Message for all American Tax payers. . . . YOU’VE BEEN HAD !!!

Yes indeed If you weren’t aware you will be in a minute.

There is NO LAW in existence that requires you to pay income tax !

It is voluntary only

The IRS code first of all only requires tax to be paid on INCOME which is described as PROFIT on business earnings. Hence your labour for which you receive payment are classed as a straight trade, one equaling value to the other and no profit made

Secondly the IRS code is contrary to your Bill of rights that guarantees you own your own labour Hence you are not required to pay tax on it

You are therefore NOT required to file a tax return because if you do it is contrary to your 5th ammendment right not to incriminate yourself and by doing so you are waving your 5th ammendment

Aaron Russo made a movie many years ago called America Freedom to Fascism and in this clip he blows the whole IRS scam wide open. Watch how the IRS man cannot back up his supposition and even says that local courts don’t have to abide by Supreme Court decisions

Watch how the IRS refuse to answer the question directly and hide behind a speech about enforcement through the courts

Now hear it from the mouth of a lawyer who has stopped paying income tax and thay could not find him guilty of anything, even though they tried everything.

All you need to do is stand firm, not back down, and quote all the case law that backs you up. Here is how the systtem works and testimony from some former IRS agents who no longer file tax returns

Be warned though, if you don’t know your rights they will use strong arm tactics to scare you like in this case below. However if you stand strong you win in the end

Sherry Peel Jackson, was featured in one ofthe videos above Ex IRS Agent spells out the tricks of the IRS

Now to finish there is a word of warning.

If you are going to go down this road they will try everything to scare you unless you know your rights. You have to be strong because in the long run you are correct.

So scared are the government of this that they are resorting to illegal tactics. I won’t keep this important piece of information from you either. Sherry is currently ILLEGALY imprisoned for failure to file BUT she is correct and the law is on her side. She has been steamrollered by a CORRUPT LEGAL SYSTEM and a CORRUPT GOVERNMENT but she is standing strong and the people outside are fighting her case and she will win out and set a standard for others

What needs to happen is for thousands and thousands of people to stop filing. You may not be surprised to know that none of your Senators and Congressmen pay taxes, they keep it all off-shore in tax havens, and the bankers who run your country are only paying 1% tax



4 Responses to “Message for all American Tax payers. . . . YOU’VE BEEN HAD !!!”

  1. Hadenough Says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if a whole town did that? Like a tea party

  2. Hadenough Says:

    “If you don’t have the resources to fight it”–that is the key–most don’t–its more expensive that paying in a way

    And they will freeze your asssets

  3. Door32 Says:

    Yes I know and now this system is bankrupt as it will ALWAYS inevitably end up, they are going to do it again with the Amero. When that is bankrupt they will do it again with a world currency.

    Some big town needs to have a town meeting and everybody not file a return. Then they cant put a whole town in jail. It will have to force it into the open

  4. Bear Hugz Says:

    Yes, it’s true. I’ve read up on some of these tax laws since Bush started the Iraq war and after the announcement of the billions and billions and billions of dollars of taxpayer money that has simply “disappeared”. I am not in a position to pay for a war I don’t believe in or donate to the cause of the wealthy – so why should I?

    You didn’t mention fractional reserve banking – along with the other things you mentioned, one of the worst scams ever to fall upon the world. For every $10 I deposit in a bank – they get to behave as if I deposited $100 and with that $100 – they ultimately behave like it were $1000… its no wonder at all that they’re all going bust.

    The problem with resistance in this case is that if you aren’t armed with the proper information and if you don’t have the financial resources to fight it – you will end up beaten and destitute before it’s all over. There is a huge risk to the common man in fighting this one… but there are better ways to do this and if the common man would ban together, seeking solutions, we might get somewhere.

    The depth and breadth of human indoctrination into compliance to this bogus system will be difficult to shake. I do hope though… maybe someday.

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