The many faces of the Eugenists

This I listened to today and it covers far too many interesting topics for me to cover so I will simply post it and ask you to listen.

I have read a lot about the eugenics programs the governments have carried out since the 1930s all over the world and what is happenning now cannot be accidental when you listen to how many angles they are coming at us from. Everything they say in this is backed up by real science and is posted on their respective websites

You really should should listen because there are startling pieces of information all the way through this interview. Listen and then decide what you can do about it.

Their websites are


4 Responses to “The many faces of the Eugenists”

  1. Door32 Says:

    Hahaha no Joe I dont send anyone money but I have read shit loads on Eugenics and I have read a lot of background into what is going into our food and drink.

    These guys do get excited about the things they believe in and can use broad brush statements too sometimes in their excitement and outrage to emphasise their standpoint but if you dig into this subject then there are too many pieces out there that don’t fit. The court cases, the secrecy, the change of tack from unsafe to safe, the lack of good science. There really are too many irregularities for it not to be of serious concern

    For example look at the chemical composition of Sodium Fluoride that has ended up in your water and in foods and baby milk powder and now in kids milk at school and is being threatened to be sprayed on crops. It contains heavy metals and is the main constituent in rat poison.

    Why dont you believe them either when they tell you that recent studies have shown mice being made infertile when these studies are available on the net.

    The whole melamine issue where it killed thousands was all over the mainstream news and many countries banned the milk products, then it was revealed it was in chocolate. It isn’t supposition it is real and mainstream

  2. PICASSO Says:

    that crap is custom made to scam paranoid people

  3. PICASSO Says:

    this is a steaming pile my friend ,,these “people” or predators ,are playing on fear using both fact with false conclusion ,meaning they may start out telling truth but end up in the end in a lie , and they are using pure paranoid fancy to point out for example ,pointing out a non-exsisting problem and making themselves the champions of solving it for you .Please tell me you haven’t sent them money ?

  4. PICASSO Says:

    I don’t know but looking at this first guy ,,his body language screams “hahaha here we go , god I got to keep a straight face if I want to get paid ”

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