When a Bill is introduced these days it usually means one thing. . .

It already happened !

Just a couple of examples then

1 – Just before Bush left office they passed a Bill that allowed them to take a DNA sample from every child born in hospital for a DNA database (which is so dangerous as it means now your DNA can be placed at a crime scene).

Funny thing was in the legislation they BACKDATED IT 35 YEARS. WHY? Because that is how long they have been doing it without your permission and they don’t want to be sued.

2 – It was the same with the illegal wiretapping and the immunity for the telecom companies

OK now most importantly

3 – This year a Bill went through authorising Federal funding to build 4 FEMA Camps. This didn’t surprise me considering they have been building them for 10 years already. They were described as being used for national emergencies eg natural disasters or in the event of a “terrorist attack” on a major centre. Well kids does this look like it has only just started construction? Also does it look like somewhere you would house displaced citizens?

You decide, and while you decide know that hundreds of sites around the US have already been built or upgraded for this use in the last decade

Yer man gets a little confused in his commentary but it is the visuals that count here. What do you see with your own eys?

Looks more like a CONCENTRATION CAMP to me.

I have seen others filmed in Georgia and California. I think you all need to be aware that there are hundreds of these on the way and these facilities are in place for YOU when you decide you won’t go along with the Globalists agenda. IE when you won’t give up your guns, when you won’t take the implanted chip, when you won’t do as you’re told, when you won’t agree with the Federal government

These people have been quietly building facilities to cater for exactly what they have been expecting. An economic crash followed by shortages, rioting and insurrection. All the legislation of the last 8 years and this year point to it.

For what other reason would they exist in this form rather than emergency shelter?

If you comment please answer that question

Here is a listing of some of the sites that have been investigated already but it is in no way conclusive. Perhaps you might take a drive out to the one nearest you and report back



One Response to “When a Bill is introduced these days it usually means one thing. . .”

  1. AVHAC® Says:

    this falls in line with the $500 hammers that were found in Reagans spending receipts… funnel a bunch of money in disguise and use it for other reasons… BTW, if you look closely you can see picnic tables in the background. its a FEMA summer camp. there is a FEMA facility pretty close to me, if you look over at it from a nearby ridge (it’s on a mountain top)you can see all kinds of RADAR equipment, trucks with missle launchers and all kinds of neat stuff. what does FEMA need with RADAR equipment and missle launchers? is it so they can locate and destroy natural disasters before they happen? BTW, how long will it be before they inact the National photo ID?

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