The proof that crooked media works

This is how America comes across to the rest of the world now after decades of continuous war and especially the last 8 years

They are Oceana .

I hope you are shocked to know that

This blog is a sad indictment, not just of the deliberate lies the mass media tells you, but also of the general stupidity of a large percentage of the population that haven’t the common sense to question everything they are told by networks of media that are owned by people of authority and wealth. Why on earth would they tell you anything that wasn’t to their benefit? Would you hang yourself? No, so don’t expect them too do differently.

The following are a few very alarming statistics that were taken from a population survey in October 2003 and can be seen in the film linked at the end of the blog. What they show is the shocking difference in stupidity and ignorance of TV viewers based on the channel they watch. The reason for this difference is that the channel in question in this survey deliberately feeds lies to it’s audience to serve a government agenda

Let’s just take one issue only for this blog – Iraq

The most shocking result of this survey was how many people believed the complete opposite of the truth

Sample of questions:-


The known / admitted / historically factual answer to all these questions is NO

Question 1 – Were weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq?

Answer NO

PBS – NPR viewers who said YES = 11%

Fox News viewers who said YES = 33%


Question 2 – Does world opinion favour the US invasion of Iraq?

Answer NO

PBS – NPR viewers who said YES = 5%

Fox News viewers who said YES = 35%


Question 3 – Has the US found links between Iraq and Al Qaeda?

Answer NO

PBS – NPR viewers who said YES = 16%

Fox News viewers who said YES = 67%


There are two ways of interpreting this

1 – Fox News viewers are less intelligent than viewers of PBS – NPR. This could be read in conjunction with the research which has been done into the deliberate dumbing down of the American public to guarantee a servile easily manipulated 40% to guarantee election or support for a cause


2 – Fox news viewers are just as intelligent but are bombarded with greater propoganda than viewers of other stations resulting in an inability to tell what is reality and what is a lie. Now I can’t believe that someone with a reasonable intelligence could watch what goes on on Fox and not cringe at the fawning and appalling journalism

Personally I feel that the reality is somewhere between the two

You should be ALL outraged at these statistics. Not from a Lib / Con perspective because Cons should be just as disgusted, if not more, that they are being manipulated and lied to. Both sets of supporters are countrymen and would want to start acting that way and start to fight the common enemy. . . . . The dis-information the mass media is selling you and has been for decades if not since it’s invention.

You should also be embarrassed that you form part of those statistics and ashamed that you could be so easily fooled into supporting causes and laws that go against your own human nature to befriend, love, trust, share and help, by making you see nothing wrong with murder, hatred, spying, stealing and turning your back against your fellow man

Here are a few short clips for you that show some of the lies

This is from early 2001. Conveniently forgotten by Rice and Powell

And here again we find Cheney in 1994. Funny how these people can U-turn their principles and policies when it suits them and then U-turn back again afterwards to deny they ever did it.

Well in Bush’s own lies. . . . erm . . . words

Oh the mind control buzz words. . . .” Freedom Agenda” in the middle east. I’m sure the locals don’t see it that way, or is it just double speak for “securing oil and gas reserves”

The one I like in the film at the end is the newsroom memo that suggested that US snipers must be re-named as “sharpshooters” while the arabs remain “snipers” Do you see how that mind control makes you feel better now?

Why do they do it? Well for Cheney personally it is this

For the Bushes and Bin Ladens it was their Carlyle Group and oil businesses

Rumsfelt and others are getting rich from the Agribusiness, Big Pharma and Weapons manufacturers, as are about half the Congress and Senate including the lorded Clintons who accumulated 100 million during Bill’s Presidency at modest estimates

They all became wealthy but of course this is their reward for pushing the Globalist agenda forward, as indeed the new President Obama will continue to do if he want’s to get rich. I suggest you watch how his fortune grows in the coming years

I like this Rumsfelt episode where he is confronted by Ray McGovern, a 27 year CIA veteran. Rummy dithers and dodges in the questioning and then Ray explains in the follow up clip

The sad thing here is that McGovern KNOWS EXACTLY what is going on but you could hear the utter stupidy in the brainwashed audience applause and the security trying to remove the questioner. Rummy knew what weapons Iraq ha
d because they were sold to their puppet and CIA trained Saddam by the US. I shouldn’t need to show you the vids of the politicians endlessly spouting the “imminent danger” and “WMD” warnings again do I?

