You really should read this quote from 2007 because it is being implemented now

Here is a quote the news may not have broadcast in late 2006 early 2007

and today you can see why they didn’t want to tell you

Jose Barroso, President of the European Commission, announced during the unveiling of the new European energy policy that the time has come for a “post-industrial age.

” To bring the world into the post industrial age, you first need to destroy the world´s economic base and create another Great Depression. When people are poor, they don´t spend money, they don´t travel, and they don´t consume,……”

Now do you see why this is so important?

It has happened and has been engineered for that very cause. Barroso along with all the other New World Order globalists attended the 2007 and 2008 Builderberg meeting to discuss how the plan was working. The plan however was conceived at the 2006 meeting in Canada and was leaked out of the meeting by an insider and reported on in the internet press. Why didn’t the world take notice? Why? Because the agenda is international and the press is owned by them.

Barroso among other European leaders like Sarkozy, Brown, Merkel are now frantically vocally calling for this World Governance, New World Order all over the news. All the lead countries in the EU as well as USA Canada and Australia are pumping this out in the press. WHY?

Well because something went wrong when Ireland failed to ratify the Lisbon treaty on the date the NWO group required so they need to now jump that step and go for broke, directly to the world government without any more incremental steps

The crazy thing is the One world Government will be run by the very banking families who orchestrated the economic collapse in the first place. The same people who by their action of deliberately bankrupting the world economy and withholding the stimulous money to get it going again, will kill millions through subsequent starvation and conflict. Is this what you want?

To some of you the One World Government might seem a good idea, but wait. the government they intend is one based on the Chinese model, the old Soviet model, and the Nazi Germany model. It is Corporate Fascism, a plan hatched by the Eugenists based on works by Aldous Huxley, Alister Crowley and H G Wells. The idea is to destroy the middle class and make everybody so poor they cant protest for fear of losing their place in the bread queue.

In this system they propose you have a one world government that owns everything and supplies all your needs. In return you submit to their will and are obedient. All rights are removed, including the right to live, procreate, own property, choose your own job or education. All people will be chipped and monitored 100% of the time. Privacy is a privalidge and if you misbehave they turn your chip off.

This might sound far fetched to you but I have read long and hard on this and this really is the goal. It has been confirmed and admitted by the leaders of this New World Order movement (example see interview with Aaron Russo regarding conversations with Nick Rockerfeller – search Youtube or Google video)

Please do some research and you will find that everything that is happenning to us today has been documented years ago from insider leaks.


4 Responses to “You really should read this quote from 2007 because it is being implemented now”

  1. Dedalus Says:

    Thanks for posting this. Good stuff.

  2. Hadenough Says:

    Their thinking is a bit twisted isn’t it?

  3. Bunny Boo Says:

    *twitches nose* I hath a lettuth! x

  4. Gone Says:

    I’ve been reading books on this for the last few months and I’ll ask you the same question i ask myself when i read them – What the fuck can we do about it when all the people with power are fucking bent?

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