Information that could save your life

I am posting an interview here with Russel L Blaylock MD in which he talks about all the history of how natural medicine was replaced by what we call “orthodox medicine” today, by the Rockerfeller Foundation and then moves on to how the toxins that we are all being exposed to are playing into the hands of this and slowly killing us

Doctor Blaylock is a leading neurosurgeon and nutritionist and has written many books. A link to his wiki profile is below and it also contains links to his web site and monthly newsletter




If you look at the newsletter briefly first before you listen to the interview to get the main points you should get the picture that it is ridiculous to think that there could be this many harmful substances being forced onto us by accident, especially when you investigate the dubious ways most of them have been “approved for use” then it will be abundantly clear that we are talking about incremental eugenics here

Interview parts 1 and 2


The Bill Gates Foundation as a subsidury of the Rockerfeller Foundation, you might be interested to know, has taken all the “natural” seeds of the world from seed vaults and housed them all together in a huge “Domsday Vault” deep inside a mountain on an island in the Arctic Circle. You also may be interested to know that this includes the contents of the ancient wheat seed vault that was stolen from Abu Graib in Iraq a few years ago which contained the oldest and most diverse seeds types in the world. This vault is not for us by the way, it is for the elite, while we are being forced to eat Genetically Modified Seeds patented by companies like Monsanto and pumped full of death and subject to use of their fertilizer products. Just Google monsanto indian farmers suicide to get the background on this.

Interview parts 3 and 4


William Randolf Hearst’s company owns Popular Mechanics, the publication that does the “hit pieces” on 9/11, backing up the “official version of events” with incorrect science. Now do you see how this is starting to piece together?

Interview part 5 of 5

Here is a link to a good article on the Rees Commission and the role of the Rockerfellers in social engineering which includes referenced documents

Now you heard that Eugenicist Julian Huxley ran the UN. This should alert you to what I have been saying all along that the UN and it’s sub organisations are basically run by Eugenicists. To reinforce that point you should realise that the UN is largely funded in it’s operation by Rockerfeller. In fact the UN site in New York was donated by the Rockerfellers decades ago as the “Centre of World Government”

This also links you to previous blogs I have done showing the UN sub organisation the WHO implementing Codex Alimentarius by the end of 2009 which Dr Rima Laibow has been fighting on your behalf as it will ban the sale of health suppliments and natural cures. Read Dr Blaylock’s information and he will show you that your nutrition is the key to your health. The New World Order know this too and this is why the Codex is coming and why the governments are trying to introduce GMO and stop farmers markets.

We can defeat this if we make enough noise and stay away from their products and poisons. I personally have taken steps to protect my family and we feel much better

I only drink and cook in bottled water.

I buy localy farmed produce in vegetables and meat and eggs.

My child was not vaccinated with vaccines containing thymerisol. The MMR that does contain it, I did not use, but got the 3 jabs done separately instead.

If the chemtrails are in the air I do not go out, unless I absolutely have to and only then in the car.

I check all food labels for Aspartame and GMO and I keep my ears open to find out which new products have been found to have Melamine in them.

I text and call the radio stations on a daily basis when they discuss topics around these issues

I am in the process of putting together some articles to see if I can get them in the newspapers either locally or nationally

I am also e-mailing my local representatives and ministers on these issues

If we all did these things we would force this all out into the open. Only then will we be able to bring these criminals out on public show and hold them accountable. There are thousands upon thousands of people in the scientific industries and in the military and in politics who are ready to come forward and speak out, but they can only do that if the issues are so public that they wont be ruined or killed for doing it like so many have to date.

This affects us all. None of us are “elites” so for our sakes and our childrens’ we must do everything we can and do it now.

I think this will make even more sense to you when I post part 2 of the flu vaccine blog (some of you saw the video by e-mail)


One Response to “Information that could save your life”

  1. Hadenough Says:

    I bookmarked this–good suggestions.

    Now here they can label some things organic that are partial organic–Now what the heck does that mean??? Partial organic–it either is or not. Sheeze.

    I do read my labels. And buy locally and organic if I can (will be doing this more as they poison as more) And I have a good garden every year.

    And I hate that the drug companies are in everything now.

    Bottle water we have to watch too. Some companies use regular tap
    What a world

    Good tips

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