Why some people can’t hear

When I present to you all information that is crucial to your awakening and ultimately your survival as a free human being, I find it frustrating that you cannot see what is in front of your very eyes. Perhaps you would look at this and maybe it will explain why this happens

Let me offer you tiny sips of water then. . .

What would this man have to gain by making this up? Nothing really

Would you like another small sip on the same issue

Do you think it odd that half these people are alive and that the head of the CIA thinks it isn’t important?

Considering the passport holder was alive and well in Saudi Arabia on Sept 11 do you think that the government agencies could have been planting evidence, and if so could they have planted more?

Do you also think it is odd that some of these men appeared in the Able Danger surveillance operation of the Military Intelligence before 911, yet could get into the country and live next door to the NSA ?

Do you think it is odd that Mohammed Atta who was living in Florida and had American girlfriend who was a stripper (interviews available on the internet), and yet the National Enquirer, (or the Daily Star in UK) didn’t do a spread on it? In fact she was visited every week by different FBI agents and reminded not to talk to anyone, is that normal?

OK stop drinking for a while and digest and think

not believing the official story is no longer what the media tell you it is, it isn’t a small group of cranks who know the 911 story stinks. Polls show that the majority of the population now believe the government was involved, and finally it is getting into the legislatures. This is bravery, putting truth ahead of personal gain at Senate level

There is an awakening of humanity going on and a demand for truth, justice and freedom from the tyrrany of government lies. It has reached every quarter of society and the only thing holding it back and denying it is the government controlled mass media. Why would they do that? Isn’t it strange that the biggest story ever to hit the news and nobody wants to cover it? What does that tell you about the mass media?

If after those sips of water you are still thirsty I suggest you watch Dylan Avery and Jason Burmas’ documentary Loose Change Final Cut as your first full foray into this. You can see it here on Google Video


Hopefully this will leave you with a thousand unanswered questions and you will read further


2 Responses to “Why some people can’t hear”

  1. Door32 Says:

    To the person who read the blog and watched the videos and then ticked No you weren’t lied to by the government I direct you toward George Orwell’s book 1984 wherein you should look up the term “Doublethink”

  2. JEROME G Says:

    Hows come your lib friends answer a gay cartoon but not this “important” information.
    So the Mexican landscapers will be in control of all the southern gun carrying rednecks. LMAO
    Sarah Palin will be a Russian Commie. LMAO! Now the leftests on the left coast, they gonna start making sneakers and be working in sweatshops making cheap clothing for the chinks? Good, good, good.
    Some funny shit Homes, fo shizzel, dizzel.

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