GOOD NEWS – The growing resistance to has finaly given legislators some balls

The ever growing movement to fight the New World Order globalist banksters and their minions has finaly, after years of deliberate ridicule, derision and utter ignorance by the mass media and the political elite, reached a critical mass whereby it cannot now be stopped without mass media coverage.

This year 2008 we have seen the largest ever 911 Truth Movement rallies and the number grow every day. An explosion of support from Professionals and scientists on the issues of 911 and other false flag terror attacks as well as the carbon taxing and climate change hoax and the public revelation of the privately owned Federal Reserve banking scandal (see Alan Greenspan interview last week) and the 1,000 to 1 against the bailout call by the general public to their representatives that was ignored. The response of the globalists across the world was to fast track their call for One World Governance and a One World Financial System run by the banksters who bankrupted us in the first place. They have used every mass media mouthpiece at their disposal but the people are waking up to this fraud exponentially now and this is finally having the ripple effect up to the higher levels of conciousness in government

Finally though the weight of public pressure through the internet, through independant radio and independant press, through the setting up of “We Are Change” groups all over the world; the tide is turning against the globalist corporate crooks. Finally the pressure groups organised locally and all the letter writing and e-mail sending and accosting representatives in the street and holding them publicly accountable is paying off.

The following is House Bill No 2374 that passed the committee stage unanimously on 22nd September this year and went onto the main House of the General Assembly of Pensylvania. It was proposed by Senator Babette Josephs and 15 other named supporters and it outlines legislation barring the implantation of human ID devices, otherwise known as RFID .…



No. 2374 Session of 2008






1 Providing for identification devices and for subcutaneous

2 implanting; and imposing civil penalties.

3 The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

4 hereby enacts as follows:

5 Section 1. Short title.

6 This act shall be known and may be cited as the

7 Identification Device Act.

8 Section 2. Definitions.

9 The following words and phrases when used in this act shall

10 have the meanings given to them in this section unless the

11 context clearly indicates otherwise:

12 “Identification device.” Any item, application or product

13 that is passively or actively capable of transmitting person

14 information, including, but not limited to, devices using radio

15 frequency technology.

16 “Person.” An individual, business association, partnership,

17 limited partnership, corporation, limited liability company,

1 trust, estate, cooperative association or other entity.

2 “Personal information.” Includes any of the following data

3 elements to the extent that they are used alone or in

4 conjunction with any other information used to identify an

5 individual:

6 (1) First or last name.

7 (2) Address.

8 (3) Telephone number.

9 (4) E-mail, Internet protocol or Internet website

10 address.

11 (5) Date of birth.

12 (6) Driver’s license number or State identification card

13 number.

14 (7) Bank, credit card or other financial institution

15 account number.

16 (8) Any unique personal identifier contained or encoded

17 on a health insurance, health benefit or benefit card or

18 record issued in conjunction with any government-supported

19 aid program.

20 (9) Religion.

21 (10) Ethnicity or nationality.

22 (11) Photograph.

23 (12) Fingerprint or other biometric identifier.

24 (13) Social Security number.

25 (14) Any unique personal identifier.

26 “Require, coerce or compel.” Includes physical violence,

27 threat, intimidation, retaliation, the conditioning of any

28 private or public benefit or care on consent to implantation,

29 including employment, promotion or other employment benefit, or

30 by any means that causes a reasonable person of ordinary

20080H2374B4368 – 2 –

1 susceptibilities to acquiesce to implantation when the person

2 otherwise would not.

3 “Subcutaneous.” Existing, performed or introduced under or

4 on the skin.

5 Section 3. General rule.

6 A person shall not require, coerce or compel any other

7 individual to undergo the subcutaneous implanting of an

8 identification device.

9 Section 4. Penalties.

10 (1) Any person who violates this act is subject to civil

11 penalties of up to $10,000. The civil penalty shall be no

12 more than $1,000 for each day the violation continues until

13 the deficiency is corrected. That civil penalty may be

14 assessed and recovered in a civil action brought in any court

15 of competent jurisdiction. The court may also grant a

16 prevailing plaintiff reasonable attorney fees and litigation

17 costs, including, but not limited to, expert witness fees and

18 expenses as part of the costs.

19 (2) A person who is implanted with a subcutaneous

20 identification device in violation of this act may bring a

21 civil action for actual damages, compensatory damages,

22 punitive damages, injunctive relief, any combination of those

23 or any other appropriate relief.

24 (3) Punitive damages may also be awarded upon proof of

25 the defendant’s malice, oppression, fraud or duress in

26 requiring, coercing or compelling the plaintiff to undergo

27 the subcutaneous implanting of an identification device.

28 Section 5. Limitations.

29 (1) An action brought pursuant to this section shall be

30 commenced within three years of the date upon which the

20080H2374B4368 – 3 –

1 identification device was implanted.

2 (2) If the victim was a dependent adult or minor when

3 the implantation occurred, actions brought pursuant to this

4 section shall be commenced within three years after the date

5 the plaintiff, or the plaintiff’s guardian or parent,

6 discovered or reasonably should have discovered the implant,

7 or within eight years after the plaintiff attains the age of

8 majority, whichever date occurs later.

