Two months until the ship starts to sink

What you do with the information I am about to give you could very well save your future. I urge you to spread this information as far and wide as possible.

There is currently a race going on between the Elite’s globalisation agenda and the awakening of the people of the world to the Elite’s power game. The awakening has gained a pace and it seems the Elites have had to go public with their agenda in a quicker than expected manner. We are down to the last few “make or break” months

I have given you many predictive blogs over the time I have been doing this and much of it has been borne out as true. The information I pass on is from different sources but one of the most accurate sources I have ever come across is Lindsey Williams

Lindsay Williams is a Pastor who found himself working on the Alaskan oil pipeline back in the early 1980s. Now you see how long the Elite’s have known about the enormous oil deposits in the Arctic.

As a side issue, you may ask yourself why they have never been drilled? Well one reason is that the polar ice cap makes that extremely difficult to access at times. I personally would put two and two together and question the whole global warming of the north pole while the south pole is growing. I would do this in conjunction with knowledge of the weather modification chemtrail spreading that has been going on in the northern hemisphere. I would also look at it in conjunction with the establishment of dozens of HAARP stations that can heat the atmosphere. You just think about that as a side issue

Anyway back to Lindsay Williams. He worked for 3 years on this pipeline and was given top security clearance. He lived and ate and socialised with the people running this project and sat in on the top level meetings. In doing this he became socially friendly with some people, one of whom he found out was part of the global Elites and he found out their different view of the world and of us. He also became a confident to this one man in particular who disclosed much of the Elite’s agenda. When he left however he was told in no uncertain terms that there were things he could not speak about for his own safety, or there would be consequences

Some time after Lindsay left that part of his life behind he realised how much of what his Elite friend had said had come to pass. This man as far as I gathered was someone at the very top of BP (British Petrolium) 25 years ago so would be very old now. So Lindsay started speaking about it, he started a website and made DVD recordings of everything he knew and tried to spread the word. He finally received a call last June from the man he had befriended 25 years earlier and was told that he had to stop what he was doing. It was a friendly warning from an old friend. He wasn’t saying he couldn’t speak but he was told he could not sell any more of his DVD and that he had to shut his website. It was made very clear to him that there would be repercussions if he didn’t

In June 2008 he duly did as he was told. He did however manage to have a couple of conversations with the man and question his old friend about what he could and couldn’t say, about his family etc. but more importantly, about what the agenda was for the future. So he shut down the site and remained fearfully silent until July when he broke the silence in a radio interview. Everything he told the interviewer on that show in July 2008 came true as he said his friend in the Elite had described it would.

Back then in July 2008 a barrel of oil was almost 150 dollars a barrel, and all the “pundits” and “oil company spokesmen” and “market analysts” were telling us it was going to go over 200 dollars a barrel. So convincing were these mouthpieces that some companies (eg. Ryanair) thought they would be clever and buy up a huge block of oil before it went higher and they were heavily stung in their costs when the price came down and sent them into net loss.

Well Lindsay came on the radio then and told the world that by Christmas a barrel of oil would be under 50 dollars. Would you have believed him? Not many did. The interviewer did though and so did I and I posted the information for you back then because I understood the reasons behind it. And lo and behold he was right. He was right because his Elitist friend told him that that was what they were going to do.

The price of a barrel of oil has little to do with supply and demand. That is just a cover story. The price of oil is set in the offices of the Elite in there financial empires in London and New York where they control the markets. The price of oil is used therefore as a weapon in the Elite’s agenda

There is no sight of “peak oil” in reality because there are more untapped oil fields in the world than you can imagine. Russia seems to have oil in Siberia that is vastly in excess of Arabia or the middle east. America has enormous untapped supplies. Alaska has more than the middle east as does the continental shelf of Mexico and furthermore the Dakota basin has more oil than the middle east on its own. There is oil and gas off Indonesia, in South America, in Africa and even off Ireland for heavens sake, let alone the Arctic circle and the Antarctic. Most of the world’s oil has been kept secret, especially the American sources.

Lindsay’s friend in the
Elites had told him that they had originally raised the price of oil. This would create the shortage panic and commit the Arab nations to large spending of their profits. It also doubled to enable the World Bank and IMF to cancel lots of third world debt because in reality the hyped up cost of oil was used to pay the debts back, hence the West paid the third world debt to the world bankers through inflated fuel prices while the banks looked great for writing off third world debt.

