More on the global climate hoax

More background to the current “Climate Change” and “Carbon Credits” Tax Scam

For the last 5 decades Governments via their air forces have used Chemtrails to spray the population with all manner of toxins, radioactive agents, carcinogens, biological agents, nerve agents, and diseases, all in the name of “testing” I won’t go into that now but it is mainstream news and a multitude of documents have been declassified for you to peruse at your leisure. There is a case pending in Norwich actually that made the BBC regarding spraying of Cadmium over Norfolk causing a 50% increase in throat cancer.

Anyway that was to show you that poisoning us out of the back of a plane is not a new idea. I want to highlight “Global Dimming”. It is the concept of aerosols in the atmosphere reflecting sunlight back into space over the 1960s 70s and 80s causing less sunlight to get to earth. The thing is these governments have also been spraying the upper atmosphere for decades with Aluminium oxide and Barium salts for the same reason. What the effect of this is is to alter the amount of sunlight to manipulate the weather. They are able to increase or decrease the heating of the air and earth by doing this.

There are 2 methods of doing this. First by putting the additive in jet fuel (controlled by only 3 oil companies) which is then spewed out in aircraft chemtrails causing a general dimming and cooling. Secondly by localised spraying to create and or enhance local weather fronts by increasing the temperature differences. I have witnessed these where I live, sprayed overnight before air traffic starts followed by freak cloud formations and odd weather including unseasonal downpours and floods in neighbouring areas later. Keep an eye out for chemtrails, they have patterns and hang around in the sky a long time, unlike the normal plane vapours which dissipate immediately

Here is an article asking some questions about dimming and why NASA doesn’t think it’s worth measuing. I will comment after

Global Dimming – Hidden
Chemtrail Connection?

By Ted Twietmeyer|

For many years scientists have noticed that the intensity of sunlight around the globe has been decreasing. Studies have quietly proved this is happening to our beautiful blue marble. To date, not one study has been publicized which connects the dimming problem with high altitude chemtrail spraying. Such a study is not likely, since no researcher will bite the hand that feeds them. Yet, many researchers must already be aware of the connection if they performed good science, and looked at causes for the problem. But we’ll take another look at this issue and include other factors.


Scientists wanted a stationary satellite to monitor the dimming problem in order to obtain accurate data. Collected data from space will be free from numerous errors and problems inherent in ground-based observations. Such a satellite was planned for launch in 2001, but along came that terrible day in September which caused a postponement. The new bird would be called the Deep Space Climate Observatory, and it was first proposed back in the 1990s by Al Gore. It was planned to be a geostationary satellite which would monitor the entire side of the earth illuminated by the sun. [1]

When Columbia was destroyed, it further delayed the program.

The observatory project was finally finished off with a stroke of a pen when NASA cancelled the satellite project in early 2006 “for priorities and budget reasons”. The pen is mightier than the sword, and it apparently carries more power than common sense.

The dimming of sunlight will create food chain problems, crop failures and water supply and weather problems as less water is evaporated from the oceans. But apparently to NASA this issue isn’t important.


One would also think that NOAA would sit up and take notice. NOAA stands for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. If any branch of the government should be speaking out, it should be them. Yet all we hear from them is silence.

As of this writing, on we see “NOAA REPORTS RECORD WARM JANUARY ACROSS THE U.S. WARMER TEMPERATURES RESULT IN LOWER RESIDENTIAL ENERGY DEMAND” as their big headline. One doesn’t need to be a scientist to make that discovery. In the north-central and north-east United States, people are now burdened by whopping utility bills that have increased their price per cubic ft. of natural gas about 40% – even though many of these utilities take gas straight out of the ground and were never affected by Katrina.

Someone must ask the question – “How do utilities get away with this?” What are the complex implications of global dimming?

According to one Chinese study, 3.7 watts of energy were lost per square yard in China in the past 50 years. Five hundred ground based instruments across that country were used to collect data for the long term study. This is probably happening globally as well.


The infamous Teller paper in 1997 titled “Global Warming and the Ice Ages: Prospects for Physics-Based Modulation of Global Change” was also published in the Wall Street Journal as the article “The Planet Needs a Sunscreen.” [2] It theorized that scattering high altitude metallic particles such as aluminum oxide or barium oxide would help reflect sunlight back into space to slow global warming. (More details about heavy metals can be found at [3].)

Is it merely a coincidence that heavy metals are found in chemtrails today? Internet photos and data about chemtrails date back more than 10 years. Clifford Carnicom has gathered more data on this subject, than perhaps any other researcher.

