Reverse psychology

When you want something to happen in a certain way that that is unpopular normally to the masses, how do you get it?

Reverse psychology

It has been used time and time again and is currently being used now

The system was perfected in the early part of last century in the works of Edward Bernais who was the nephew of Sigmund Freud. The Elites had long studied the behavior of man as they understood it was the key to controlling him and Bernais’ work in mind control perfected this art

It was Bernais who came up with the bright idea of funding the women’s liberation movement through the Rockerfeller Foundation, because once they were out at work they could be taxed. He then came up with the idea of convincing the leaders of the movement that smoking would make them the equal of men, and had them smoke on the picket lines, all to encourage the rest of womankind to smoke cigarettes and reep not only the millions in sales but the millions in healthcare. Yes it was all put to good use in advertising and then into political cunning

One of the best uses of this mind control was back in Woodrow Wilson’s Presidency before the 1st world war. Bankers J P Morgan, Rothchild, Rockerfeller, Harriman et al had gotten together at the secret Jeckyl Island meeting to hijack the monetary system of the USA. They wrote up the Federal Reserve Act for Wilson to sign on his becoming President after they had funded his campaign.

A few years earlier they had engineered a depression and had grown rich from it and taken over hundreds of smaller banks. The congress had to be convinced then that the FED would be a good thing. So to do this JP Morgan bought up the most influential newspapers and journals in the country and put in new editors with instructions. They then started to print stories that the Bankers were against the idea of a Federal Reserve. Being as unpopular as the banks were, after the depression, the people started to clamour for this FED because the banks didn’t seem to want it. Hence it must be a good thing. The Federal Reserve Bill was duly passed and the banks got exactly what they wanted.

Brainwashing happens all the time. They want a war, they stage an event like the Gulf of Tonkin that kicked off Vietnam. They want to take away your liberties, they tell you terror walks among you.

Well the current crisis is no different. They want to pull down the US and the rest of the Western world to a lower standard of living and destroy the middle class. So they engineer the boom bust depression. How the the reverse psychology works here though is in the vilification of the private banking system and the private industrial mechanism. They are pushing out story after story of greed and shamelessness and malpractice and criminality. This is no accident because what they want is for the people to clamour for the government to Nationalise all the banks and all the major industries. Communism, it used to be called. However, don’t expect to see anyone go to jail. Just look at the Madof farce to know that. It is being covered up at government level with National security.

Lloyds, the biggest Bank in Britain is the latest to come under threat. The Government want you to think they don’t want it, but they do. They want it because when they have it they have total control of all money and all real estate and all major industry. It looks like it is in State hands but it isn’t really because the state funds are actually in private hands through their privately owned central banks and the similarly owned World Bank and IMF.

Once they have this they have you, and when they do they can remove cash from the system altogether and have a cashless society where all transactions run off a chip. This could not be done with lots of private banks in existence. They will know everything you earn and everything you spend, and on what you spend it. They will control your account and any tax or fines will be taken at source before you even get to buy food. Total control. Try buying guns for a revolution in that scenario.

This has always been the NWO agenda and they will make you believe the opposite so you clamour for it as they always do.


2 Responses to “Reverse psychology”

  1. Wildskigirl2005 Says:

    I have to agree with what you wrote..I have seen parents do this with their children……and now the government is doing it with nations.

    I know that I may not be able to write this…but I understand it. Thanks.

  2. Bear Hugz Says:

    Great post… evidence of brainwashing can be seen in every possible aspect of human life, from religion, to retail, from education, to employment.

    We’ve lost touch of who we were are… the soul has been lost in the millions of distractions and regulations designed to remind us who we are.

    Excellent blog… of course… it’s too bad that most people have been brainwashed to believe that the things you speak of are conspiracy theories and therefore irrelevant and untrue.

    Soon they’ll find out the truth though.

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