The people’s conciousness is really starting to awaken now

Cynthia got turfed out of congress twice by AIPAC pressure because she wouldn’t do as she was told but this woman, who stood for president this year, will not be quiet. I hope she doesn’t fall to the fate of other people who stand up to be counted and to make a difference

More hopeful news is the promise of a Bill to outlaw the FED which is an illegal private bank

So finally the people are losing their fear of standing up to the illegality of the government cover ups anf the illegal actions of the CIA/FEDS/NSA and are no longer affraid to say out loud that the Zionist control of Washington is real and must be stopped

One word of warning at this good news

The President elect you all hope will ride this wave and take action. However you may find disappointment as already he has implied no action will be taken against the criminals in government. Also they just voed for support of Israel over the Palestinians in an underhand way

Plus this week will see the introduction of a Bill which has been defeated 6 times previously for it’s attack on the 1st ammendment. It is a Bill for “Hate Crime” and my fear is that Obama’s agenda is to get this through as it will be used to close down any news outlet or web site that criticises the government or Israel

Most NWO watchers over the last 4 years predicted this would happen and here it is, soon to be followed by internet censorship.

YOU have the power to stop it. Only you can stop it. The people MUST speak out now.


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