Then he said they would bring the price back down below 50 dollars by December, which they did. The price is now 35 dollars per barrel and it will remain that way for the most of this year. Why you may ask? Well the reason the Elites told Lindsey Williams was that they would keep the price of oil down artificially because they intended to bankrupt the oil producing States and send them back to trading camels as he was told. The Arab States economies’ currently have liabilities that mean they need oil to be up around 60 to 80 dollars a barrel to fund everything. The plan is to keep the price at 35 and bankrupt the states by the end of 2009. The plan is working too as places like Dubai are now suffering riots from workers and everything is simply shutting down through lack of cash. It is becoming a ghost town.

The other side of the Elite’s plan for this oil scam Lindsay was told was to destroy the dollar. The Federal Reserve has done a pretty good job of that we know as the purchasing power of today’s dollar is about 4 cents compared to a dollar in 1915 when they took control. However in the last 3 years the dollar has lost 50% of it’s spending power around the world. The signs of the plan’s success.

Here is a graph showing the fall in value of the spending power of the dollar and it highlights how dramatic the fall has been since the Federal reserve Bill in 1915 whereby the Treasury borrows it’s own money from the Fed at interest causing instant inflation.

spending power of dollar 1800 to 2000

Here is a graph showing the decline in just the Bush years

spending power of dollar 00 to 09

Currently a number of States in the US have issued statements saying they are not able to issue tax rebates due to budget problems. A number of other States are freezing welfare payments and retirement. State Pension funds have shrunk.. More and more States can’t pay their Bills. California was the first to feel the pinch and so will be the first to go bankrupt. Why will they go bankrupt?

Well, it takes a few months for the State tax take to filter down through the books, but when it does they will find they are going to be so horrendously short of funds they won’t be able to pay police, keep colleges open, heat schools, pay welfare. This is because such a large part of State taxes comes from fuel tax, which has now been cut by three quarters and the Elites will keep the price down until they have bankrupted every state and made them accept Federal bailouts with tyrannical conditions attached. Those conditions will of course be joining the NAU under a dictatorial unelected government of the Elites’ choosing. This is their stated goal. The alternative is Northcom troops declare Martial Law and take control of the state by force to “hold the Union together” in much the same way Abraham Lincoln did. Now you will see why the media has aligned Obama to Lincoln so much, because he will play on that when he has to do a Lincolnesque job of using force against States that do not want to be under Federal dictat

This, according to Lindsay, could all start going down in the 2 months leading to the dollar crash. This will cause Hyperinflation and your paper money will become worthless with prices spiralling out of control. This is all planned to make the people beg to be saved. Accept the Federal Government and in doing so lose State sovereignty, form the NAU, and the accept the Amero currency, and every one of the plans for gun confiscation, mandatory service, forced vaccination programmes and of course the cashless society and the RFID chip implants. This is the plan so the panic that must be caused must be enormous to bring it about.

The only thing standing between Northcom and you is a police force who are scared of the Feds because Obama has just decided to send another 70,000 troops abroad to join the National Guard who have also been sent away. No regular army apart from those trained for Northcom operations are going to be there to stop this coup, this takeover by the Corporations. These soldiers need to be educated quickly

One thing you should realise about the way these people operate is that they forewarn you about what they are going to do to you. There are 2 reasons for this. One is that they are acclimating you all to accept what they are bringing, like economic disaster or martial law or terrorism or loss of liberty. They use their media to train you to accept it. The other reason is that it is part of their ritual that they have to tell you beforehand but that is a different blog

There was an alternative method spoken of to lower the oil barrel price and that was to open up the Indonesian wells or Alaska and flood the market with cheap crude oil, however they seem to have gotten around that by crashing the whole world economy at the same time. The Elites don’t want to reveal the American supplies because they use the necessity to control the middle eastern and central Asian oil as an excuse to finance and carry out all the wars and toppling of governments in the region.

Americans might be interested to know that when the latest US Geological Survey of the Montanna / Dakota basin was read out to the Congress to some degree of shock, yet there followed only days later a Bill from Congress to prevent any drilling in the area. Now considering there is oil enough there to wipe out half the national debt that seems like strange behaviour. Why would they want you to stay in economic collapse? Well, perhaps because your Congress and Senate have proved themselves time and time again to be on the Global Elite’s payroll and not yours. Look how many crazy laws they have signed off without a single person reading the Bill. Only 6 people read the Stimulation Bill. That is insane.

