Kissinger calls AGAIN for Obama to move for the New World Order

Possibly the most evil man in the world.

Eugenicist author of the report for President Carter advocating mass population reduction and disruption to selected potential future economic powerhouses by any means possible (disease, war, famine, destabilised government) which may threaten America’s position of dominance.

He has worked tirelessly in US Administrations from Nixon’s time and is an everpresent at the Bilderberg, Trilateral Commision and CFR meetings, all of which are steering the world, by hook or by crook, to globalism run by the banking families. This is his New World Order.

Remember he was the man with the plan who went round the world in the 60s and 70s and got everyone to sell oil in dollars or feel the wrath, and buy the US debt. A Zionist apologist and he was also GW Bush’s first choice to chair the 911 cover up commission but was forced to resign / decline due to outrage

What is Kissinger’s New World Order?

It is the elimination of the traditional, democratic Nation-State in favor of an all-powerful, centralized, dictatorial/fascist/socialist world government structure to be administered by the world central banks, top corporations and unelected (NGOs) Non-governmental organizations (UN, WTO, IMF, World Bank etc) for the benefit of the agenda of private families who own controlling shares in the Central banks and Fortune 100 (“the Illuminati”, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Morgans, British and Dutch Royal family etc)

It is they who will control every facet of your lives, from what you can eat and drink; to whether you can work, breed or even live.

This agenda is being pushed mainly by organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group – all which Kissinger is involved in (they also dominate the Obama administration).

This is Obama’s job as the next Globalist front man for these organisations. He is a CFR member himself like Kissinger, Bush, Rumsfelt, Cheney, Rockerfeller, Clinton. His role in this agenda is to act as the populist savior after the engineered depression bites and he will bring you out the other side but only as part of a socialist (more Maoist) world government. You are being brainwashed to actually call for this to happen, to be saved, because you are dependant on government, more and more.

Watch this space

Financial Times of London- “And now for a world government”…


4 Responses to “Kissinger calls AGAIN for Obama to move for the New World Order”

  1. Door32 Says:

    This is how the system works….. Compartmentalisation
    Good people work in the system completely unaware of what the goal is or how damaging it is. No-one really notices because of this and that is is done incrementally. Rothchild started this in 1776 so they have patience

    What people need to gain is conciousness

  2. Hadenough Says:

    I don’t think people do understand–The danger inherent in such groups is obvious. Those in the lower echelons may be completely unaware of the real objectives of the organization, not having as yet progressed to that level of revelation. It is easy to become involved in a group whose goals and methods of achieving them are only partially recognized and, indeed, perhaps not even fully shared. Scary indeed

  3. closed Says:

  4. Bear Hugz Says:

    Excellent post. That was incredibly well said… I don’t think people can really understand what this all means… or they don’t want to. I’ve dedicated the last 5 years to it and I’m only beginning to see the big picture – as difficult as the big picture might be to fathom.

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