Soros admits Elite using oil as a weapon for NWO

Perhaps finally you lot will start believing what I have been warning you about after the last blog and now this one.

Well at the World Economic Summit in Davos 2 weeks ago this little gem has finally surfaced which vindicates everything I have been saying to you, for the last year, all about oil and the elites methods of ousting countries’ governments. You will also see that I have been right about the seemless link between these Elites and any change of government in America or Europe.

Here we see George Soros who as we all know is Obama’s biggest backer openly admitting that the price of oil is being used to bankrupt the oil producing states who do not want to go along with the New World Order. He labels them as ENEMIES because they want to run their own affairs and not be run by the Illuminati.

Just as I have said in blogs this year and last year he explains how they have kept the price of oil low to bankrupt the “troublesome” states. States who have popular leaders who refuse to deal on America’s or Europe’s terms. He highlights Russia, Venezuela and Iran. However, every oil producing state in the middle east will go under too.

Dubai is already bankrupt and had to borrow 10 Billion last week and will do the same again next week, there have also been riots there. The Elites plan to keep oil at $40 per barrel for the rest of this year to bankrupt everyone, including economies that rely heavily on petrol tax like America or Britain. In 2010 after the damage is done they plan to hike it up to $2 per barrel again when they control all the oil. This is straight from an Illuminati oil insider who has been right to the month on everything else over the last year.

Watch the clip and see for yourself

So there you have it. Iran Russia and Venezuela won’t sell oil in dollars and they wont give the NWO their currency and banking to control, so they have to go. How dare the fuckers destroy countries who want do their bidding !

Now do you see that everything that goes on in the world is a geo-political game of the Elite. All designed to consolidate their own power and ownership of the entire world? This surely must prove that to you on top of the designed global economic collapse.

You must look back over the last 100 years and apply this logic to everything that has happened and you will see how it all becomes clear to you. The reason why all these pointless wars broke out. The reason for all the recessions and depressions and booms. It is all by design. The millions killed and the trillions made. the new diseases that jump up out of nowhere. The strangeness of the media not covering certain things. Isn’t it all starting to look crazy to you ?

Ahmadinejad, Chaves and Putin aren’t your enemies. They are popular leaders and have no desire to expand beyond their countries’ boundaries. They just want to run their countries without any interference from the Globalists who just want to get wealthy off the backs of the countries’ resources and labour. These are ordinary people like you and me. We have much in common and one thing in particular. We have a common enemy. The Globalist New World Order Elite.

Soros by the way made $3 Billion profit in his hedge fund business last year. Anyone thinking “insider knowledge”? He and his like control the markets and are at this Forum which doubles as the visible form of the Bilderberg meeting. They are able to plot the rise and fall of nations in this way and this proves to you that they do.

To put it in perspective fpor you that this is all a game played with governments’ full knowledge remember how Soros first made his Billions ? He made them by driving currencies up and down. Remember the chaos we all endured in decades gone by with the “run on the currency” that used to happen often followed by government propping up the currency with our taxes and finally devaluing. Well that is how they launder money out of countries into Elitists pockets. It is all by design and the latest bank bailout scam is the new way.

Surely you can see that with the Nasdaq pyramid scheme investigation being thwarted at every turn by the phrase “National Security” and Madof still living in a $60 million appartment because apparently his wife owns it and all his kids have skipped the country. He will get off and Obama won’t do a damn thing about it

People there is worse to come but that will be my next blog Don’t say I didn’t warn you because I told you this was going to happen last year

The time to get off your arses and take action is NOW !

You will find out in a few months how serious this is if you don’t act now and I mean you are gonna be hungry


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