Israel bombards Gaza City with Radioactive bombs

Here is an up to date news flash from a Norwegian doctor working in the main hospital in Gaza City today

Israel in the ground offensive have divided gaza into 3 zones based around the 3 main cities. Each city is now completely surrounded and cut off and is being bombarded from artillary on 3 sides and from warships from the Mediterranean Sea. Gaza City is in the north sector and is home to half of Gaza’s 1.5 million people.

Israel is firing Depleted Uranium warheaded bombs into the city as well as dropping the Phosphorus bombs as shown in the video at the end.

Depleted Uranium is nuclear waste and it makes a hell of a bomb. The only people who have used these weapons in history have been the USA in the Gulf War, in Kosovo, in Afghanistan, and in Iraq. As far as I have read the Uranium is put into these bombs in the USA but the waste is first refined in Britain.

These bombs irradiate the land and poison it for ever, or 4.5 billion years, whichever the sooner. Anyone who breathes a single particle of this radiation runs the risk of cancer or leukemia. Even the Israeli soldiers as happened to the US soldiers in the Gulf who’s children were born with massive birth defects seen only before in Belarus. Afghanistan too has the same defects everywhere and the level of background radiation in the country is toxic to all life forms

What kind of maniacs can do something like this. What kind of maniacs run London, Washington and Tel Aviv. This is genocide because even if you only kill 50,000 now you will kill the rest in the next 10 years through sickness. These people have no souls and anyone who can speak up in support of this has no soul either.

What we are seeing here is the Zionists becoming Nazis and exterminating 1.5 million people in the worlds largest concentration camp. The tortured becomes the torturer. Fascism is not genetic. It can happen to Germans, Americans and Jews (or should I say Zionists to be fair)

And what are the US doing about it? Supplying the arms and paying 3 billion a year to Israel

What is Bush doing? Vetoing the ceasefire at the UN

What is Obama doing? Saying NOTHING !

What is Brown really doing? Saying stop but not really doing anything?

What are Egypt doing? Stopping the Palestinians escape the slaughter

This plan was drawn up in 2001 by Sharon to remove the Palestinians by making their existance unbearable.. It is genocide and the plan also includes taking south Lebanon up to the southern river. Gaza could be levelled before the Savior of America even takes his oval office seat.


If anyone is ignorant enough to come in here and shout anti-semitic please note that the Arabs are Semites, whereas the majority of Jews living in Israel came from European stock and are Caucasian / Russian origin from the 8th century who changed religion to Judaism when the Khazar King decreed it.

The real Jews lived in peace in Palestine with the Arabs before Rothschild decided to take it for Zion


One Response to “Israel bombards Gaza City with Radioactive bombs”

  1. Hadenough Says:

    OMG–” poison it for ever, or 4.5 billion years”

    It is a global menace. although with so many other things. Poisons all around. And nice educated people don’t pay attention or even speak out–we are too nice to do that. And all the other excuse–nothing can be done, not my problem, too busy, I do what I can that is enough……..

    And I’m glad you pointed out some–do nothing–they are just as responsible–maybe even worst. That is how things got to this point–they didn’t say a word

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