Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama bubble needs to burst quickly

I am soo-o-o-o-o-o-o glad that idiot Bush is going but all I can see now is what the predictions of the last 4 years have said was going to happen come true. The next phase of the New World Order plan is about to be unveiled. The mantra is “Problem, reaction, solution” Bush was the NWO problem, Obama is the NWO solution

So a couple of things pricked up my ears today

One was a blog I saw which stated that the Globalist controlled Fox news has been pushing the ideas that polls suggest the people don’t expect Obama to make any inroads on the economy for at least 2 years. This my friends is the continued mass media brainwashing of the population to accept this time period of 2 years, a time in which a whole raft of decisions will be made that will remove more and more liberty pushing you towards Orwell’s Utopia, before you come to your limits of acceptance of this.

The other was finding out that Obama is having a huge speech tonight in Washington at the same place that Martin Luther King spoke. If anyone here cannot see this for what it is they need to wake up fast. This is pure, unadulterated classic brainwashing techniques. This is the association technique of linking the two men even though they have completely different agendas. This is going to be Brzezinski’s finest masterpiece of mind control. I will watch it for the spectacle of seeing how long he can speak without giving any specific details of policy. I might count how many times he says “Hope” “Change” and “Believe” without telling us what they mean, and how overcome with devotion his “flock” will become and see them hype themselves up into a frenzy of adoration. Remember Nuremberg rallies when this happens.

Ironically tonight on TV they have Denzel Washington in the Manchurian Candidate, a bought and privately owned brainwashed president.

I had always meant to do a blog before the inauguration about Obama’s appointments and the fact that they are all Globalist insiders and up to their necks in deceit. I don’t need to though because someone else has already summarised the whole thing in the article linked below.

The two I know he missed were Gates being Brzezinski’s protege back in the Carter days assisting in all Globalist development strategies. The other was his Attorney General appointment who was implicated in the cover up of the death of a man tortured by the FBI around the first WTC bombing, which has since been shown to have been run by the FBI after their proposed patsy recorded them for 12 hours and got paid off $1.3million

This is a very good article that puts the actions and events that have happened so far into real perspective. Enjoy this and see reality before you are convinced to willingly give away your freedom to live without being surveilled


Please comment I would love to know what Obama voters thought they were getting for their “Change” especially since the same people were “handling” McCain

By the way, word of note about the “event” that Biden and Powell said was going to happen in January, it could be one of those “Bank Holidays” where they close the bank to deny you access then devalue the currency. I would do a big shop tomorrow if I were you.


One Response to “Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama bubble needs to burst quickly”

  1. Bear Hugz Says:

    Yeah, I’m a little nervous about these things myself. I don’t think they will link the banking situation to the “Obama Event” but I think one might very well preclude the other. Either way, something very unpleasant is about to occur.

    I see the brainwashing propaganda much the same way you do… the Elvis of Presidents will have the women screaming in the isles and the men wishing they were him… all very “opposite” of the Bush experience – it does give the illusion of change though, doesn’t it?

    I’ll be keeping my eyes wide open too, going to close my bank account on Monday (Bank of America – yikes)

    Most people don’t accept this alternate reality, but the NWO is leaking it more and more which tells me the veil is off and soon they will introduce us the the NWO experience.

    I don’t think it will be as uncomfortable for most as you do… it is going to look something like world peace and cooperation for quite some time… then the claws will come out.

    People are waking up slowly and I think they’ll begin to see that we have to remove these people from power if we are to maintain any of our own.

    Interesting times, indeed.

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