Another sinister death of someone who stood up for truth

When the plane crashed outside Buffalo this week another American 911 Patriot was killed

And when I say killed, I mean KILLED

Beverly Eckart, who’s husband was killed on the 98th floor of the World Trade Centre on 911, was the only person among the families of the victims who was brave enough to say NO to the government’s cash compensation award. The body was basically set up to pay off relatives so that no information about the truth of the event would get to court and would remain in the hands of the fake 911 Commission. People were told if they didn’t take the award they would be tied up in court for ten years before they saw any cash. Beverly didn’t care. She wanted to know the truth about what happened. She was a 911 truther and knew the government were covering up and she wanted justice for her husband

So Beverly Eckart set up a group called Voices for September 11 and took a case rather than accept the award because she knew that in a Civil court the government and all the agencies and companies involved in security would be compelled to reveal documents and give evidence under oath. A lot of people were counting on her courage even though she knew the dangers of this challenge

A few days before the crash she had a private meeting with Barrack Obama wherein she discussed her case and requested a new investigation be opened to get the truth. Less than a week later, she was dead, along with 49 others

The flight safety investigator has not been able to find anything wrong with the pilot’s actions and nothing that could have caused the plane to react so violently and suddenly on it’s final approach to the runway when everything was going fine

What are the odds of a woman who’s husband died in 911, then dying in a plane crash in suspicious circumstances, only a few days after asking the President to open a new investigation into the 911 cover up? Ask an actuary and it would be billions to one

This is just the latest in a series of people being murdered by the government to stop the lies coming out. Barry Jennings the Assistant emergency manager on 911 who was about to be called to testify as a star witness in a New York investigation was suicided at last year. The same fate befell the Madam in the Washington prostitution scandal after she went on radio saying she was going to court and was revealing the clients’ names. One of her girls was also suicided. Or Benazir Bhutto shot dead shortly after she went on Frost Around the World and revealed to David that Bin LAden was murdered years ago (the BBC edited those seconds out of the programme so you know who they work for now). The patsy they fitted up for the Anthrax letters that actually came from a government laboratory was also suicided before his trial

There are others which you can research, but what we are seeing here is silencing of witnesses and troublemakers who won’t shut up. Add this to the fact that 4 unauthorised Bush Family biographers have been suicided so far and you surely cannot fail to see what is going on here. What you need to decide is whether Obama is implicated in this death or was it done by the shadow government without his consultation as he is only the front man. The sinister thing about his involvement was his speech about it, naming her and making her out to be a great supporter of the 911 victims without any mention that she did not believe the government and wanted a new investigation. Even in death she was used by the Government for good media

Here is a link to the story which includes lots of links to further information if you wish

Here is a link to the crash investigation describing to failure to find a reason

One thing you might note here at in finishing is that we are being told here that the plane came down near vertically and there are plane parts, contents and bodies everywhere. Funny how when they told you on 911 that Flight 93 came down in Pensylvania near vertically into a soft field, yet vapourized into nothing apparently. . . . . and you all believed them ? . . . . . How foolish do you feel now ?

Your government are murderers at home and genocidal abroad and continue to cover their tracks whatever the cost.

You people are in for one fucking huge shock soon if you don’t wake up now. These people will stop at nothing !

I will give you the heads up soon but there is something big brewing in your country before the summer is out by all the sources I have heard


2 Responses to “Another sinister death of someone who stood up for truth”

  1. Bear Hugz Says:

    I just listened to the published audio prior to the plane going blank… the co-pilot was cool as a cucumber… didn’t hear the slightest detection of stress in her voice. Yes… this was a hit, no doubt about it.

  2. Barry Says:

    Cover ups abound, but don’t you realize that you need to be protected from the truth for your own good. (That’s sarcasm in case you didn’t recognize it)

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