Brown wipes his feet on the memory of the dead

So today I read in the news that during United Kingdom Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s adress to the joint houses in Washington DC he announced that an honourary Knighthood will be bestowed upon Senator Edward Kennedy by Queen Elizabeth II

OK now forgive me for being a bit old fashioned about it but when I grew up as a child the Knights of old were men of renown, men of courage. I know that in modern day we honour men of renown other than in battle, in things like achievement in bringing business to the UK or being a leader in a particular field or even being a tireless charity worker.

This is where it falls down for me with Ted Kennedy. Firstly how chivalrous was Ted the day he drove his car off the bridge and left his campaign worker trapped in the car in the water, instead going home for a sleep and to get preferential treatment in court regarding her death. Not really Sir Lancelot stuff there saving the damsel in distress

Secondly what kind of an insult is it for Gordon Brown to honour a man with a Knighthood who throughout the 1970s and 1980s was a vehement supporter and facilitator for fundraising in the USA for the IRA.

This was the devastating period when bombs were going off in cities all over England on a regular basis. Who can forget the day when the horse mounted band were blown up in London, or the day the 12 year old and the 3 year old children were killed in the shopping centre in Warrington. There were car bombs, pub bombs, city centre bombs, hotel bombs and roadway bombs and hundreds were either killed or injured.

In doing this Gordon brown is wiping his dirty boots on the faces of all the people who suffered during this period. The fact is that MI5 basicly infiltrated the IRA to the point where they ran the organisation, well I don’t know if that makes it worse, I suppose it does. However Brown and the Royal Family show here their utter contempt for the people.

It doesn’t surprise me at all. It only goes to reinforce what I have been telling you all along, that it is a “them and us” situation. We are not playing their game, we are just game pieces in their New World Order Game. When they get to the end of the game remember they will no longer need all the pieces

I would say to Brown and Elizabeth to hang their heads in shame, but it wouldn’t mean a thing to them


6 Responses to “Brown wipes his feet on the memory of the dead”

  1. Door32 Says:

    Well Ronald Reagan, after receiving a fabulous piece of Waterford crystal from the Irish leader, gave him in return a jar of Jelly beans. That’s Culture !

  2. JEROME G Says:

    Who’s the hot chick, Elisayn?

  3. JEROME G Says:

    People on Marth’s Vineyard haven’t forgotten Ted leaving that girl to drown.
    He was bringing her to the beach for sex. Drove off a bridge in 8 foot of water and saved himself. Ted is a scumbag.

    What do you think about Obama’s gift to Brown? Some video tapes? Wtf, what an insult to England. Obama has no class. He is an embarrassment and has his head up his ass. How much will he sell Alaska to the Russians for? Several billions?

  4. elisayn Says:

    Oh Dear..Was commenting also the previous blog….
    anyway you have said it absolutely correct..ALL of your Blogs…AMEN!

  5. elisayn Says:

    I agree with the above commentor…Time to Open up The Prison Doors for all of the takers…Firstly the Bank Crooks..Then the Loan COmpanies..etc etc down the line.. And How dare THEY? tell us we have to pay!! for what THEY did..!!!!

  6. Bear Hugz Says:

    Another great blog… what we need is the “us” to go after the “them”. High time, I say.

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