Hidden in Palin sight

There arent enough blog pages to write down everything I know that went on under Busch’s watch. But do you know what the awful thing is? As far as I can see this whole Palin thing stinks.

These republican party people haven’t been able to rig elections, lie to the world and hold pwer more often than not for no reason. They are clever and manipulative. Far too clever to pick a Sarah Palin as a running mate for McCain if they intended to win. However, they are manipulative enough to pick a Sarah Palin as a running mate to make sure he didn’t win.

To understand this mentality you have to accept the false left right paradigm of US politics where one party runs two sides off against eachother for the presidency to fulfill a common agenda. The agenda of the owners of the parties and of the country, the FED owners in effect

McCain was locked in a head to head with Obama for much of the campaign, until the most ludicrous running mate selection. Seriously, these people know everything about everybody, so do you honestly in your hearts believe they would pick Sarah Palin if they intended winning this election? Think about it. With all the other potential candidates. It’s ludicrous that they would pick someone so overtly stupid, with views that would alienate most of the country. Their legal eagles would also have been well aware that her corruption case would definitely go against her.

Yet, knowing all this, everyone seems to have fallen for this stunt and believed she was a credible choice by the party. This is what they do however. They hold you in such low esteem that they “hide their treachery in plain site”. It is part of their ritual. What gives them their big high!

Obama was selected by the “Owners” to win this time because the next phase of the agenda requires a Liberalist President to implement the next steps in the agenda. These include:

1: The changing of the 2nd ammendment to disarm the public to prevent armed uprising against future tyrrany by Federal government.

2: Introduction of “civic service forces” which will mutate into and double as a new level of tattle tale police. This will be the jump off point for national service eventually as it acclimatises participants to a uniformed neo-militarised sense of belonging to the state mechanism, a kind of civic duty if you will

3: Conversion of the middle class’ private pension scheme funds back into the state scheme, taxing them and lowering the yield, all under the auspice of refinancing the welfare system that Busch’s team looted four years ago, and in the name of “spreading the wealth”

4: The introduction of carbon taxes on businesses which gives the illusionion of taxing the wealthy and not the individual. However all taxes flow downwards as someone has to pay. A tax that will be driven on an liberal environmental agenda but will simply raise more cash for the FED owners pockets doing nothing to reduce emissions because it will drive the cost of production up sending the jobs overseas to countries that have no carbon controls anyway. Remember, carbon is the basic building block of life on planet earth, it is not a polutant. Plant’s breathe carbon dioxide they do this and give back oxygen. You want to solve the balancing then stop cutting down the rainforest. The sun heats the earth and carbon dioxide levels raise following that hundreds of years later. The ice caps melted on Mars too and it wasn’t our SUVs that did that. They think you are too stupid to know this though so watch him push that lie

There are other agenda down the line like the NAU and selling all the country’s assets abroad, but this is enough to be going on with and if they happen you will finally get it regarding the false left right paradigm.


7 Responses to “Hidden in Palin sight”

  1. Hadenough Says:

    I have to wonder about that too. Maybe we don’t have a real vote–they put who they want in office anyways.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You are right that both parties serve the boss-man ( financial overlords) but I disagree with your Palin assertion. The manipulated financial “catastrophe” assured Obama the election, although in this cycle a democrat was an almost foregone conclusion. McCain was a weak candidate..we’ll be seeing more out of Palin, guaranteed.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Palin broke McCain. What a duffer.

  4. Door32 Says:

    McCain doesn’t get to pick his running mate, the “owners” do

  5. Bee Says:

    I don’t think the GOP had much to do with Palin’s pick. They would have rather had Romney or Guiliani. McMaverick chose her implicitly to pander to the religious right. I do believe that McCain really thought that there was no way Obama would beat him. He sorely underestimated Americans….as is the GOP tendency because it always worked on their own voters.

    I believe that Obama is a breath of fresh air and he will revive us all.

  6. John Doe v4.0 Says:

    I think you might be giving the GOP more credit for “intelligent design” than they’re worth……

  7. Bunny Boo Says:

    I is staring a new party. Is bunny party. Colour is pink, and my wunning mate is Dylan from the Magic Roundabout *stops to have a scwatch of the ear* We has a vewwy wobust manifesto, our pwiowities being…being… *gets distwacted by butterfwy, hop hop hop* x

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