How badly do they want to end free speech to cover their lies?

This is how badly

Last week the filmaker John Anthony Hill appeared in court in Dublin after being held since he was arrested in February on foot of a European Arrest Warrant sought by the British Government to have him extradicted to Britain to stand trial for trying to pervert the course of Justice through fabrication of evidence in a case brought against men under terrorism legislation for their association with the London bombings on 07/07/05

His “crime”?

He sent a copy of his film which is in the public domain, and has been aired on TV, to the judge and forman of the jury. The court Administrators were under no obligation to pass it on and they didn’t.

However the British governemnt wants desperately to make a show of Hill because the film in question is the film he made called “7/7 Ripple Effect”. This is the film that clearly shows the levels of knowledge and involvement of the governing elite in Britain in carrying out the attacks and the absolute simple proof that the four accused men could not possibly have even been there.

They want to send a message to everyone who questions the establishment that if you do you will go to jail. If they succeed in the extradiction Mr Hill could go to jail for LIFE. This is the message they want and this is how badly they need to silence the voice of truth. For what other reason would they pursue this ridiculous charge

Here is a link to the documentary on Google Video, this is a must watch documentary and show’s so simply how the suicide bombings were impossible

Here is a link to the current position in the case. The verdict will be on April 2nd, after the judge has watched the movie.

and some more background from Mr Hill via Alan Watt who is trying to arrange support for Mr Hill since the authorities siezed Mr Hill’s computers and other equipment

The arrest article

This phenomenum is not just in Britain. It is now sweeping all the New World Order bases of operation. The film about Hillary Clinton “Hillary The Movie” is now up in front of the 9 Supreme Court Judges testing it against the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law. If it is banned from being circulated on cable then you know your 1st ammendment right to free speech is lost.

Here is the movie for you to decide

I told you a year ago that this type of censorship would be coming with the new legislation election campaigning, for Hate Speech, the Fairness Doctrine, and the pressure for censorship that was already going on on the internet with the blocking of truth sites in some countries, and the meeting held to design Internet 2 and shut down the existing hubs. Well now the fake terrorism sham is being used to review the very freedom of the internet.

Here is a clip that will show you where they are heading with all this. It is from the House Committee for Commerce, Science and Transportation, investigation into “Cyber Security” in relation to “terrorist threats” Chaired by none other than Jay Rockerfeller. I don’t need to tell you the Rockerfellers are the leading lights of the Globalist New World Order.

Well here he is telling you that the internet is going to be taken away because he should never have let us have it in the first place. The real reason being it is blowing their plans sky high with the TRUTH !

The films I have included here are testament to that and the well known plans for Internet 2 which will be limited and run through the corporate media companies filters and taxed

If you the people don’t act NOW you will very soon not have a voice left to cry NO MORE ! You will be told what the truth is and taught not to think. History will be edited and you will be taught not to question it but to just change what you believe. You will be living the Orwellian nightmare

Here is a vid with a few notes from the writings of Henry Makow phd, a longstanding writer on the topic, using information from Rockerfeller source. A lot of it seems to have come to pass don’t you think?


9 Responses to “How badly do they want to end free speech to cover their lies?”

  1. Sun Wukong Says:

    Ahh now my Dear friend Door32, we are SPEAKING the very same language.

    The time of the awakening of the mass might be nearer than we all think.
    And trust me on this one, one way or the other they will soon have to
    awaken their dumb and imprisoned-held minds to the reality they soon will face.
    Fear of the forces of Mother Nature, will become very helpful.

    It WILL among others cause the end of the times of Illusions.
    Lets hope far more will wake up soon enough.

    Best Regards, Door32!

  2. Door32 Says:

    Ah but a few of us do realise how so few have pulled the strings of the many and how the greed of the power hungry easily makes them minions against their fellow man. But men are poisoned against themselves and eachother.
    The only way to rise above it is to lose the fear of death and opt out of the controlled matrix until you can can see it plainly.

