So the Bali bombers were executed so I had a look into it ?

3 chicken farmers executed for Bali bomb in 2002

Did they get the right men?

Watch this and make up your mind

Keep in mind the other false flags in New York, London, Madrid, so ho to get anti terrorism laws, militarised police and public support for a war on terrorism in Australia? Well this might just do it

This was part 3 of the series

The remainder of the series deals with who benefits and also with actual eye witness statements. Many statements corroborated describing a blinding light and a fireball and a white mushroom cloud. The japanese have speculated that what we might be dealing with now is tactical hydrogen bomb type explosives here and 911 which would give these nuclear type results. In these cases we are not left with radioactive evidence as this type of fusion explosion’s radioactivity dissipates in 20 seconds or so. They do however have the power to vapourise concrete as can be seen in the exposed reinforcement cages in the pictures of the bombing

I know very little about Bali except that it is well timed and well linked to the globalist cause to demonise muslims to scare the pants of first world citizens so they will give up their liberty at home and condone slaughter abroad. A means to a larger end that is all.

If you find this interesting you may like to go and watch the entire series for a full expose and then read on if your appetite for truth is wetted. and visit the web site

Inform yourself before you make up your mind or believe what you are told by officialdom


2 Responses to “So the Bali bombers were executed so I had a look into it ?”

  1. Door32 Says:

    As I said I have not read anything on Bali so I have put this up to stir debate. However I will now you have brought it to my attention.

    Though the fact that the video is amateurish because the maker does not have access to the production facilities of a tv station is no reason to dismiss everything contained therein out of hand as nonesense. The maker may well also have made the mistake of trying to embelish his narrative with images not from the scene if only to pictorialise his words for the viewer which I agree is dangerous journalism but it doesn’t neccessarily make his statements untrue.

    This is where we should do our background reading now that the ideas are there to investigate

  2. sylvie Says:

    this is absolute nonesense, of course. The youtube video is amateurish, and makes outrageous non-secatuers (if thats how you spell it). Many of the photos (eg an early one of officers with huge :”FBI” letters emblazoned on their jackets for example) were not even taken in Bali.
    I do not automatically believe “officialdom, but as I mentioned previously, the international team of bomb experts who were largely responsible for tracking the source of the explosives leading to establishing the identity of the culprits were a truly a-political international team, including our own Federal Police. These were not secret agents, and not the sort of people you could trust to keep quiet on a secret, evil mission…lol.

    While it is romantic to invent conspiracy theories about every event that ever happens, it is not always helpful. In the this incidence, the accused lawyers tried to use it as a defence – if they had have been successful, I would have suspended my anti-capital punishment stance, and found the perpetrators of this video, and strangled them…..

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