Depopulation is happenning

I did a real long blog on this earlier and Yapoo ate it and I haven’t the heart to do it again


It is of such importance to everyone that I have to re-do it in a shortened form without links because this has actually started.

I have blogged many times on this issue. I have given you the agenda of the Eugenicists who run this world to reduce the population by any means and I have told you the documents to look at in the UN, the Club of Rome, the Kissinger reports, etc. Basically these people’s agenda is written down for anyone to find, as are their proposed methods.

Hard kill methods like war, famine, disease and natural disaster.

Soft kill methods like poisoning water and food, Genetic modification of food, vaccinations, chemtrail spraying, sterilization and contraception

I have also blogged before that there will be another FALSE FLAGE terror attack soon with a double edged purpose. First to depopulate and second to create panic to allow the government to roll out the implanted RFID chip (Bush ordered millions of these while he was in power btw) Well my friends it has already started

I knew that when the shit hit the fan about the economy it was coming soon, and the State Sovereignty movement and general population awakening to the New World Order agenda has hastened their agenda further. The signs were there. The Corporate mass media has been pushing the Bio-terror fearmongering in the last few weeks to acclimate you to when it happens. The Bilderberg Group said back in June 08 that they would be using White terrorists in the US, these will be the patsy so they can chip you all for your own safety against terrorists who look like you.

Remember also I blogged about the over the counter flu cures that contained active viral ingredients that enabled the H5N1 avian flu virus to attach itself to all 3 of the available nodes in your body’s cells. Dr Rima Laibow brought this to the world when she was interviewed along with her husband Major General Stubblebine (former head of US Army Intelligence) warning of the Elitists eugenics plan to release a pandemic to mass cull the population.

Well now it has started but thankfully (this time) an insider blew the whistle at the first attempt to kill us. The company in Austria that makes the virus component of the general flu vaccine added live H5N1 Avian Flu into the mix and sent it out to a load of subcontractors to mix up the vaccine products. Some people were killed in Poland from it and it was only discovered because one of the subcontractors tested it. Mixing Avian flu in with other human flus will cause mutation of Avian flu and allow it to be spread like a cold.

Rima Laibow did warn last year that it wouldn’t be H5N1 that would be the killer because it is almost impossible to catch. She supposed it would probably be a form like H7N2. So the way they spread the Pandemic is not person to person, it is through releasing isolated outbreaks of H5N1 and blaming it on white terrorism. Then vaccinating everyone out of fear and they all start dying off from a mutated avian flu. The vaccine is the killer not the other way round.

There may well be a knee jerk MANDATORY vaccination programme because they have 250 million of these things ready to go and the have a shelf life so they need to be used soon. If they do I believe you can refuse the shot on religious grounds and you don’t actually have to tell them what your religion is either. That works at the moment.

The way the Revolutionary feelings are running high at the moment and the marches have started, and even members of the government houses are speaking out publicly about the agenda and the criminal actions of the world Elite running the show; well it means that these maniacs are running out of options and have to move now. If the States disolve the Union in America their plans go up in smoke so I fear this Bio-terror is just around the corner and when it comes I think Chicago is going to be hit as it is Obama’s home city.

If you are skeptical I don’t blame you because you have to have done the same research I have to be sure but please watch this interview with Rebecca Carley MD and you will learn a whole lot more




The Mass media in the US hasn’t reported it. WHY? Because they are owned by the Eugenicists and they don’t want you to know. They want you to take the vaccine. The independant media has got this public now so just wait you will see the Mass media roll out “experts” who will assure everyone that the vaccine is safe

Here is a blog containing the Canadian press text–?cq=1&p=4146&n=28500


You need to call your representatives, papers, radio, TV and tell them “We are not taking this anymore!”

Her website is

Please don’t expect the Pharmacutical companies to protect you. They are owned by the same Oligarcy. They are the people who can put live viruses in a vaccine and say nothing. They are responsible for things like spreading AIDS through known contaminated blood products. They are responsible for starting the AIDS pandemic by putting the virus in the free smallpox vaccine in central Africa and in the free hepatitis vaccine in New York and Los Angeles

The testing of bio weapons on soldiers and general public is now common knowledge and cases amass. Though in the US there is a bogus Vaccine Court funded and controlled by Big Pharma so it is protectionist as the case recently that found that the lead in vaccines wasn’t responsible for brain damaging kids

Children who grow up not vaccinated are brighter, healthier and more in touch with the universe. This is the biggest cover up in history


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