    The feware and have always controlled all. War is theirs, race is theirs, religion is theirs, class is theirs, history is theirs. You just need to turn off and stop believing. Only then will you see what we are

  3. Sun Wukong Says:

    But why should I say all that if you and so many others are – very unsuccessful- already saying all that Door32???
    Just that I would never blame a one group of a people alone. Who blames israel for everything?
    Only idiots do! The ‘secrets’ you are seeking predate the very existence of Israel and all Nations of Today!!
    All Religions were made-up by the very same, pretending to be different and pretending to be at war against each other.
    ( Uhm.. well they actually really are by now, they just don’t know yet… different story!)
    As man has ever only been ruled by only few families ever since the staged “End of Monarchies” around the World and far before that.
    No, I blame in fact you and me as much as I blame everyone else, for our alls infitinte ignorance and cowardice.
    That, and that alone might in fact be the most important ‘visible’ difference between us two alone here, Door32.

    I, blame every pathetic little human being on this dumb Planet!

    And something else Door32, I might in fact by now know far more than any one else on this Planet will ever know.
    Ever put that into considerations, hmm??? It is evidential to me that you are not utilizing your big brain yet to its full potential on this special issue of yours, Door32.

  4. Door32 Says:

    God you are a condescending twat. Try reading back sonny Jim and you might see something you recognise. You waffle and waffle and waffle and say absolutely nothing. Anyone would think you were embarrassed to tell the world what you really think. Yes we all know what you really think “Israel and the Jews are responsible” you always say but are ashamed to come out with it

    Well you fella, I’m afraid you obviously haven’t delved far enough into this at all then have you if you stopped at Israel

    Israel or Jews are nothing to do with this. Zionism is involved but is only a player or a radical cause being manipulated by the real top table players. Just the same way Communism was and Capitalism is now and Fascism was before it. You need to look deeper sunshine because every time you spout off like you know something everybody doesn’t you make yourself look foolish in the eyes of those of us who have looked much deeper into this..

    Try adding a few things to the Zionist pot, try adding a few things like Jesuits, the Vatican, Masonry, City States, World bankers, and the eugenics movement of the last 100 years. Mix that up and you’re still not close. Try adding some Kaballah, some ancient mystery schools, some pre-deluvian hidden knowledge, some Black Nobility, some bloodlines, and perhaps some interdimentional communication, and mix that up and you might start to see the pattern emerging . Add a bit of real science and real history and true nature of the human species and you will be getting closer to why certain strange things have always happened

    But oh no. You stay in your blame Israel idea. Have you never wondered who Mossad actually works for?

  5. Sun Wukong Says:

    HMMM… yoou are getting pretty close in deed Doo32, if you exclude Alex Jones deceptions.

    At 8:07min and 8:50min of the video, listen well! Where do all roads always leads to? Why is that?
    Who are those people responsible for the national security in nearly all our western nations again?
    In the U.S., which private firms and to which nations are they ALL directly associated to?
    And, why are Corporations and influencial Individual from ONE nation ALWAYS involved???
    Are these sort of total control alone in the U.S. (or are they just ‘more’ possible due to
    various reasons) or are they already nearly Worldwide? And most important: Who are “they” ??

    Time for such Questions and more, hmm wouldn’t you all say?

    Lovely Day.

  6. Tragelaphus eurycerus Says:

    Not a blog comment, but as 360 has finally gone tits up seems like this is the only way to send messages.
    Have you caught anything of Daniel Hannan MEP. I get the feeling he won’t be around long.

  7. Door32 Says:

    I use my spare time to do this, I read, research, listen to seminars and interviews, and piece it together

  8. Wildskigirl2005 Says:

    You tell it and make it easy to see the truth…..and that is something that we may not enjoy much longer if we dont all do as your doing. Make everyone aware of what the governments of the world are hiding behind…so they can control the world and we the people will just be the walking dead. No rights…awesome blog……what do you do with your free time? Thanks

  9. Bear Hugz Says:

    Another excellent post… I love that you connect the dots the way you do. Keep up the good work.

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