This is to re-assure you that your voice can be heard

People in Arizona have been taking direct action and protesting against the use of private companies’ traffic cameras. They see the whole system for the money making scam it is. They also feel that this is not for safety as it wont catch an erratic or drunk driver, but is merely a way of surveilling the public.

They have made their voice heard and elected someone to be Sherriff of Pinal County who supported their views truly, not just by lip service like all the politicians

He has followed through on his promise and banned the cameras in his county and now the movement is going statewide

This is one of the first successes but is a beacon for everyone who wants to stop the big brother state taking over. It can be done

However, No doubt by taking this action the Sherriff will become a marked man to the Federal government who are pushing the surveillance agenda, so it must spread quickly and men like him need people’s support

His site

The protest group’s site

The videos of their activity are posted on the “RP4409” channel on YouTube

Arizona has been one of those states that also suffers with illegal Homeland Security road checkpoints which are against the Bill of Rights. This is another issue that is being fought and needs support

Both the cameras and the checkpoints are Federal mechanisms to acclimatise you to being questioned and surveilled by the government, just as they will do when they try to introduce the tracking device in every car to tax your driving and monitor your whereabouts. This system is being “trialed” in Illinois and in Manchester in the UK. However “trialed” means that it is about to be rolled out nationwide against the people’s wishes.

You have the power to stop this Big Brother State !


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