Real Heroism. – This woman is proof you all have the power in you

I read in somebody’s blast recently

In the face of TERROR and MURDER, the call for peace is NOT PATRIOTIC…IT’S COWARDICE”

Now watch this amazing piece of footage and tell me

Who is the coward?

The only way we are going to save this world from the military industrial complex and the new world order is if more and more of us stand up and show our humanity like this whatever the risk. Do not become part of the agenda. Show those caught up in it that they have been brainwashed and fooled into losing their humanity

Just like this, the truth that the Zionist owned American media won’t show the people

Spread the word

Make sure the soldiers and police and officials know that they are the same as us in the end and that there is a rise of conciousness towards reclaiming our humanity and taking back the world hijacked by evil men with an evil agenda

We don’t have to take part, we need to opt out of their system. Just say NO!

Let’s see what happens then. They can’t arrest us all!


Possible official UN war crimes indictment breakthrough? But don’t hold your breath, some states have power of veto


4 Responses to “Real Heroism. – This woman is proof you all have the power in you”

  1. Cotes 2 Says:

    Ah. Thanks for clearing that one up, oh wise one!

  2. Door32 Says:

    No be they didn’t
    The Arabs and Jews lived together happily for centuries until the Zionists and Rothschild took over Palestine
    Ordinary Jews are fighting against the Zionists too

  3. Cotes 2 Says:

    I dare to say this, but if I were one of those soldiers faced with that woman, I would have shot her. (Maybe not in full public view, mind you. Who’s to say she wasn;t a suicide bomber with a rucksack full of explosives.) Daft buggers stood there….Are you saying Herod and Hitler had it right?

  4. Bear Hugz Says:

    Wow… that was powerful… you could see the soldiers battling with their conscience with faced with the reality of their barbaric subservience to the powers that rule their lives. She disarmed them with a simple reminder of humanity and they will never, ever forget her face.

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