Time to come out of denial because only you can stop this

Take a look up at your sky and ask yourself “Is this how I remember it?”

Do you think there is something not quite right with those clouds. Something nagging at your mind about the way the sky looks and behaves and changes these days?


The corporate media keep banging on at us that we are changing the climate and that it is all our fault and we are the enemy of earth’s ecosystem. Perhaps we are, but not in the way the media want your to think

For years now they have told us WE caused global warming even though every other planet and moon in the solar system went through the same temperature changes. When that hoax became unsustainable because the sun began to cool as it naturally does in it’s cycle, they renamed the phenomenum “climate change” but somehow even though the planet has started cooling it is still our greenhouse gasses that are doing it. Does that really make any sense?

Well the media tells us we have had a huge increase in freak weather to back up this claim. In fact statistics show that there is no increase in the number of hurricanes or typhoons or earthquakes to any previously measured years, they just tell us there is

There has been some very unseasonably mild winters and wet summers in the last 5 years, but no heatwaves and no severe cold as we used to have when I was growing up. I remember summers where the asphalt in the playground melted, and winters where it was bitter and the ice had to be broken off the pond every day. Now I need a jacket and a brolly all year round just in case, but the gloves and hat are gathering dust., and I cant remember what sunscreen smells like

Well this may be explained simply by looking up

Please watch the short video linked below and I will explain why afyerwards

I chose this video because it shows the comparisons in the same shot and mentions all the current thinking on the issue.

Here is the best evidence put together in one short presentation for you I could find



I think the chemtrail evidence is pretty clear in that video, but what are they for?

I made note to check the sky today and saw a jet coming out of the airport with a normal contrail that never got longer than half a mile and faded as the plane flew within 15 seconds. However I have more often these days seen the trails linger all morning. What are they doing to us? Well whoever is doing it gave us an early Christmas present this year by chemtrailing over the shopping area on Christmas Eve where I was buying toys.. I made a note there and then to carry my camera at all times from now so I can send the evidence to the newspapers and my local representatives. You should too.

So what are they?

Well, when challenged on the issue the government in the US say they have been spraying for the last 10 years simply for “weather manipulation. This is however a worldwide phenomena, so does that mean ALL countries have been manipulating the weather? Well it certainly would explain a few things about how “global warming” suddenly became “climate change”. If nature isn’t playing ball with your “warming tax” agenda and you need to change your story to “climate tax” then that would explain much of this spraying. It certainly coincided with some of the summer flash floods we had here this year that had our weathermen stumped

The spraying (and HAARP) excercise does have the power to exascerbate any type of weather effect from drought to flash flood, or from snow storm to hurricane simply by affecting the heat absorbtion rate from the sun and hence the air pressure and movement. You may theorise that it is then possible to manipulate the strength and direction of a hurricane say for instance Catriona, if you wanted to desensitise the public to expect disasters such as New Orleans in the future and to back up the extreme weather theory

If you still actually believe the global warming lies note a few things and then watch this quick debunking of the theory

Carbon is not the enemy it is the basis of life on the planet

Carbon dioxide it the life giving gas to plantlife

CO2 is only 0.05% of our atmosphere and our input to that is microscopic compared to say plancton.

95% 0f all greenhouse gas is simple water vapour

The planet has cooled as much in the last 12 months as it warmed in the last 100 years

The leaders are calling for world government run by the bankers who screwed us in the first place, and for us to buy carbon credits from and pay carbon tax to those same bankers. What exactly will a tax do to stop a cow farting can anyone tell me? Absolutely nothing but it will make us poorer and our rulers more powerful. What is all this money to be used for?

I could go on but let the outright lie told by the globalist shill Al Gore be exposed here


oh and a few more of his lies here


I think there are enough circumstantials there to point at deliberate adverse weather modification don’t you?

However let’s examine further

What concerns me most is what is in these chemtrails. This short news real shows the test results. Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Selerium and Silver particles all found in these chemtrails, all these heavy metals. The very things that cause chronic ilnesses and negatively affect the brain functions. What on earth are these things doing falling from our skies onto us?


