Start of the Space War

After the alleged crash between two satelites over Siberia this week I thought I would add some background to the “accident” that might throw a different light on it for you

For a long time now the US, under whatever form of governance it actually exists, seems to think space belongs to them and to a smaller degree their new world order allies. Well the PNAC (Project for a New American Century) Report in 2000 detailed America’s plans to dominate space for itself and weaponize space. In doing so they would need to keep everyone else out.

So very early in the New American Century we have a situation where Russia has rejuvinated it’s space programme. China has said it will be going to the moon, Japan already has a moon orbiter, and even Iran is launching satelites along with India and a whole host of other countries apart from Europe. This doesn’t fit into NASA’s plans

One thing that needs to be noted early on here is that NASA in no way works for the US. It is an agency which spans worldwide and is controlled and run for the planetary elite. It has been feeding us hocus pocus about the real nature of the world we live in and the universe around us for decades

Case of point

1 Isn’t it amazing how severely edited the Appolo audio tapes are, and isn’t it incredible that 95% of all the original data from the missions “went missing in transit” recently ?

2 Isn’t it amazing that the anomolies from the moon missions have never been adressed, like the fact that the flags blew in the wind or the astronauts seemed to be lit from many different angles at once, or the whispy white cloud that blew across ?

3 Isn’t it strange that so many of the Moon and Mars pictures have been airbrushed ?

4 Isn’t it strange that for decades they have shown us pictures of Mars being a red planet with a pink sky and no water or life, yet now amateur astronomers are producing images showing Mars has a blue atmosphere and the NASA pictures like the Moon pictures have all been photoshopped or touched up ? They even denied and hid the existence of Cydonia on Mars for 20 years at least

5 Isn’t it amazing that all the moving lights and discs filmed from the shuttle which move under their own discretion, we are insultingly told are “space debris” ?

6 Isn’t it strange that they have never countered the revelations that came from ex-NASA employees at the highest levels, about other craft and structures already existing on the Moon, that have even been published ?

7 Isn’t it strange that after apparently landing on the moon using all the computing power of a Casio calculator in 1969 that NASA haven’t been back or anywhere near outer space in 40 years ? Warned off perhaps? Perhaps. There are plenty of aevidence, accounts and strange events from those missions that point in that direction if you investigate outside this blog.

Well that was just to highlight to you that NASA is not really a trusted source of information. You are told what the elites want you to know. Example recently is the fake global temperatures that NASA was caught spewing out last year to bolster the false global warming tax scam. They were shown up to have deliberately falsified the figures by independant researchers, like using the previous month’s data heading into winter or just making it up in some cases

Well the PNAC plan envisaged using space to dominate the planet for America as they would be able to wage war on earth from orbit. This is all written down and published for you to read by the way

They also need to stop any other country exploring space. The report was very specific about this and infact you would be amazed how easy it would be. Any craft leaving earth’s atmosphere based on current propulsion methods uses the Moon to catapult itself out into the solar system. Therefore all that is required to prevent outerspace exploration from earth is to strategically place weapons in orbit either side of the path to the Moon tracking it’s orbit around earth. From there every ship attempting to leave can be shot out of the sky

Naturally knowing all this is going to piss off the Russians, Chinese and pretty much 90% of the world’s 193 cuntries, who aren’t in the Anglo-US team, who don’t agree that America owns the stars

The first visible signs of it were early last year when the US Navy, surprisingly rather than NASA which tells you something about who really runs space and to what ends, shot a satelite out of the sky that had allegedly “malfunctioned”. Coincidently this came around the same time as Iran, India, China et al were gearing up their satelite placements and talking about going to the Moon and beyond.

What you really saw there folks was a warning shot from the elites who run the Anglo-American corporation that if anyone was thinking about getting off this planet then think again. We can now shoot you down, and here was the demonstration.

This isn’t even new technology as the video shot from a Shuttle mission below shows a warning shot being fired from earth at an unidentified craft that makes a hasty exit

The crash of two satelites may only be a spin story to cover the fact that a spot of retaliation has happened over Siberia. After all these satelites are in set orbits and far from there being “no airtraffic control in space” these orbits are carefully planned not to collide. These NASA people can predict the path of a comet millions of miles away that comes round every 20,000 years in an ever expanding universe so I think they can handle a few sky dishes in the upper atmosphere

The utter stupidity of all this is not being seen by the masses or the leaders. If you have debris in space, even the tiniest pieces only millimetres in size, moving at thousaands of miles per hour around the earth, they will puncture any space craft they come into contact with. If these weapons used for warring in space or shooting down satelites continue to spread debris around the planet, then it will soon be impossible for any craft to escape this planet through the debris. We will really then be a PRISON PLANET ! Not only for the slaves but also for the jailors too. That is kind of poetic though that they could imprison themselves by their own stupidity

Out of this you must ask yourself some questions

1 Who gave the Anglo-American Corporation rights to space and from where do they think they derive authority? Seems to be the actions of a dictator to me

2 Why has NASA been lying to us all these decades?

3 What the hell concerns them so much about the Moon that they have to stop anyone else at any cost getting there? Ditto Mars?

In closing

You might be interested to know that the oldest writings in the world and the oldest legends from the North American shamen to the Australian Aboriginals and fron the African Dogan to the ancient Chinese, and from the Celtic legends to the Indus, and Persian civilisations, ALL have similar stories about the origins of man and the interv
ention or visitation of beings from the sky in ships.

Many writings document futuristic weapons and ancient wars fought with flying machines and bombs of unbelievable power. Take a look into the Vedas for a start and the origins and reincarnations of humanity will become more intriguing and may make you see why the missing link was never found

The Chinese ancient writings even tell of previous civilizations that travelled to the Moon and built there as do legends from other ancients tribes of the world.

If you follow this through you may discover that all we are discovering now are things that we once knew.and forgot


2 Responses to “Start of the Space War”

  1. aniMel a.c.b.B. caraMel Says:

    Some months ago I was so angry about what was happening in my country from the political point of view that I was thinking of moving to a different planet. It seems I must renounce to that idea…

  2. Bear Hugz Says:

    Great post… something tells me that soon the things you’re talking about will become public knowledge… eventually, they will lose control of their secrets and then what?

    Hopefully there is still hope for this planet and the good people on it… I do love a happy ending.

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