Would the Chinese be thrilled to find out that American-made chemtrails are accelerating their dimming problem? And if the Chinese are having this problem, it follows that the remainder of the world to a greater or lesser degree. Could it be possible that the satellite program was cancelled because it would expose the impact of chemtrail spraying on the entire planet?

Can it all just be a coincidence – or are there forces at work to keep a lid on chemtrail creation for weather control purposes? If military-owned weather control technology is supposedly for the global good – then why are government agencies so tight-lipped about this illegitimate program?

A frequent contributor, Ted Twietmeyer is an inventor, patent holder and engineer who has worked in defense and NASA projects for more than 20 years. He also has written a startling new book about Mars which can be found at






I know it’s a leap of faith but there is documented evidence out there. Admissions from governments that they do spray this stuff into the atmosphere for weather manipulation for at least the last 10 years and there are eyewitness reports galore. This is a reality. The governments and their agencies have been manipulating the solar energy reaching us.

The side effects you may wish to know is that aluminium oxide in your air and then on your food is the substance found in the brains of people with altsheimers disease. These heavy metals like Barium are also carcinogens

This is not the only way either. There are now 54 HAARP stations all over the world that use electromagnetic energy to heat up the ionosphere and this technology has been around since the Russians invented it in the 1970s. Since around 2003-4 these stations have been pulsing away at the ionosphere at a hugely increased rate. You should not that it is since then that most of the freak weather has been occuring. Here we havent had sunshine in summer for 3 years, instead it rains everyday for 3 months and we have flash floods. Then the politicians shout CLIMATE CHANGE, BAN CO2, CARBON TAX THE PEOPLE. Like it’s our fault.

Well it is not our fault. The sun just finished its hot period and is now cooling. To prove that you will find Mars’ ice caps are growing rapidly again as infact is earth’s this year. By the way there are record numbers of Polar Bears alive today aswell. The global warming trick backfired when the sunspots vanished so now it is climate change. They are spraying the sky like bejaysus and pulsing the ionosphere to boot to create these mad weather fluctuations to carry the hoax off. I have seen it with my own eyes.The radio or tv wont allow us to tell the truth though, we get one opinion and if you question it “You must be mad”

Downside of all this weather manipulation spraying is this, and believe me it is not an accident either. With the reduction of sunlight seasons will be disrupted. Animal patterns will be disrupted, extinctions will occur. I have heard reports already of woods in Canada without a single bird. Most of all CROPS will be disrupted. They will not fully grow. Seeds may not germinate. I have also heard reports of crops in isolated areas CEASING GROWTH for 6 weeks then starting again

These technologies are VERY REAL and they are being used to create a scenario. What scenario? The scenario where MAN is the ENEMY of PLANET EARTH. Therefore we are carbon taxed, for we are carbon. Then the dwindling sun and the adverse weather causes crop failures (GM seeds do this though) and so food shortages, starvation, food riots, etc. This is not an accident. It is by design to lead us into dependence upon the NWO who will appear to be the saviors of us all (although they will wait for enough to die first)

The globalist recently opened their Domsday Seed Vault under a mountain on a remote Norwegian island in the Arctic Circle in which they have stored all the earths crop seeds, all the varieties that grow in different parts of the world. Now why do you think this was so well timed? It was set up with money from the Gates Foundation (yes Bill is one of them).

One interesting point about that is that it has the oldest varieties of wheet seed in the world stored there now. Guess where the oldest wheet seed store was. Well obviously from the cradle of civilization Sumer. When the US troops walked into Iraq something rather special was also stolen. Iraq’s seed store holding all these wheet seeds. Guess where it used to be housed? A place called Abu Graib. Now there’s irony.

Just some things there for you to think about. Make sure you report every chemtrail you see that is out of the ordinary. Protest that your car didnt make the ice on Saturn’s moons melt. Demand action on this fake carbon tax. Write to your representatives, call radio stations, get it out there that you know and you aren’t going to stand by and let it happen


6 Responses to “More on the global climate hoax”

  1. nosferatudj Says:

    great blog you have got going on here… keep up the great work.


    the NWO elites fear the people it is only a matter of time before everyone wakes up and takes back control of the world…

    we have been living to long in the shadows being pushed around getting told what to do and how to act and what to say..
    it is time to stand up and say NO MORE!.

  2. Hadenough Says:

    Hmm-someone better pay attention to what is happening to our planet. Things have accelerated in our time. Something is wrong. Instead of the blame game–lets face it
    Ocean, Air, Earth. Scientist everywhere see things that never happened before in one time period.

