Here is an article from Yahoo news that should be of concern to all Brits (and everyone in Europe and the US as you are going the same way).

It seems that there has been resistance to the introduction in Britain of the ID cards that the New Labour government are pushing as well as lie detector tests, and “private” coroners inquests.

However, the people and the rest of parliament said no, but the government instead of shelving the ideas just slipped them into other legislation in minor clauses to slip them through undetected…… WHY?

Read the article then I will comment

Analysis: ID cards through the backdoor?

Wed Dec 03 02:04PM

There are many rules in politics. One, which has stood the test of time, is: ‘If you can’t convince someone of something, put it in a minor clause’.

There’s every indication the Home Office intends to do that with ID cards today through the immigration and citizenship bill. It looks like rules allowing immigration officers or policemen to check you identity at ports of entry will be extended throughout the country.

There will be no law requiring you to produce a card, but the legislation would have the effect of making it necessary. How do they get away with it? Well, the rules would only apply to people who have entered the UK. So, as long as you’ve never left the country, you’ll be fine. Feel free to laugh.

This is, in essence, a statement of intent. For some time now it appeared the government was backing down slightly on ID cards and the security agenda in general. The home secretary’s promise to impose the cards on all airport workers shrivelled up into a pilot scheme for two airports last month. Private coroner’s inquests and 42-day detention both bit the dust.

This morning, everything looks different. Private coroner’s inquests will almost certainly be found nestling in the coroners and death investigation bill. ID cards in the immigration bill. Lie detector tests for benefit cheats are on the welfare reform agenda. It seems civil liberties activists, who yesterday thought they had had a relatively successful year, now have every reason to stay active.

The reason analysts are reading so much into this minor clause is because of how far it goes. At no point has anyone in government supporting ID cards admitted British citizens would be forced to provide them on demand in the street, but that is exactly what the clause would do. Refusing the demand could see you landed with a £500 fine or even a prison sentence of up to 51 weeks.

The response was instantaneous. “Sneaking in compulsory identity cards via the back door of immigration law is a cynical escalation of this expensive and intrusive scheme,” said Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti.

Lib Dem home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne said: “Ministers seem to be breaking their promise that no one would ever have to carry an ID card. This is a sly and underhand way of extending the ID card scheme by stealth.”

Tory immigration minister Damian Green – yes, that one – said: “This scheme will do nothing to improve our security, may make it worse, and will certainly land the taxpayer with a multi-million bill.”

And that’s not all. In their submission on the bill during consultation, campaign group No2ID highlighted several other ugly aspects.

“NO2ID believes the draft bill represents a massive change to common law rights and culture disguised as codification. It includes provisions which, if implemented, would have serious consequences not only for people from other countries living in or visiting the UK, but also British citizens,” they told MPs.

Clause one of the bill makes entry to the UK wholly dependent on identification, rather than your British citizenship. Lose it, or have the government invalidate it, and you will find yourself in legal limbo.

“Though committee members might consider casual incompetence or fraud more likely, the effect for the individual would be the same,” No2ID said.

If your documents fail – say because the microchip in the passport ceases to function – you could be deemed not to have entered the UK under clause 22. Suddenly you can be legally ‘returned’ to whichever country you were last in or held in an immigrant detention centre without remedy. This isn’t as unlikely as you might think. The microchip in the new all-singing, all-dancing biometric passport has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. The passport is meant to last for ten.

This is what the Home Office had to say: “It is simply wrong to claim there are any plans whatsoever to make identity cards compulsory for British citizens or to require British citizens to have an ID card at all times and present it when asked. To maintain effective immigration control it is only right that we ask everyone attempting to enter the UK to produce a valid identity document.”

The question is, do you believe them?

My question was WHY?

Why, when the people clearly don’t want something that they have found socially abhorent for the entire history of the nation, are the New Labour government pushing this through against the people’s wishes. Why try to do it so underhand? These are the questions you should be asking. Not is it a good idea or not, but WHY are they so determined to do this by any means possible. Why are they lying and coniving? What do they really need this for?

Remember growing up in the 1970s 80s and 90s when there was not only a cold war going on but IRA bombs and shootings going on everywhere, as well as hijacked airliners, hostage taking, and embassy sieges. Yet with all that there was never any need or push to have ID cards, lie detectors or secret coroners inquests

This all points to one thing. The tools of a tyranical power. Any government that attempts to create secrecy and surveillance MUST be removed as soon as possible.

Not only are they pushing this agenda but they have already

– set up millions of surveillance cameras all over the country,

– created additional levels of neo-police who put millions of people on a criminal register

– started filtering out truth sites on the internet so that the people cannot access them and must rely on government press

– try to push through a law that allows them to arrest you without charge and hold you for 42 days

– to try to push a law that will keep the results of coroners inquiries secret

– introduced 3600 new laws since Blair came to power

– introduced new anti-terror laws that have been used to arrest MPs for telling the truth

– secretly legalised 100,000 illegal immigrants and gave 5,000 of them sensitive security jobs

– sign the country up to a Lisbon Treaty that removes your right to be tried by jury or be considered innocent till proven guilty and be subject to arrest without charge and held for 11 months

– attempts to put tracking devices in your cars under the auspice or charging you to drive on the roads when adding tax to petrol would cost
nothing to raise revenue for transport

– puts tracking devices in licences, and ID cards

– making you show your papers under threat of a year in jail

– puts poisonous sodium fluoride into children’s school milk in Yorkshire against the current advice of the medical community

these amongst hundreds of other examples

When a government starts carrying out ideas like these, isn’t it time you stood up and said NO MORE. We have had enough. Stop!

Why would they introduce measures like these? Measures that create fear and surveillance and secrecy. Measures that infringe on your privacy and liberty and your everyday life. Measures that allow a government to get away with whatever they want. Measures that are designed to CONTROL YOU. WHY? To stop you getting in the way of the agenda

This has never been the way in Britain so why now? Who is driving this? Europe? But who is driving them?

Well you may notice that this agenda is being pushed all over the developed world and is a GLOBAL AGENDA. This should make you ask the question…..

Are the globalists in control of the governments of Britrain, Europe and north America? I think the answer you are looking for is YES


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