What do I have to do to make you see beyond the false reality?

I don’t seem to be making headway here. There needs to be a giant shift in your perception of reality. Acceptance that history is repeating itself and always has, but we the population have always been lied to. The lies they tell now are no different from the lies they told a hundred years ago and history has recorded those lies so we have no excuse for not seeing them now.

I am going to give you something here that should spark your minds into realising that the people who govern you are corrupt and not there to serve you, and never have been on both sides of the party divide.

Lets talk about the Oklahoma City Bomb

Actually let’s let someone else do the talking, someone who successfully sued the FBI for the torture and murder of his brother after the bombing

Here is the website he set up after he received his million dollar payout of which 3/4 went on costs and the remainder is now here as a reward for the truth to come out and the FBI agents to be brought to justice.

Look at all the pictures in here and tell me he hung himself witrh a bedsheet in custody as the official report says and then decide who is lying to you and who has always been lying to you. The links to all the FBI documents that the judge forced them to release can be found linked from this site


Now listen to a new interview with the brother about updating the case that also dives into the real story of the bombing and who was really responsible. I don’t think after listening you need my slant on it





Now there is ample proof that the OKC bombing was provocateured by the FBI and similarly the first World Trade Centre bomb which was mentioned in the interview. So knowing this you should have little doubt that the 9/11 event was similarly provocateured by US agencies. One need only look at the massive groundswell of evidence availlable. However that’s another blog.

What is very scary about this Oklahoma story is that Barrack Obama is about to appoint Eric Holder to become Attorney General (replacing the utterly corrupt Gonzales) a man who is implicated in the Oklahoma cover-up. The following article is a synopsis of the FBI documents released to Jesse Trentadue by the courts.


Leaked Department of Justice Memos (statement from DoJ at end)



6 Responses to “What do I have to do to make you see beyond the false reality?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The FBI are gods. Don’t mess with them.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Nope, I didn’t read the rest as I have no faith in the family of low life scum bag junkies. Ahem.. Sucker deserved to die one way or another.

  3. Door32 Says:

    Joe, what you do is ignore the interviewer input and concentrate on the interviewee. I was actually surprised that he got to talk so uninteruptedly as Alex is normally so buzzing with info he adds plenty of comment but I guess on Oklahoma he isn’t as knowledgable as he is on other things. Hence, if you do that you will get a calm story and it is very compelling, especially if you read the documents the judge ordered the FBI to release.

    There has recently been declassified documents that show hundreds of terrorist acts undertaken or provocateured by the government, the most famous being Gulf of Tonkin that they tried to repeat again to start a war with Iran this year. Google that for a start

  4. Door32 Says:

    Cotes, good observation although I would have expected you to, it sounds though like you haven’t yet looked at the rest of the information to put it in context. You see it doesn’t explain how the other witnesses were suicided so conveniently. Nor how the judge in the civil case was so adamant the case should go ahead. There are also 150 FBI documents full of info on their prior knowledge to look at

  5. PICASSO Says:

    yeah your using the same custom made for the paranoid radio jock of course it’s a consprircy , that’s what they do . the southern proverty law center ? please , that accusation points to a kkk radio show since that is the natural enemy of theirs and anti goverment ..btw what religion are you ? you are really bright but wrong on this ,although there may be small things here .I did the site and 2 videos and wanted to punch the shock jock out lol because it is obvious to me he is leading the witness , and injecting things out of any context . you should get some books on body language , eye movements and paranoid theroy and especial look for (can’t spell this word not going to try lol) arc-u-tech of fear and see how this game is played .your a smart guy don’t let that numb nut get you riled up , he’s a pro con artist .

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I went to the first link, Col, and saw the freshly dead body with ECG electrodes on the top of the shoulders…… He looks in fair nick to me. He seems to exhibit no signs of any major trauma apart from what arises from a throttling. Sorry, dear. I am not convinced. A junkies’ body does not react the same in death as others do. No black eyes, no swelling, no mottling even. Remember he was a junkie. Crazy after years of drug abuse and resulting paranoia. He probably did fuck up and slash himself. The Government probably decided to settle, as hospitals do, just to make it go away. Doesn’t inply guilt or responsibility unless you want it to. Of course his family will stick by him. He was not a normal man.

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