Well remember the recent articles in mainstream press showing Britsh kids are now 2 years less intelligent than the kids of the 1970s and the US has slipped from top of the education league to outside the top 30 in the world in the same time. Could it be true what many say that this is all by design? The deliberate “dumbing down” of the population by any means.?

Well it certainly fits the pattern when you consider other sources of chemicals affecting us that lessen our brain and health functions. For example

Fluoride (which is infact pure rat poison) in water that increases the brain absorbtion of aluminium, known to be a cause of altzhiemers and linked to autismm, bone cancer, kidney damage and fluorosis of teeth

Aspartame in 6000 foodstuffs as a sweetener when it is proven to cause tumors, liver damage, heart disease, and because when heated it breaks down into formaldihide (embalming fluid) and methanol which are highly poisonous, it causes brain damage and blindness

Codex Alimentarius, the UN group are trying to ban all natural health suppliments including herbs, unless prescribed by a doctor

Our vaccines, let
alone containing other live viruses (supposedly inactivated), when injected in multiple shots, are held in a mercury solution as a presevative. You don’t need me to tell you what mercury does to the human body.

On top of this we also now have genetically modified food that is causing sterility, asthma, excema, to name a couple of many

Yes it all fits together if you can believe that an elite group would set about controlling or even reducing the world population by these means as well of course using wars to order, famine, or the release of pathogens. Yes it does all fit. It all fits with their own published or leaked documents too. You need only google search “UN or Club of Rome or CIA, or Iron Mountain, and many more regards population reduction and it is there for you to read.

“AH NO ! That’s impossible, they would never do that !”

Well that’s not really true is it. If you look you will find a wealth of declassified documents in the UK and the US detailing the fact that they have been spraying entire areas of the population in the 1950s, 60s and 70s (at least), with everything from nerve agents and bacterial agents to radioactive material. We have been human guinea pigs

There is a case in Norfolk now based on this declassified information about the causing of leukemia in the Norwich area by the MoD using this spraying testing in the 1970s.. I won’t even go into what they did to children in orphanages here but I urge you to read it yourself.

Here is an updated concern group opinion on the fact that the US looks like officially returning to the practice. It should be noted though that this probably means it never stopped in the 1980s and 1990s when you consider that this week the US government quietly slipped through a law enabling them to take DNA from every child born and “back dated it 35 years” because they were doing it anyway.



This is a double edged sword. An excercise in completing the greatest con the world ever saw by taxing our very breath; while at the same time poisoning us so that we are too dumb, too lethargic, too ill, and too busy to do anything about it.

Even if you could organise, could you have a voice when the media will no let dissent be heard? You have the internet only for now but that is being attacked and sold off to the media companies as we speak by the same leaders who want to sell us to the bankers.

How dare they spray you and your children with heavy metals, radiation, germs, and nerve gas !

How dare they poison our water and food and modify it’s genes and sterilize us!

How dare they inject mercury into our kids and tell us it’s ok !

People you need to go and research this now and WAKE UP before you become a slave to their system. They are moving on their world governance. What are you going to do about it slave?


6 Responses to “Time to come out of denial because only you can stop this”

  1. Bunny Boo Says:

    It requires a desperate and lonely sort of courage to challenge the accepted wisdom upon which social peace of mind rests Door…

  2. Door32 Says:

    Well this evidence has been out there for years and nothing is done… Why?
    A roadblock at every turn… why?
    Why were the cancer results for Aspartame falsified and the substance pushed past the FDA by Rumsfelt using Reagan’s first executive order despite a hundred serious listed side effects….why?
    Why is the US fluoridating the water supply when most of europe rejected it on health grounds…. why?
    Why are the health protection departments no longer protecting health…. why?
    These are the questions that need answering
    The mercury preservative is being adressed but not for the 3 in 1 or 4 in 1 MMR sand these are the ones that are pushed… why?
    Why is it every time there is a drop off in uptake of MMR do we all of a sudden get an out break of the measles even though the disease is absent from our society now….. why?
    Answer these and then we are getting somewhere
    Oh and by the way, check out the “Made at Merck” video in my YouTube and you will hear from the horses mouth

