Population Reduction – The Soft Kill – Part 1 – Food

I have blogged before about Codex Alimentarius which is a UN Agency which is seeking to control and regulate all the world’s food production. This group however is under the control of the main global agri-businesses like Monsanto, and the multinational drug companies like Wyeth and Merck and is serving their agenda

The agenda they seek is total control over food production in the world. This is being done by many means. Most notably in the proposals from Codex is that dietry suppliments will no longer be available to us without going to a doctor for a perscription. This includes everything from vitamin C to herbs

When you consider that this is combined with the fact that the agri-businesses are controlling the seed stock and genetically modifying it so that the seeds can only germinate with the use of their chemical fertilisers so we are facing a serious monopoly where we are at the mercy of these large companies. They are free to genetically modify any food to remove all nutrients from it making the population sicker and forced into paying the drug companies for the nutrition suppliments that they would normally get in their diet or from a health food store

This is no joke people ! Countries that are as yet out of the globalists control have had cases through their court systems finding these companies guilty of affecting their populations through nutrient deficient foods or virus laden foods or through foods modified to sterilize the population. Go and google search this and see it it a reality.

The GM food the UN is forcing on us is designed to lower fertility and be nutrient deficient. It is also designed to be a ticking time bomb that does not allow farmers to save seeds for next years planting as they are infertile. This ties everyone to buying the agri-business’ products every year. If you don’t behave you get no seed

The GM seeds are having pesticides incorporated withing that kill bees, they can be laced with human poisons and viruses, hormones, you name it it can be done, and believe me it is being done. The court cases are there to prove it so go look

What we are allowing happen here is that we are allowing control of all our health and food needs to fall into the hands of half a dozen giant global companies who all are linked to the New World Order globalist agenda

Why is this bad?

Well the one thing I have not revealed to you about the real agenda of the New World Order is that it is written down in their own documents that their agenda includes a massive de-population of the planet by any means. I have blogged before on other sources of info on this like Ministry of Defense documents revealing it and Reports sanctioned by Jimmy Carter and produced by Henry Kissinger (a leading NWO, Bilderberger and Eugenicist). You may also go and search for a movie called Iron Mountain in Google movies which will shock you as it reveals the covert plans from the CIAs very own documents

Coming up on Thursday at 1.00 PM Central there will be a 2 hour radio interview with Dr Rima Laibow who is fighting the cause against the Codex Alimentarius on your behalf. More support is needed because this is going to be adopted as European Law soon and pushed through Congress (although under GW Bush’s state of emergency the Congress will be suspended and UN Laws apply anyway)

Here is a brief section of a prelude to that interview which I will probably blog in full on Friday



Dr Laibow’s web site is below. I hope you take the time to look into this subject because yours and your children’s health, life, and right to reproduce is under attack


There are many other aspects to the “soft kill” and I will cover others soon. One of them in particular that was mentuioned above is vaccines. You may laugh at the possibility of the government and drug companies being involved in killing you by vaccines. Sounds unbelievable until you watch this from the mouth of the man who invented more vaccines than any other. The attitude of his students is a warning to you about the mindset of these people


They don’t care about you..You are “useless eaters”

This is simple EUGENICS and has been going on since the 1930s


Here is a link about the pesticides in Pepsi and Coca Cola products




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