Protest against Google/Youtube internet censorship

NuffRespect is an award winning Youtube video filmmaker who, amongst many others, has been subjected to mass cesorship by Google. This is a call to arms to protect the freedom of the internet for the people who made Youtube what it is today, namely US.

Now has anyone else noticed that all the changes made by Google since they bought Youtube have finally accumulated into a completely ineffective system?
Youtube is pretty useless now unless you are a corporate tool or a sheeple (which i am not)
so I will be participating in a boycott organised by Nuffrespect beginning on the 19th of December 2008… and I encourage you to do the same!
During this time I will only use other search engines like Yahoo and other video hosting sites like Metacafe

It seems as though Youtube no longer wants us to be able to spread videos around and make them popular by our choice. They want to choose which videos (and channels) will become popular and censor those that they wish would go away!

They removed our bulletins that appeared on all our friend’s pages…
They modified the video “share” feature to make it even HARDER to reach even LESS people…
And if anyone hasn’t read the terms of usage agreement lately, you might want to do that…
It basically says that even if “we the people” of Youtube decide that a video is most viewed, discussed, rated, etc. they will remove these honors if they don’t approve of the content… and we’re talkin’ about videos that have already met the criteria of acceptable for posting!
So basically if Youtube doesn’t agree with your opinion, they reserve the right to stifle it and censor you!
Is this the Youtube you’ve come to know and love??? i didn’t think so

“Here are just a few of the main censorship methods used by YouTube:

* Fiddling the View Counters by not displaying the true number of views on videos. This keeps the videos out of the most-viewed lists to stop them from going viral.
* Removing honors from videos to prevent the video being displayed in any of the lists.
* Removing pages of comments from the video to prevent it from reaching the most-discussed lists.
* Removing the video for no reason, and displaying the message “This video has been removed by the user” on the page where the video used to be.
* Preventing the video from playing properly, if at all (sometimes accompanied by the message: “This video is no longer available”).
* Failing to display a thumbnail image for your video.
* Displaying completely irrelevant videos in the “Related Videos” section on the video page.

“Unless we protest about these crude methods of censorship, the problem of censorship will not go away.”

“Youtube is doing is an assault on the most basic principle of the internet, the unrestricted free flow of information from computer to computer, from user to user, to hell with Youtube’s tv network like tactics”

Youtube is pushing garbage at you in it’s front pages. The same garbage that the TV spews out 24/7. Pop culture, sports, girls in bikinis, models and boy bands, and crass TV shows. Dumbing down the masses who escaped the TV networks to find the internet

ALL methods of communication on Youtube have been completely retarded to prevent ceertain information or users spreading their information regardless of Youtube’s fiddling the figures
Loads of people have reported that vids from particular contacts aren’t showing up in their subscription area…
We can’t bulletin them to all friends anymore… nor can we share them anymore (accept one at a time on the subscription list which takes too long)

So, if you wanna know what particular contacts have goin’ on, now ya gotta visit each channel… that is, until they find a way to screw with that too!

Outside of Youtube Goofle is also removing links in their search engine to articles they do not approve of. For instance, a news article on a web based news site could not be found any longer in Google search engine even if the entire title of the article was written in full in search, yet the article is still on the site.

This is happening to thousands and thousands of alternative news sites and they are only selecting stories and sites that question the “official version” of the world news

The removal of videos is supposed to be based on profanity or sexual content. However most of the notable issues that are being removed by Youtube or blanked out by Google include, 9/11 truth, Genetically Modified foods, fake terrorism, chemicals in food and water, vaccinations and research into the dangers, what is really going on in Iraq including the death toll and the actions of the soldiers, changes to the internet, government cover up revelations and official criminality, reports outlining the New world order strategy, health issues, militarisation, police misconduct, Israel, amd many many more. All serious issues covered by concerned people yet these moviemakers are being deleted from Youtube and their websites are being filtered by Google

Now ask yourself WHY would they do that?

Why commence revisionism just like the re-writing of history in George Orwell’s 1984. The ONLY reason for doing this is the sinister act of hiding the truth from the public so that the criminals running this world can get away with anything they damn well please

On top of this entire websites are being filtered out in government owned buildings including libraries, stations, schools, government departments, even trains

This is a direct attack on your freedom to read and see what you choose, and it is getting worse. Soon the internet is to be broken up into a few providers who are going to be filtering the entire net before you get to it. Australia starts in March 09 and Canada soon too. Brown wants it in the UK and Obama wants it in the US.

The time to act is now in the only way we can. Google earns advertising revenue based on the number of clicks, SO WE STOP CLICKING and we hurt them in their pocket where it matters to them


PS. please look on Youtube before the 19th to see videos to find out more about the December 19th boycott!


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