Alan Watt cuts through the matrix for you

Alan Watt has been studying the world elites for over 30 years now and would be considered one of the most knowledgable on the subject. His 30 years of research have unveiled much of what is and has really been going on in the world behind the veil and he has been given enormous insight into the overall agenda and methods used to achieve it. An astute knowledge of history and access to members or former members of the elite have enabled him to piece together the enormous puzzle that is around us and to see the picture it is going to finally make

I urge you all to listen to this radio interview with Alan Watt. It is only a short one, but it might be the best one to open your mind to the reality because it is done in relation to what is happenning now, while referencing the history and future goals

Alan will be back to do a 2 hour interview in a week or two here but you can find his interviews on other shows with interviewers who allow him to speak more and on his overall field of knowledge, you can google that. He also has made DVDs which you can see or hear on his website and written many books there advertised

If you listen to Alan and put his information alongside the study of people like Michael Tsarion who deals with the ancient historical roots and the symbolism, along with other scholars who deal with the ancient history and bloodlines and religious connections, plus scholars of hidden archaeology and technology, you will get a very complete picture of the world

In one respect you will see what has been lost, what has been hidden, and the continuity of it all as complex as it is at times. You will also see the history of our manipulation over millenia and where this is all heading

Up till recently it has been very easy to keep the lid on this Pandora’s box but since the coming of the home computer and the internet explosion, this information is all out there for the public to access and view. These researchers like Alan and Michael and Alex and many more don’t make this stuff up. They get their information from official published sources and interviews with people involved.

So much information is now out there that the Elites are trying to shut down the internet. Therewill be attempts politically to censor the net now in the name of hate crime or fair and balanced broadcasting as a cover. The same will happen to talk radio which is hurting them badly. Obama has already got Bills ready for this and other countries are doing it too

The plan to bankrupt the world is going swimmingly. If you go and look you will find this was always part of the agenda. The IMF, UN, Globalist groups like the Bilderberg or Club of Rome, and the advisory groups like the Rand Corporation put this plan together and they expect when it happens to have 30 years of food shortages, war, civil strife, famine, disease and finally by about 2050 they hope to have reduced the world population to about 500 million. This is their stated goal. If you don’t believe me go and read it in their own documents, it’s very simple.


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