9 (3) The statute of limitations shall not run against a

10 dependent adult or minor plaintiff simply because a guardian

11 ad litem has been appointed. A guardian ad litem’s failure to

12 bring a plaintiff’s action within the applicable limitation

13 period will not prejudice the plaintiff’s right to do so.

14 (4) A defendant is estopped to assert a defense of the

15 statute of limitations when the expiration of the statute is

16 due to conduct by the defendant inducing the plaintiff to

17 delay filing of the action, or due to threats made by the

18 defendant causing duress upon the plaintiff.

19 Section 6. Restitution.

20 Any restitution paid by the defendant to the victim shall be

21 credited against any judgment, award or settlement obtained

22 pursuant to this section. Any judgment, award or settlement

23 obtained pursuant to an action under this section shall be

24 subject to the provisions of 42 Pa.C.S. (relating to Judiciary

25 and Judicial Procedure).

26 Section 7. Privacy.

27 The provisions of this act shall be liberally construed so as

28 to protect privacy and bodily integrity.

29 Section 8. Independent action.

30 Actions brought pursuant to this act are independent of any

20080H2374B4368 – 4 –

1 other actions, remedies or procedures that may be available to

2 an aggrieved party pursuant to any other law.

3 Section 9. Existing law.

4 This section shall not in any way modify existing statutory

5 or case law regarding the rights of parents or guardians, the

6 rights of children or minors or the rights of dependent adults.

7 Section 10. Effective date.

8 This act shall take effect in 60 days.

H12L42SFL/20080H2374B4368 – 5 –

The RFID is a mainstay of the Rockerfeller / New World Order system ,whereby the population is “chipped” and all interaction with civic society runs off the chip, including money (see video interview with Aaron Russo on his relationship with Nick Rockerfeller or Google, Yahoo, or Youtube RFID chip)

Here is the entry from her website that outlines the reasoning behind the Bill

Josephs introduces bill to ban the human implantation of ID devices

HARRISBURG, Sept. 22 ��� State Rep. Babette Josephs, D-Phila., has introduced legislation that would make it illegal to implant any identification device on or under a person’s skin that would contain and transmit personal information. The bill (H.B. 2374) also specifies penalties for violations of the measure.

Josephs said the risks to privacy that could occur as a result of such a device on any human, regardless of age or condition, would outweigh any possible benefit that could be derived. She also added that some medical experts believe such devices may contribute to causes of cancer.

“Maintaining our personal and our family’s privacy is becoming increasingly difficult,” Josephs said. ‘Any positive impact that an implanted device could have would be eclipsed by the potential damage that could be done if the information was accessed by an outside party not intended to have the information. Moreover some of this information should not be collected by government either.

“Government organizations, independent researchers, members of the technology industry and civil liberties watchdog groups have all expressed concern about the personal security threat posed by such an action.”

Josephs said that implanting identification devices is part of a larger issue with the increasing number of technologies that can identify a person’s personal information or location, including GPS, cell-site location and public surveillance.

In the legislation, personal information would include name; address; contact information, including phone number and e-mail; date of birth; driver’s license; Social Security or state identification number; religion; ethnicity; fingerprint or any other unique identifier.

A person found in violation would be subject to a civil penalty of up to $10,000, dependent on how long it takes the offense to be corrected. The person who had the implantation would also be able to bring a civil action against the guilty person for actual damages.

The bill was voted out of the House State Government Committee unanimously on Monday without amendment and now moves to the full House for consideration.

To see how your representatives voted click link:

What is happenning now as a result of the relentless pressure being exerted and vocalised, even in the streets by the ordinary people, is that people in legislative positions, who up untill now have been too afraid to speak out against the formidable power and corruption which is leading the US towards tyrrany, economic collapse, police state, loss of sovereignty and world government; have finally spoken out, buoyed by the removal of fear. They can go public without fear of reprocussions or ridicule now because the mass voice of the people is so powerful and so loud that they know they have public support that will be heard. They now have the courage to start to stand up for what is right and fight these private banksters at the government level. With the support of the people they can find courage to fight back that they could not show before.

This is now the time to take back what is yours. Expel this scum from your banks and businesses who are bleeding you dry. This is the time to get behind this and fight the FED. This is the time to mobilize, get out on the street on November 22nd and rally outside every Federal Reserve Bank in the US and campaign for the revocation of the Federal Reserve Act and take back your money. Stop the private bankers charging you interest on your own currency. Get out in numbers and support the rally and support in numbers so that the legislators who are brave enough will stand up and do something for YOU finally.

Watch this Bill. It is currently at this stage “Recommitted to Appropriations” by the House

People should keep track of this Bill and watch for who in the Pensylvania Senate holds up it’s progress after it’s unanimus committee stage passing. Then you will see who is involved in this crooked cabal. Then you can vote them all out in 2 years and vote in your own independant candidates.

Keep track of all such
voting patterns over the next two years and make sure these criminals are removed from power that effects yours and your childrens’ lives


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    wow, so the bible was right….the mark of the beast is real….wow

  3. Anonymous Says:

    good politics! It’s great to see some people out here with a brain. (watch out for black helicopters) 😉

  4. Bunny Boo Says:

    BWAVO! *clappity clappity* x

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