Weaponized Food, – You and your kids are being sterilized

This is probably the most important blog you will read this year

Some people accuse me of putting “shock jock” items up. However, just because you don’t like the interviewer that does not negate the truth in what is being told. The fact that no mainstream media will cover ANY of these issues is what should shock you most. The fact that the only places you can get REAL NEWS is in independent news and internet news is what you should be concerned with.

I really advise you to listen to this interview which scientifically backs up the dangers in the new foods we and our livestock are being fed, from Jeffrey M Smith who is an expert in GMO. This is shocking stuff and anyone who is an Obama supporter should now be aware that he has appointed the former attorney and director of Monsanto as his Agriculture advisor. This on top of Robert Gates as the Head of the Pentagon, the man who created Al Queda and assisted creating the Khomeni Islamo-Fascists with Obamas foreign policy advisor Brezinski (spelling) and was implicated in Iran Contra scandal. These are some very strange and worrying appointments he has made. They bear out everything I have said about continuity of the government agenda.

Listen to this all the way through and you will look at your kids and fill with rage at what may be happenning to them






So some people also accuse me of not putting up qualified opinion !

To counter these daft arguments against listening to what is really going on I will post here the interview with Major General Stubblebine and Dr Rima Laibow which took place yesterday. If you don’t like the interviewer then disregard him BUT don’t disregard what these two people have to say. Don’t either accuse them of being LED by the interviewer because they are not the type to be led. They come to give their message and that is all.

These are highly respected sources. Major General Stubblebine is the retired former head of US Army Intelligence and his wife Dr Laibow is a graduate of the Albert Einstein Medical School with 35 years practice including treating the elite royalty who live above us. There really could not be two more qualified and dependable witnesses of truth that I could bring you than these two people. Nor could you offer up anything more reputable to counter what they say here. Basically this is what is really going on and you better wake the fuck up before it is too late.

I trust that if you listen to this in it’s entirity you will be so angry you will stand up and fight. If you don’t then you are lost in the mainstream brainwashing











Now if that wasn’t enough Some people are happy to live in a fish bowl and pretend this isn’t happening but it is and it is only you that can stop it when it comes down to it. If you don’t act then your kids and grandkids could be damned by your inaction now.


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