PNAC and the reasons why the US is fighting the whole world

This is a very important piece of information that not many people are aware of ,which puts much of what has happened in the last 9 years into perspective, and will link a lot of things together for most people.

Here is how PNAC fits into the world overview and the overall New World Order agenda. Oh and if you want to see outright barefaced lying and utter arrogance there is a great bit of John Bolton in this. Love the way the girl cuts him down to size first though

Now watch the first half of this and how the bought and paid for New World Order media puppet Sean Hannity tries to ridicule something for his dumbed down audience. Something that is all there in black and white as well he knows, if he would ever tell that to the audience huh. Never ever believe a word that comes from his mouth, everything he says is a lie

I hope this helps you see who is driving the world in the direction it is heading. These people however are not the ships officers, merely the crew to our passengers. the real captains meet in secret in groups and societies to plot our course. More of that in a blog to come


2 Responses to “PNAC and the reasons why the US is fighting the whole world”

  1. Hadenough Says:

    The New world Order—On the one hand, some world leaders speak confidently of this as the way to global peace and is an attainable goal—perhaps because the alternatives are too horrifying to contemplate. On the other hand, many tremble at such a thought.

    I don’t think this will be the answer -as the root causes of all the World’s Ailments is greed and selfishness and that won’t stop just because of one human ruling force

  2. Bear Hugz Says:

    I agree with some of your comments on my latest blog, but don’t be so sure that there isn’t some truth to what I’m saying. There are lots of secrets our government keeps and eventually… one will get away from them.

    I don’t think that they have as much control as they like to believe they do… though the results are the same in the end.

    PNAC is a good topic, though lost on most people here who haven’t started with the basics like 9/11 and the London Bombings… of course, any information is good information if it begins to wake people up.

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