability to see past the narrow official agenda.

Keep track of this one on Judicialwatch or elsewhere because the surveillance must stop now before it is total Big Brother. This is thought police stuff now. They will snuff you out for having ideas.


2 Responses to “Free speech gone and now thought crime”

  1. Sun Wukong Says:

    The only limit there is, is the limit your mind, you, set!
    The only walls there are, are alone the bricks of illusions that you were successfully made to believe you are forever trapped in.

    But ask yourself, are you really that trapped, hmm???

  2. Bear Hugz Says:

    They are way ahead of us… the walls are already much higher than you think and escape at this point, is probably an illusion. The fact that some can even know this tells me that they are ready for anything we could attempt to dish out.

    Where to go from here?

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