The level of brainwashing defies belief. To be able to get 67% of their viewers to believe a particular lie. I mean even if you took out the 16% that also said yes from general population you are still left with more than 51% of Fox viewers outside the moronic national minority, who believed a complete lie. More than half of the allegedly thinking audience still got it wrong. Now that is a triumph of mind control that the Nazis would have been proud of

This is the documentary film I would like you to watch (especially the Republicans and Fox viewers) It is extremely enlightening.

As a word of warning. This is not an attack on Republican voters. What I warn you of here is that the machine that governs you uses these methods whoever is President. The elites who rule you will use their media to convince you to support their agenda. Democrats be warned, that as mindcontrolling as the Fox network is for the Republicans, a station like MSNBC can be just as dangerous a tool of the elites to mindcontrol you into supporting the next phase of their agenda.

You owe it to your kids to question everything the government tells you because everything they have told you for the last 50 years has been a lie and there is no reason to change that now

This is not a joke people. It is very very real and most of you don’t even see it yet. Some people saw it and tried to warn you all. Some very high ranking people


President Woodrow Wilson lamented that he had sold his country out to the bankers with the Federal Reserve Bill in 1915, the same bankers who bought up all the newspapers and journals of note preceding that Bill

General Smedley Butler who conspired long enough with the engineers of an attempted military coup of the US by the Bankers and Multinationals in the 1930s before revealing the plot to Congress

How about President Eisenhower in his farewell speech in 1961 who gave a stark warning against the secret military industrial complex (MIC)

Following straight on from Eisenhower, President Kennedy who also knew the reality of power in America, made the speech that laid it all out. Exactly how the arms of the MIC octopus controlled different facets of the country

That speech got him killed and the secret service arm of the MIC made it happen

Ever since that day there has been no end to the lies and mind control from the government and the media regardless of which party is in the White House or controls Congress or Senate. All of it to justify one thing. The enrichment in wealth and power of the controlling elites through free markets and war. This is America’s role in the world – THE CORPORATE MUSCLE

This is how it works and how they will eventually drive you to a global comunism like Orwell’s nightmare

Just think how close you are already. Cameras on every corner. Drugs that can change your behavior. Historical news that changes with time through ommission or denial. New words to make the old ones sound less harmful

These media liars have already started revising the news, revising history and bombarding your mind with so much doublespeak you no longer remember or are sure what the truth actually is. The ministry of truth is with you. I think everyone needs to go and read the book or look at the film 1984 again and see where you are heading.

I remember the scene near the end where O’Brian holds up 4 fingers and asks Winston Smith, after much torture and re-programming of his mind, “How many fingers am I holding up?”. Winston gets the answer right when he says “Five”. (How many trillions did the bankers steal, or, how many civilians are killed in Iraq)

“If you want a vision of the future Winston, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever” (This is the New World Order)

“The law of gravity is nonesense, no such law exists” (911 official story)

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past” (Corporate Media)

Or the Minitru slogans

“War is Peace” (Pre-emptive US attacks)

“Freedom is Slavery” (Wiretapping, homeland security, RFID chips)

“Ignorance is Strength” (Failing schools, Media lies, Executive power)

For those of you ready for a glimps of where you are heading you can watch the whole movie in small clips starting here and following the numbered parts

Let’s hope it’s not too late and the Proles will find their own voices


One Response to “The proof that crooked media works”

  1. Bear Hugz Says:

    Excellent blog. I hope it’s not too late, but I fear that people are so out of touch with what freedom really means, that they’ve found themselves comfortable in this matrix of lies, deceit, and the illusion and delusion of “patriotism” in the 21st century.

    Keep talking.

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