Reality check

Do you realise the two Presidents who tried to wrest the grip of the military industrial banking cartels from the control of the wealth and currency of the USA were both shot in the head because of it. Lincoln tried to print US money independant of banks and Kennedy tried to shut down the CIA and FED. The rest is history but not the real history. Only the history they told you.

This is a fabulously put together video summarising what is happenning now. Please watch this, nothing in it is bogus, it is ALL from official sources. All Mainstream news. Please watch ! Please learn what is really happenning to you.

Why oh why have those of you stuck with the Donkey and the Elephant when they have shown for decades they are the same agenda. Why can’t people see that they never do anything different and both lead you to the same end.

I fear it may be too late for you because you failed to elect the only candidate who could have saved you from the bankrupsy that is coming. This man was the only candidate not affiliated to big business and banking, and the only one who supports and upholds the constitution and the ideas of the founders. The only candidate who would have removed the private banks from owning the fed and lending the treasury money at interest. The only man who in doing this would have ended the need for the illegal IRS. Why didn’t you vote for this man ???

Well many are trying to get him to run in 2012 as a Libertarian candidate outside the two parties. Hopefully it wont be too late by then. If I could vote I would vote for this man. If he runs in 2012 I hope you do the right thing and get REAL change and not just the word in a speach with no back up


5 Responses to “Reality check”

  1. Door32 Says:

    true that’s why thousands turned out on 22nd November 08 to protest outside 40 federal banks to end the FED

  2. PICASSO Says:

    I hate the idea anyone buy into all this and come away with the message there is nothing we can do about it , because apathy never changed anything .

  3. PICASSO Says:

    I agree with doe , and I can’t tell if everything is true or untrue in that video I just know that justice is obtainable if people pay attention . you don’t have to prove the kkk exsists to convict one of murder only that a murder occured and the guilty man is on trial .The principle applies across the board even if at this time justice bends over backwards for the rich .

  4. Hadenough Says:

    I agree they have the same agenda.

    One big snake pit–with just different size snakes –all dangerous

  5. John Doe v4.0 Says:


    For what it’s worth to ya, my father (who passed away just a short time ago) was one of this country’s foremost Naval military electronics contract negotiators. That means, he got to assess business from shore to shore and award the contract to the one with the best quality/lowest cost (most of the time; you wouldn’t believe the extraneous politics involved).

    But anyway, he was an honest, upstanding man, who took care of his family, his friends and his business. He didn’t take any shit; especially from the blowhard Republicans.

    Had he lived long enough, he would have voted for Obama. He wouldn’t have pissed on Bush if the guy was on fire (his own words).

    So, yeah….there are problems with our basic “two-party system.” I voted for Perot just because he was off the wall and made the other two parties nervous as hell.

    I don’t know what the future holds for us. I don’t have a crystal ball. But I’ve seen first-hand why the military-industrial complex is the way it is……because the government TIT is so sweet to suck on. You have no fucking idea how much $$$$$$$$$ it puts into people’s pockets.

    But I think electing Obama was a good idea.

    A lot better idea than McSame/Palin.

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