Lines are being drawn in the sand

We are this year at a moment in history that will be remembered and written about. At the moment on one side of this battle are the International Banking cartel quickenning their plans to crash the world economy and proclaim a New World Order through their mass media.

Their window of opportunity is closing fast because the world is waking up to them. In Europe people have always looked across the Atlantic and seen something is very wrong, but they don’t seem to see that they are in the same boat with the EU. However in America people are waking up in masses because it is happenning all around them.

Now the awakening has grown to such an extent that the line has finally been drawn in the sand by the people. It is sad that it has taken this much predicted and warned about catastrophe for people to see it but at least they finally have. You may or may not be aware but the fight has been going on behind the scenes for a while now and finally it has come out in the open and faced the beast that is trying to take down the US and the rest of the world to 3rd world status.

In the last weeks a number of States Legislatures have passed or introduced Bills limiting the power of the Federal Government within their States to that given to the Federal Government by the State under the 9th and 10th Ammendments, These include New Hampshire, Arizona, Mississippi. There are currently 20 States looking to introduce similar legislation and they are talking to 8 more making 28. What they are saying is that the Federal government has overstepped it’s legal rights given to it by the States which are Sovereign and any unconstitutional laws will not be legal in their States. This is the line in the sand of the New Revolution

14 States had already passed Bills like this in the mid 90s but have not yet implemented them. Now if 35 States get together and agree, then they can legally dissolve the United States as it exists and reform themselves under a legitimate government of their choosing. This may soon have to happen because the Federal Government is out of control. The Presidential Directives signed by Bush and the Security Acts he passed clearly state that the military will be used against any States that do not follow Federal Directives even though they are strictly illegal because the States have never bestowed the authority to the Federal Government to make these laws, despite what the controlled national media tries to make you believe.

The straws that has broken the camel’s back are the new legislations that have been tagged onto other Bills like the Health Services Bill and the new Stimulus Bill that give Federal authority to confiscate practically any guns depending on how they wish to interpret it. This and the looming threat of Martial Law allowed under the recent Presidential Directives. The Founding Fathers made a provision deliberately so you would never be unarmed in the face of an out of control Federal Government taken over by Banksters and Multinational Business as it has become.

Rest assured the Dollar will collapse this summer and worse still Mexico is right now on the brink of complete failure of it’s economy, and when it goes you will have millions crossing the unprotected border. There are three ways this will go.

Either 1 – The States dissolve the Union and rid themselves of the Federal Government if enough police and military side with the people and refuse to obey orders.

Or 2 – If not then there will be running battles in the streets and Americans removed to FEMA camps.

Or 3 – Obama pulls back from the brink and under guidance from the States he repeals many of the unconstitutional laws

To avoid the second option you must spread the information to as many in authority as possible and become vocal and active. Your State Legislators have finally come out in the open and stood up for you against the tyrrany at great risk and you must support them

THIS IS BI-PARTISAN ! There are no politics in protecting the nation from hostile takeover. Your time is now. Don’t pretend it isn’t happenning

Personally I feel that in the face off Obama may back off but if he does you can expect one hell of a huge false flag terror attack on the scale unimagined so far. Something like a suitcase nuke in Chicago or Houston. I have good reason for saying this by the way but let’s see what plays out before that blog

Look, this next bit is really important

George Noory finally got together on National radio yesterday some of the State legislators to explain what has been happenning and he also got Jerome Corsi and Alex Jones in studio to complete the background. this is a very good show and listenning to it you will learn a lot of facts you may not be aware of. You will also get the sense of how serious these State Legislators believe the situation to be, and how widespread this movement is now.

Please listen to the entire show because important facts are revealed all the way through.

I hope you now understand how serious this situation has become and that this is not a Bush Obama thing or a Cons Libs thing any longer. It never was. It has always been you versus the Feudalistic Banking families of Europe

Some of you might still doubt this is real. Well, it has long been known by many, and to prove it please listen to this incredible interview from 1988. When you hear it, it just resounds in your ears as to what is actually happenning now. You may ask why you didn’t hear the message back then?


You had 2 opportunities to make this man your President . . . and you turned him down twice



Ron Paul has introduced a Bill into Congress this session to end the corrupt private Federal Reserve so America can mint it’s own money again without paying interest to the private bankers. Anyone who votes against that Bill should be recognised for the complicit criminals that they are and they should be tried after the fall of the Federal Government.


2 Responses to “Lines are being drawn in the sand”

  1. Bear Hugz Says:

    This is an excellent blog. I wrote in Ron Paul myself and believe he might actually do something right given the chance. I hope you’re right that there will be changes made, but my fear is that anything we have to give them… they are ready for with their camps and their secret weapons and compliant and pathetic “security” forces.

    I try to be optimistic, but today isn’t my day for it.

    Keep up the good work… love your site.

  2. kathleen p Says:

    and here I am with a 12 yr old and 16 yr old.. I can’t do shit about it except figure out how to cut corners and pray for summer to get here soon so I can plant a garden and not use the furnace. we are in major trouble.

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