    Wonder how long we can just not look.

  3. Door32 Says:

    The argumant that half a million need to be in on it is bogus when to put an additive in the kerrocine need only be controlled by a few people at the oil companies. No plane would require special tanks and nozzles for this as it exits in the normal exhaust
    Also commercial airlines do not carry out the specific spraying. This is a military or black ops project and note it has also been admitted by governments and is documented for you to read
    Lastly if you are correct please explain the picture above

  4. Door32 Says:

    Obviously not when we all know you work for Bunway Airlines

  5. Bunny Boo Says:

    PS – I should have put the above in quotes, sorry – I am quite obviously not working for Boeing (or am I…) x

  6. Bunny Boo Says:

    I’m posting a minor critique of this a) to prove that I read it, b) to prove that I’ve done a bit of digging, and c) so you can get your teeth into fighting back. Muah my hunny *clappity clappity*

    I first heard about “chemtrails” about eighteen months ago, from an individual on a different preparedness forum. About a year ago, I logged onto one of the chemtrail fora, and followed many links, evaluating both pro-chemtrail and anti-chemtrail research. I have also talked to many people about these phenomena, including meteorologists, commercial airplane pilots/crew, and other aerospace engineers with direct experience with large fixed-wing aircraft. I came to conclusions that I would like to discuss below; but first, I’d like to tell you about me, because it may (or may not) give you some insights as to why I believe what I do.

    First, I want to emphasize that I do not speak for, or act as an agent for, my employer, The Boeing Company, in any way, shape, or form. My views are completely my own and do not necessarily reflect the views on anyone else at Boeing. However, with thirty years in the aerospace business (I’m an engineer and a proposal manager), experience as a pilot (small aircraft only) and a habit of reading a lot, I hope that my views have something to back them up. Okay, here’s my read on the view that some contrails are more than normal jet engine exhaust:

    It’s completely bogus. The idea that long-lasting contrails are anything other than normal contrails fails on six counts:

    1. The existence of a huge and sinister plot is completely lacking in evidence.

    2. The logistics of a massive spraying program would be an order of magnitude higher than the Manhattan Project, the Apollo Moon Landing, or the Vietnam War and simply could not be hidden from any oversight.

    3. There is no evidence whatsoever of aircraft modified to perform some of the spraying methodologies that are proposed.

    4. Anecdotal “evidence” of any illnesses caused by contrails is not backed up by any reliable data (and is actually contradicted by others).

    5. There has never been any evidence of anyone collecting some of this “chemtrail” material in situ, having it tested by any reputable laboratory, and presented to anyone.

    6. Every characteristic of chemtrails can be just as logically and rationally explained by normal contrails under normal (but differentiating) atmospheric conditions.

    Now let’s look at those counts in a bit more detail.

    (1) The existence of a huge and sinister plot is completely lacking in evidence. The President; Congress; SecDef; Director of the FAA; the entire command structure of the various armed services; every military man or woman who flies, maintains, fuels, and overhauls aircraft; every commercial pilot and crew member; every meteorologist; and every aerospace engineer who builds, sells, modifies, or maintains the entire fleet of worldwide commercial aircraft comprise a group of about half a million people. Every one of them would have to be in on the plot. And in the X number of years that this “chemtrail” stuff has been going on, NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM has come out and said anything about it! What is the chance of a plot that requires the help of a half-million people being secret for more than six milliseconds? Zero.

    As a matter of fact, there is no evidence of any sort of plot of any kind by the Bilderbergers, Illuminati, International Zionists, CFR, NWO, the Baptist Church, or anyone else.

    Is our government corrupt and immoral? I believe so. Is the UN controlled by a bunch of socialist third-world losers with their hands out for the US to feed them and fight their wars for them? I think so, too. But that does NOT mean that they are heading a huge, secret, centuries-old plot to have the Black Helicopters Manned By Crack Bolivian Troops In Blue Berets Haul Us Off To The Secret Concentration Camps In Roachspit, Texas Where We Will Be Forced To Knit UN Flags And Eat Ebola-Burgers. It just means that they’re all crooks. So what else is new?

    (2) The logistics of a massive spraying program. In order to have the massive worldwide spraying that the chemtrail-protagonists talk about would require a hundred thousand aircraft, flying 24/7 shifts, with the additional support infrastructure, a bazillion pilots and ground crew, and the combined efforts of every employee at Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and even those manufacturers of flying junk, Airbus Industrie. It isn’t there.