The Government have been preparing for this moment for a long time putting all the necessary infrastructure and legislation into place over the last 20 years since Oliver North was involved in setting up Northcom. You have in place the Federal police in Homeland security, the detention centres, the monitored calls and e-mail, then you have a plethora of legislation enabling full executive control and martial law instigated in the last 8 years including Presidential Directive 51 and the John Warner Defence Authorisation Act. Yes everything is ready. It only remains to be seen if the people can get enough of the troops to actually stand down and line out with the police should State Sovereignty efforts lead to Martial Law

Bankrupsy of America is raising a pace now that the OPEC oil countries as of last week have stopped buying America’s T bills, which are the interest on the USA’s debt, so the Fed is now buying them. This will cause inflation to rise exponentially in the current system of borrowing money from the Fed. The banks will end up buying everything to be owned in the country with your own tax dollars from future generations, that are merely numbers in a computer rather than real money

To back up Lindsey Williams’ information, another source I use is Jim Tucker who has followed the Bilderberg Grouop meetings around the world for 30 years. This is a group of the Elite of the world’s business, political, royalty, media, oil, banking, and policy groups getting together once a year in secret to plot the course of world events. Back in June 2006 the meeting was in Canada and Jim’s moles inside the meeting supplied him, as usual, with the secret list of attendees and information on the topics of the meeting. It is technically treason for your representatives to attend this secret group but they all do. All the Neocons attended, and last year even Hilary and Obama to be told who was going to win the election

Well back in 2006 Jim reported that they had spoken about the US economy and how they would use the derivatives bubble to collapse the economy but would first run up the price of oil to get everyone’s money into the stock market before they crashed it. This is what the Elites do. They plot and scheme our demise for their gain. These are people who stand up before us as our elected leaders and lie to us making out everything they do is in our interest. This news came out two full years before it happened, but nobody listened.

Moving on, at the the Bilderberg meeting of 2008 in Virginia there were some very key and very worrying topics discussed that were leaked to Jim and I will tell you them now

Firstly they discussed getting the population to accept an implanted chip, and the fact that they would need a huge crisis to get people to accept it. One way of doing it would be to bankrupt the country so that, as the currency had failed, they would introduce cashless society. This would run off the chips and would help prevent money crime. Yet it would leave you at their mercy and traced everywhere and every transaction noted

The alternative was that they could be introduced out of fear of terrorism. This was worrying because they discussed the probability that to do this they would need to have white terrorists in America. They discussed setting up White skinned blue eyed supposed Al Qaeda terrorist cells in America and that a large event or two would be necessary. They have been hyping this possibility up in the controlled mass media for weeks now with stories of missing smallpox and dangerous toxins not being stored safely at thousands of locations around the country.

They are planning to carry out another false flag terrorist act but this time probably a virus, although there has been a rather strange case in the news of a CIA contractor being gunned down by a policeman while he was allegedly chasing Mossad agents inside America with a suitcase nuke. The mass media have been talking this possibility up too

Early last year a Russian scientist predicted that the USA would break up in 2009 in much the same way the USSR did after it got into financial crisis following the 10 years war in Afghanistan. This is how he saw the possible scenarion

Russian Scientist predict breakup of USA

Although if it divided into Northcom or Homeland Security zones it might look similar anyway

The next 45 to 60 days will see the results of all of this unfold and if America is going to be saved from these maniacs it will have to happen then. Hopefully the Sovereignty State Bills will hit every state and the police will stand with the state legislature and enough regular army will refuse to carry out Northcom operations against the American people so that these maniacs get run out of the country. Maybe Ron Paul and Denis Kusinich, the only two men of concience in the Congress, could pair up to run the new Union. Either way I believe the dollar will be linked to the Canadian dollar and the peso in about 6 weeks as a forerunner to the Amero. (Note the US already minted Amero
s in 2007 and sent 800 billion of them to China as payment against debt purchased

If that revolution happens we who study it are going to have to rely mainly on the Republican side of the fence to make up the numbers to cause the backlash, as only the Cons are angry enough to carry it off, even if they are doing it for the wrong reasons. I am afraid the Liberals will have to sacrifice their Messiah for the good of the country

Personally I don’t think you will ever be able to get the real culprits for this unless you have a truth and reconciliation hearing like South Africa had, where anyone could confess their wrongdoing with immunity from prosecution. Immunity except in the case of Purgery. Only then will you be able to find out how far outside America this hornets nest goes. Only then will they name the names of the puppet masters

Here are the links to Lindsay Williams’ last interview so you can hear that it is not just my point of view, but that of an insider

And if any of you still doubt Alex Jones’ credentials as an accurate reporter and disseminator of government documents then watch this clip from July 2001 in which he predicts the government will attack it’s own people on 911

He has made many films over the last 14 years on this subject and has slated Bush to the end of time, but he has a new film out on the 15th March called “The Obama Deception”. I recommend this as a must see film on Google video as it will unwind the web of deciet that entwined Bush and Obama together.


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