Lou Dobbs almost fully awake, nails a NWO issue

While I don’t agree with the content of the anti Islam propoganda that the Media puts out due to the fact that they are tarred with CIA run terrorism in the name of creating an atmosphere of fear to monitor and enslave us all, I am finally encouraged by the fact that a network, that up till now has covered positively the globalists agenda and the bogus war on terror, has finally come out and hit the nail on the head.

This is mainly thanks to Lou Dobbs who actually had an awakening a few years ago and he has started to cotton on to the reality of what the real agenda is. And guess what? When you ask the people they all agree with him

Lou Dobbs was woken to the Elite’s agenda a few years ago when he started reporting the North American Union when everybody else denied it. Since then he has woken up to the inconsistencies in the whole 911 story and the war on terror. He has now finally cottoned on to the facts that we who study this have always known, that the UN is owned and run by the Elites for their own agenda.

He mentions above that the UN is becoming burdonsome and intrusive, perhaps even overbearing. He is right it is. What he hasn’t yet realised is that it is by design as it was set up by the elites to become the world government controlled by them.

The video issue of free speech is being eroded in all countries with new legislation of hate speech, internet censorship, fairness doctrines, right to protest curtailed. Right now disagreeing with the government can get you arrested under the new terrorism laws

Lou mentions the different UN departments and agencies which are all dominating our lives now. He is right again as you see here in these agencies

The IPCC is trying to criminalise Carbon Dioxide as a pollutant when in fact it is the building block of all plant life. They are doing it against all good science which shows CO2 lags behind global warming and cooling cycles by as much as 800 years and the world is cooling down currently, but overall simply going through it’s normal heat cool cycles. They are doing this to force a carbon tax payable to them. The tax will be payable on every aspect of your life which means every aspect of your life will need to be MONITORED ! This is the real reason behind it, TOTAL CONTROL GRID.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is trying to regulate the entire worlds food by introducing Codex Alimentarius which will outlaw food supplements including minerals, vitamins and even herbal remedies. This will put all the power of health and nutricion in the hands of the big pharnmacutrical companies who fund and report for the WHO. Your food will become Genetically modified to be nutrient deficient and you will rely on the Big Pharma for your well being. In this scheme the huge Agribusinesses who also report for the WHO will also control all crop seed and nutrients for growing.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is the body owned by the same bankers who own the central banks and the Fed around the world. It is famous for lending money to third world countries, bankrupting them and then taking all their resources as payment. This is what it has positioned itself to do now but on a grander scale, a worldwide scale with the bankers who own the IMF and World Bank also the same people who have bankrupted the western world. They are now ready to bail out countries but what they give comes with conditions. They have already come to the country I live in and offered money on condition they have a say in the economic structure and running of the country including setting wage structures. This is how they plan to take over the world economy. The vilification of private banking and the forced nationalisation of the banks is part of the plan to give them governmental control over everybody’s money. Hence, if you want money to set up a radio station that opposes their agenda you will not get your loan ! If they want to tax you they just take it.

If you read the agenda of the UN it wants to get the world to a point where the UN owns all the land and all the worlds resources including water, and has the power to control them and hence control us. This means our lives will be controlled by a central power group owned by an elite group of trillionaires. These trillionaires who fund the UN include the likes of the Rothschilds, the Rockerfellers (who donated the land where the UN building stands stating that it would be the World Capital), European Royalty and Nobility, Italian Black Nobility, International business and banking families and Media moguls. All unfeasably wealthy and all with one New World Order agenda

This group has stated it wants a one child policy, a massive reduction in energy use (except for them), A world population reduction to 500 million, to re-wild most of the land and move the people into high density urban centres (which would be a great place to release a pandemic), a cashless society, all humanity chipped and monitored with all functions controlled through the chip including money and taxes or fines deducted without your knowledge, control of our food and water supply, forced vaccination and euthenasia. Basically their vision of the future is a grid controlled, reduced and poorly educated population, manipulated by them to serve their own needs. You and I mean no more to these people than slaughtering an animal for the dinner table or shooting a dear for sport. In the eyes of the ruling classes we are a sub-species and have been to them since the time of the anciennt Egyptians and Babylonians. These elites see themselves as the new Pharoahs and want to build a new Babylon

This is a side issue for your thoughts now

Many of you might be religious and that is your right, I however am not, but I don’t discount ancient writings as fairytails. There are hidden truths in the parables of these manuscripts even though they were told as parables rather than non fiction. For those of you who are religious you might be interested to know that in the Bible it talks of the end of days or rather of this age and mentions one who will come and bring darkness and war across the world and he will be recognised by being the king of the south, a muslim wearing a blue turban. Well that kind of fits nicely with Obama being a Kenyan muslim and having a blue helmeted army of the UN behind him. Just a thought.

Another one is that in the Quran it also talks of the end times and the one who brings global dominance and war upon all Islam would have ONE EYE. I suggest you look at the one dollar note where you will find the Masonic New World Order Pyramid with the eye of Horus (Lucifer) atop. Just something else for you to think about. Some religious muslims believe this time is the pre-cursor to the final battle


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