A few updates that I haven’t time to cover

Banker Bailout

The $850 billion US bailout bill passed 6 weeks ago had an open ended clause allowing the FED and Treasury to increasee that amout without any checks and balances. I reported last week that it had risen to $6 trillion in 5 weeks. Now it has been reported in Associated Press that the bailout has reached £7.8 trillion. That is another 1.8 trillion in a week. Where is it all going? None of it has gone your debts. It has all gone to the big 3 banks and offshore banks. Meanwhile the banks are using your tax money bailout to buy up all the real assets like roads and perts and airports and land and businesses and solvent banks to consolidate their wealth

A citibank memo has been leaked describing how the economic collapse will cause civil war inthe US

Martial Law

Obama’s defence secretary Gates is getting rid of the National Guard and has now stationed 20,000 American troops in the US ,against the constitution, for use on the streets in law enforcement. These troops are under direction of NORTHCOM and can, under the John Warner defence authorisation Act, PD51, and the Military Commissions Act, arrest and strip anyone of their citizenship, take them to offshore detention and excecuted LEGALLY. Soldiers are being trained in civilian control and disarming the public. Obama has a proposed gun law heading for the house as we speak. The military force on home soil will be 50,000 by next year

Army recruitment fell to virtually zero in light of the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq but the designed recession has given the army the uplift in recruitment they needed because there is no other employment.

Guns are being publicly confiscating guns in Illinois already, soon to be nationwide, by regular army on the streets. This was announced on National TV 3 months ago by the Governor of Illinois and is happenning now


FEMA insiders have revealed that the federal government are paying the FEMA employees enormous sums of money, sometimes ten times what they would earn outside of the organisation. This kind of sweetener is used to make employees do things that they wouldn’t normally humanly do. They are issued with federal phones and are monitored and listened to and any “misuse” means they are fired. It is believed that much of the money from the bailouts is being directed into the FEMA project

FEMA insiders have also revealed that they have been told already of an earthquake warning to come in the Dakpotas so watch out for a HAARP incident to cause an earthquake there soon. Declassified government papers reveal that going back to secretary of defence Cohen’s time the US admits to having weather weapons, which explains why 2008 has had more natural disaster than any year ever

FEMA are building large numbers of new detention facilities in Idaho at the moment

Shopping malls are being shut down and taken over by FEMA around the country

It has been revealed that during the Police relief effort for Hurricane Katriona in New Orleans the police gave up on the relief effort because they were hampered by FEMA who cut the power supplies to many police stations and fire departments and hindered relief supplies of food and water. It seems this was done as a pretext to nullify the efforts of the police so that the army would be brought in to set a precident of army on the US streets and the disarming of the public ensued.

Illegal Arrests and Media control

In France a journalist was arrested under terrorist laws for critisizing the government. The new police wearing arm bands came to his house and beat him and did sexual things to him infront of his children and arrested him as reported in the New York Times

This on top of Tory shadow imigration secretary being arrested the same way in Britain and had his offices and homes illegally searched because of leaked department documents illuminating the illegal acts of the government putting thousands of illegal immigrants in security positions

Pakistan and India

Pakistan, 9 months ago, released itself from the grip of the globalists who since have used the ISI (MI6 set up and controlled Pakistani intelligence) to depose the new Pakistani government. Pakistani press focussed on the links between Mumbai terrorists and British intelligence and Pakistani government have travelled to india to assure them they had no part in it. Meanwhile western news reports that India and Pakistan are on war footing, though this may not actually be the case as both aware of who is behind the plot. Obama and Gates meanwhile prepare troops from Iraq to move to Afghanistan for further incursions into north Pakistan

CIA station chief in Delhi told Indian intelligence in September that the attack was coming and would arrive by sea and attack the Taj Mahal Hotel with small arms and bombs. In the week before however the hotel security was RELAXED as is normal in these fake terrorist attacks (9/11 WTC security bomb sniffing dogs removed 2 weeks before attack). Also the police refused to shoot back at the terrorists (eye witness accounts) forcing locals to fight hand to hand with the attackers like there was an official STAND DOWN to drag out the event. The ONLY terrorist of the 10 or 15 they said survived happens to be a fluent english speaker and is blaming Pakistan (surprise surprise) even though the people he said were his handlers vehemently deny any involvement

As soon as the Mumbai attack started US aircraft carriers were already moving towards Pakistan coast. Pakistaan troops have since moved from the Afghan border to the Indian border. This highlights that the whole thing is staged by MI6 and CIA for Insurgency to increase at the Afghan border and the Americans to invade up there to “stop terrorism” then when the Pakistanis retaliate there will be war. This is designed to remove Pakistans nuclear weapons from the party and bring them back into the Glabalist fold

It has been revealed that it has been official Israeli policy for decades to get Pakistan and India to engage eachother militarily


In Italy the couts have ruled that internet blogging is illegal and want to regulate it and control it and tax it. Apparently only official news press can have a political opinion.

Also many of the Patriot sites from the US and those criticising the governments are being shut down on Youtube. Other sites are being blocked by internet fisching software by European countries as well as Australia and Canada


After the scandal of Chinese milk containing MELAMINE which KILLED and injured many in china and resulted in not just a resignation but an execution, it was revealed that melamine is in chocolate. NOW it is revealed that 90% of baby milk products in the USA contain Melamine. However rather than the media crying for the head of the company owners that make it, the FDA came out and said it’s ok Melamine is good for you.

Alsoit has been revealed that in baby milk powder they have now added Sodium Fluoride. The Fluoride that is put into drinking water is already 4 times the level which can safely be dealt with by humans and this is being mixed with milk powder that also contains Fluoride. Forgive my assumption but it seems to me there is a deliberate attack on our physical and mental health going on and it is now being directed at our babies as the Sodium Fluoride increases the absorbtion of aluminium which is found in increased quantities in the brains of altzheimers sufferers. Fluoride given to children also causes dental fluorosis

States are still trying to force children to have the cervical cancer vaccine even though thousands of side effects have been reprted up to and including DEATH

It is reported that the plastcs that are used for bottles and linings of cans and microwave dishes etc contain a chemical which mimics the oestrogen hormone that leaches out into the food or drink contained there
in. This plastic was banned in Japan 10 years ago but is still used everywhere else even though it is responsible for the rise in breast cancer and the feminising of men including a drop off in male fertility in the US of 75%. Government documents declassified from the 1930s reveal that this plastic was chosen deliberately for this purpose over all the safe plastics tested at the same time


In Kosovo this week the German intelligence were caught and arrested attacking a NATO base trying to blame it on the Serbs


An insider at Time Warner has revealed that the new digital boxes in the US contain monitoring equipment

Obamas agenda

Obama has appointed the very bankers into his team who changed the law to allow the banks to leverage to an unrestricted volume. The very people who caused the problem are being rewarded to continue the agenda

Dumbing down

The USA who used to be at the top of the league in test scores are now only 34th in the world in intelligence. behind all the 20 first world countries and some of the 3rd world countries

New studies have revealed that the brain size of babies who are NOT breast fed are 15% smaller than those who are. 50% of women don’t breast feed




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