Are the Jews the New World Order ?

This might interest you

If you care to do some research you will find a million articles and films proving 911 was an inside job BUT who did it? Just take my word for it if you want to read on because you must aproach this from that perspective to properly appreciate this blog

This is a film I saw tonight that I thought made a very good case for itself regarding who the culprits are. My take has always been that it is the New World Order but who they are in reality could be “Illuminated” here

Before you watch the film a quick recap of history might help here to put this in context because the filmaker is suggesting that the criminal network that carried out this false flag attack is a Jewish run criminal network

OK history, let’s go backwards

We all should be aware of the illegal occupation of Palestine and the illegal settlements, the illegal wall built around Gaza and the sea blockade of the west bank, and their disregarding of UN resolutions to cease these activities. Well of course not in the mainstream press but look at the independant press

The film deals with the USS Liberty and the Suez canal, so we will start at World War 2 where the Jews were a minority in Germany yet controlled all the banks and all the media and much of the industry. While at the same time declared war on Germany in the 1930s and boycotted German produce worldwide. This may explain some of the distrust of Jews in Germany

This is not the only reason though because half way through World War 1 the Germans had the British blockaded and a week away from surrender but were offering a ceasefire, when the Jewish lobby in Germany did a deal to bring America into the war if Britain would give them Palestine. Hence the double crossing of the country that gave them a home and let them prosper when nowhere else would welcome them

The Russian revolution was headed up by Jews who controlled the economy and the forerunner to the KGB who were resposible for the anihilation of millions

We could go back further but we might end up at the Exodus from Egypt where the Jews were run out of Egypt for reasons not discussed. Some theorise that the Arc of the Covenant actually resided in the Kings chamber in the great pyramid and was the source of it’s power. This would explain the Pharoah’s biblical chase and also the fact that Solomon’s Temple where it was housed later was the exact same dimensions as the chamber in the pyramid

Anyway that was just a theory

Also before you watch take note that the international bankers who are purported to be the leaders of the New World Order aka Rothschilds, Rockerfellers and Warburgs are also Jewish hailing from the original German Jewish 18th century cabal that started this agenda to control the world’s wealth, economies and hence the world itself.

Also note that today almost all the world’s media is controlled or owned by Jewish people.

The AIPAC jewish lobby group supply around 50% of election funding for both Republican and Democrat Parties

OK this film simply puts together some of the facts surrounding the attack, that the 911 inquiry decided were not important enough to include in the investigation, and puts them all together .

See if you think it should have been included in the investigation

A couple of things the filmaker missed that are interesting.

The Mossad agents arrested in NY on 911 when interviewed in Israel said ” we were only there to record the event”. This confirms they knew beforehand that it was going to happen in order for them to be set up with cameras ahead of time in NY

There were a group of a dozen to twenty “Israeli Art Students” staying in the Twin Towers rent free for a month or 2 before the attack. Some workers in the buildings reported that there were many empty floors in the towers from which construction sounds were heard for weeks before the attack


I would like to know your opinion on this speculation especially in the light that it shows that the Jews hold an enormously disproportionate number of top government and judiciary jobs in America compared to their tiny population there.

Added to the joint nationality issue isn’t this a crazy situation to have allowed to happen?


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