This is how our world is run

The Obama Deception

watch the film here and share

Please spread the word, especially to cops and servicemen


10 Responses to “This is how our world is run”

  1. Sun Wukong Says:

    Very well said Milady! In both ways.
    People appearantly only can see with their eyes and only can hear with their ears. But seldom, do they use their brain to see and hear! And that might be among why and where they get tricked and lumped, all the time. Since Aoens.

    Look, certainly Obama too is trapped in the Special Interests trap, like every American Politican and possible even Worldwide. But the fact is that Obama might actually not be as trapped as Alex Jones or Rush want to make us believe. These are changing times in deed you know, hmm?
    You, I, Just-a-blog, we all alone, are changing it!

    Excellent observation by the way, Just-a-blog. I saw exactly the same old deceits in new clothes with a fat grin. I might even blog about this nonsense sometimes and desect it all explicit, as I shall desect those foolish Antagonists and dangerous rabble-rousers Alex Jones and Rush and show their incoherence stupidity and their rubbish talking mixed with half-fabricated facts and their direct connections to each other. Oh but sure there is a tight connection bewtween Alex and Rush!
    WHO the Piep do you think both are working for,hmm Door32?
    Have you informed yourself by now more about the “issues” in my first comment yet? Or are you really just another hiddeous propaganda goul for the machine, Door32.
    Which is it, “friend” hmm??

    Lovely Day, ya all.

  2. js Says:

    ok trying to post again. Just who is holding the trigger here? That whole Marriott/Bilderberg scenario was a low rent movie at it’s finest. Who are Moore’s insiders? The long telephone call from his room, the protestors, the car/man tailing them, the “B” on the overnight bag, and we MISSED when they were being thrown out. Damn it! And to top it off our entire political history has all been orchestrated for President Obama. I would think the corp./gov. idiots would of had the balls and a little extra cash flow to put into making a better movie. But then again, maybe they don’t think we the people are intelligent enough to know the difference. If it don’t make sense, it ain’t the truth.

  3. js Says:

    Although I am well aware and afraid of where our country is headed this whole thing reads like a Jr. High student’s essay on history. Just who is holding the trigger to everyone’s head? The whole set up at Marriott is rediculous. Gee, sorry we didn’t get to see them being thrown out and the long telephone call was fake as hell. Curious as to Moore’s so called insider info. I couldn’t knock the grin off my face. Your hired protestors, filming the car/man tailing you, the huge “B” tag off an overnight bag, etc. etc. etc. The list goes on and on and on. And the fact our entire history has all been orchestrated for President Obama. They are grasping at straws here and if something don’t make sense-it ain’t true. As crooked as all these corporate/gov. lunatics are, I guess they were too cheap to pay for a better show. Or maybe people, they realize just how stupid many are. Learn to read between the lines.

  4. Imaginer Says:

    I have always been a little leary of Alex Jones, sounds too much like a salesman. But the facts that he brings out and connects together in this video ring true. I was only gonna watch the first 5 minutes, but I was so facinated I watched the entire vid. We need to be very, very scared and show this to all our families and friends. Way to go Door. Great post

  5. Sun Wukong Says:

    All those delusional words, all those undefinable, now-insignificant “Greatness” definitions you pathetic conservative Abrahamic Children made-up for yourselves, all those self-shoulder patting are now simply proving to be nothing but signs of your infinite ignorance paired with an only as childish to be described arrogance due to your infinite stupidity.
    A sign of deep-rooted insecurities, the result of a chronic unhappiness, disharmony and the total inability to unity and live as Oneness, alone due to your infinite GREED for Mammon alone!
    But not that you all don’t know that just too well, hmm? After all, certainly you all too must be feeling it every day of your lives now, hmm all you little god’s Monkeys??


    Oh and by the way:

    UNITED WE STAND behind our Commander in THIEF was only VALID for the Bushes, Dicks, Cheneys & MAFIA, hmm???
    A LIE, like everything else, hmm all you pathetic “judea-christian” Neocons and U.S. Media?!

  6. Sun Wukong Says:

    Oh but sure you are a CON! Do you in fact knows what an American Con is, hmm? An American Con does no care much for political Affirmation, for any Religion allthough he likes to pretend to brainwahs his stupid listeners, he does not care for any one but himself and for MAMMOM alone! An American Con works only for the HIGHEST bidder, who ever pays the best! The perfect scammer, the perfect deceiving Monkey and the nearly perfect rabble-rouser and demagogic little shithead know-nothing instigator.
    Pretty close descriptors, hmm wouldn’t you say, Achi Door32?

  7. Door32 Says:

    You plonker!
    You think I’m an American Con

  8. Sun Wukong Says:

    Ohhhh, did the bad and liberal Yahoo Inc. again deleted alone my comment? Naaa, you said it wasn’t you below, right Door32?
    Well here it is again, for now:

    Hmm.. Highly intriguing “twist” of conspiracy, as only people such as Alex Jones and Rush Limbaug can do!

    Hey Door32, another little Monkey king “game” , hmm?

    1.) How trustworthy would you consider Alex Jones to be?
    2.)What actually do you know about Alex Jones Life BEFORE all this nonsense conspiracy bullshit he like a Gobbles put out there to confuse the real facts actually even more?
    3.) Who are all the people speaking in that Movie con, do you know who they all work for, their associations, their roles in politics and media, their political orientation, hmm?

    4.) Ever considered that Alex Jones too like Rush Limbaugh a PAID Propagandist and Antagonist, who are paid by exactly the SAME organization, hmm? Sure not! Impossible, correct hmm? May I remind of the case of the Anti-gun woman who in fact was ALSO working for the NRA as informant? Or shall I recall a few more such medial orchestrated “double agent” cases in the U.S. history with evidences here for you, hmm? You know, i do not want you all to take my words for “facts” as you wrongfully auto-idiotic do with little greedy Gobbles imitations such as Alex Jones and Rush. That would truly make me the same as them, wouldn’t it?

    5.) And last, do you really believe that all those -agreeable partially justified – criticisms have ALREADY more to do with Obama’s Administration than with the Bush’s, the now former AIPAC and other Lobbies?? Why would you think such, hmm? Alex most important criticism are ‘reversed criticisms of the Bush Administration and former Administration that the Intellectual left always has had!
    EVER considered that those two Clowns Rush and Alex might just be using the usual “reverse-usage” tactics to smear and get the Democrats rejected by the people, hmm? My, my, must be truly a coincidence that there are only criticism in the U.S. media about the Obama Administration from Day one, while the Culprit of the last 8 years are laughing all the way to the bank!!! Jesus , Americans and thinking!
    Dude, I am not saying if I disagree or agree with Jones here. Fact is , he like the other bad cop/good cop Rush say NOTHING of the things they truly know!
    I am finding those American games HIGHLY entertaining to watch!
    Oh, please continue, its the best chess party I have ever played and the best “Reality” there is!
    I might even consider some times to join your little games in the media and show you how it is really intelligently played. Wouldn’t that be fun fun Monkey fun, hmm?

  9. Bear Hugz Says:

    I’m not sure what to think of this… Alex Jones is not my favorite resource because I’m beginning to think he’s a hired antagonist. Much in the video is compelling food for thought. Another worthwhile post. :o)

  10. Wildskigirl2005 Says:

    I read the blog and viewed the video. Makes me nauseated…

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