    (3) There is no evidence whatsoever of aircraft modified to perform some of the spraying methodologies that are proposed. The only things I have ever seen on an aircraft that shoot things out (besides the engine exhaust) is the toilet and the fuel dump orifices, often at the wing tip. If the aircraft are squirting chemicals out of the fuel dump nozzles, what’s in the fuel tanks? Poisonous chemicals? Huh-uh. (One exception to this is a military version of a civilian aircraft called TACAMO, a Navy variant of the AWACS aircraft. It has these oddball nozzles near the base of the wings. But they’re still fuel-dump nozzles; they’ve merely been moved inboard because the TACAMO has reconnaissance pods at the wingtips, and they don’t want to jettison JP-5 over the million-dollar electronics.

    Bear in mind that you don’t just strap in a couple of big tanks and poke the nozzles out through the aircraft fuselage. There are VERY stringent engineering details to be worked out regarding structural integrity, movable center of gravity, environmental protection for the crew and poison-loaders, etc. Almost all major mods to an aircraft are done under subsequent contract to the original builder. Since no one at Boeing knows anything about such mods (and I’ve asked around) this means it either wasn’t done, or everyone else (but me) in the company is in on the secret. Huh-uh.

    (4) Anecdotal “evidence” of any illnesses caused by contrails is not backed up. One of the hypotheses of “chemtrails” is that they’re toxic/infectious/bad juju. Various people report that they came down with flu-like symptoms after a heavy “spray day”. As someone who does a lot of travel (domestic and international), I’ve flown out of a lot of airports and through a lot of other aircraft’s contrails over the past five years.

    If the poison-chemtrail hypothesis had any merit, there would be tons of sick passengers crawling off the 0900 shuttle to LAX; I’ve never seen ’em, nor has anyone I’ve talked with. If there is some weird residue in the contrails other than water with traces of JP-5, you’d see aircraft taxiing into the concourse with some sort of crud over the leading edges. I’ve never seen any of that, nor has anyone I’ve talked with.

    One possible explanation for those flu-like symptoms? Flu. There’s tons of it going around, and it’s been that way since 1918.

    (5) There has never been any evidence of anyone collecting some of this “chemtrail” material in situ, having it tested by any reputable laboratory, and presented to anyone. With all the interest in this crud, why hasn’t anyone ever flown up to a “chemtrail”, sampled some of the stuff, and brought it back to a reputable lab for test and reported on it? One site purporting to talk about a laboratory testing a sample told how some individual scraped “something” off the side of a house, and sent it to one of the chemtrail protagonists. This individual sent it to a laboratory where he says they reported it had some bacteria in it. But then the individual says the lab “changed its mind” and said there was nothing wrong. Not only that, but our friend said he would not tell us the name of either the lab or the investigator because of … of… something or other. That sure raises a credibility issue to me! Another researcher says he has the information, but he wants to be “compensated” for all the work he’s put in before he tells us his tale. Puh-leez!

    If there were just one case of someone with any credibility collecting some of this junk before it falls to the earth and gets worms on it, then sends it to a lab where objective individuals can review it under open conditions and publish their findings, that might lend a bit more credence to the whole chemtrail business. I’m waiting, but I don’t think I’ll skip dinner.

    (6) Every characteristic of chemtrails can be just as logically and rationally explained by normal contrails under normal (but differentiating) atmospheric conditions.


    So why the big deal with “Chemtrails”? I think there’re several excellent reasons.

    1. Conspiracies are fun! If you think you know what they’re REALLY doing, maybe it makes you feel more powerful and on the “inside”. Only the “sheeple” believe all the government lies, where WE know better. You remember the sheeple, of course — they were those poor fools who believed that Y2K was going to be, at worse, a bump in the road. Shows how dumb they were, right?

    2. Most chemtrail conspiracy theorists simply don’t know much about things that would help them to disbelieve such hypotheses: stuff like engineering, meteorology, government procurement, military force structure, etc. But most importantly, the most of these individuals simply don’t understand how scientific investigation and research works. They confuse opinion with facts, equate hypotheses with theories, do not reason logically, engage in ad hominem arguments, cannot or will not read peer-reviewed journals — the list goes on and on.

    Maybe I shouldn’t get so exercised about the whole chemtrail business. In a way, it’s like the belief in the Easter Bunny — it keeps the folks happy; and as long as they don’t try to shoot down a “chemtrail” plane, or assassinate or otherwise harass people who disagree with them, they’re harmless.

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