  3. PICASSO Says:

    so your solution requires changing the entire world to prevent autism by stamping out the NWO and my approach is to put some scientist on finding a way to provide vaccines mercury free ? race ya

  4. PICASSO Says:

    cancer rates are up for many reasons , not because we are being dusted like corps by devious people bent on world domination . People cook on teflon , eat lots of chemicals and processed foods one of the worst diets in the world ,exercise less , do drugs , drink and don’t forget stress .
    Yeah mercury is being linked to autism , but on the other hand the diseases kids are immunized against killed kids dead period , and not just a small percent . and again your linking many things under an umbrella of B.S. as all a plot .

  5. Door32 Says:

    Sorry Joe but that doesnt wash mate
    I have eyes in my head. I can see myself the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail and I have not given you any information in this blog that cannot be backed up with science or mainstream news or governments own documents. I can’t dedicate all my time to furnishing it all to you, I have a life too and it takes enough time just discovering this stuff. I do expect you all to go off and check the story or the source I mention like declassified MoD reports or hurricane statistics. You can’t have an opinion on it until you researc h it and to label it schizoprenic is short sighted.
    Don’t you wonder why the cancer rates have rocketed?
    Don’t you want to know why autism has exploded exponentially?
    Don’t you want to see the lies you are being told?
    Do you want you leaders to fake terrorism in your name?
    Do you want to support a country who’s agribusiness’ GMO cotton has caused 138,000 Indian farmers to comit suicide last year by drinking the very chemical they supply that failed them?
    Do you stand for this?
    I don’t and I will fight it wherever I see it

  6. PICASSO Says:

    You are completely full of shit and it’s the same shit every freaking day with this paranoid delusional conspirircy theroy that isn’t even your idea but belongs to a paranoid schizophreniac you seem to idolize . Are you looking to marry any particular one of these nutjobs or is it like rockband idolization ? Why do bright guys like yourself think yourself into schizophenia instead of running the other way ? I think it’s comforting to have all the shit from why my shoes wear out to why gasoline fumes are dangerous all tied up in a neat little package instead of mulitples of reasons . If you were religious the new world order would be simply replaced by satan , if you were a bankers son perhaps it’s the gypsys or the poor using voodoo ,but the formula and result is the same ! fact + bullshit = bullshit my friend ,,run the other way before it’s too late please . lack of love , plus being forced to always guess what the ungiver of love is thinking in desperation = schizophrenia ,,otherwise an answer as in the delusional conspiricy would be unnessasary , you could just say “I don’t know ” also another factor here is nothing personal , neat , swept clean ,,, hidden and that factors with schiophrenia too you were the problem once they made you believe ,but now you have solved the problem and found out the true guilt of why the world is so fucked up . It’s not you a small child is screaming inside ,,it’s them ! it’s denial , it’s anger and sad because you could just say mercury is bad mmmkay , but you run with it past the goal posts and out of the stadium ending the game because you took the only ball the players had with you lmao and it was the wrong goal post .There is error in your calculations , but again they are not yours but these quacks and you really are mistaken if you aspire to be one of them 😦 You really need to see someone . Yes jet fuel is poisonous , but it was designed to power jets through the air and no thought or little thought was put into what became of the fumes after the jet flew . Smoke from fire , same thing , the warmeth from the fire was good the smoke choked the people ,they made chimneys because the warmeth was good .There will always be unforseen side effects to things thought to be good like mercuryused as a preservative to make good vac/medicine heal . and yeah I’ll give ya the greed factor that people with money don’t want to stop recieving it sometimes even when they find out their product may be killing people . Your NWO ? wrong . SOS Same Ole Shit . sorry but that’s the truth brother . Your adding to the problem when with your intellect you could be fixing something .

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