US future and Obama’s BIG decisions Biden predicted

Well the 18 month sideshow is over and it looks like more of the same ahead. After Biden’s speech a week ago warning of impending unpopular and unexpected decisions ahead for pre-determined events, it seems the warning signs are already there. What were these events and decisions?

Obama’s first post victory speech has already set the tone for another “economy stimulus” aka another round of Bankster bailouts. Just remember when this started it was because the last two administrations (Bush and Clinton) changed the lending rules to allow this to happen and reduced the regulations controlling them. So banking institutions that were “too big to allow to fail” got bailed out then bought up for pennies resulting in the situation where you now have only 3 major banks left, which control all deposits and investments, which are a multiple of the size of the previous “too big” entities. In fact the same 3 banking families that sailed through the 1906, 1919, and 1929 crashes emerging bigger and stronger because they exited the markets quietly before the crashes.

You might almost think it was done as part of a pre-conceived plan when you see it in that light, especially when you consider the bailout bill was secret and included clauses indemnifying everybody involved from prosecution and preventing any reversal. Gaining cross party support too surprisingly. Well wouldn’t you think it was a long term plan? So if it does come to pass that Obama’s first incomprehensible decision is another bailout then that should pretty much nail it for you I hope.

The reason I suggest this is because this plan has been revealed since the last decade from insiders in the Bilderberg Group meetings. There have also been more recent revelations from more recent meetings that confirmed the reason behind it. For those who don’t know the Bilderberg group is an annual meeting set up by David Rockerfeller (Standard Oil, Exon, Mobil, Amoco, Chase Manhattan Bank, etc etc etc) involving 125 of the worlds elite leaders Corporate leaders, Royalty, Press barons, Burocrats, Bankers, Intellectuals and Military and Security advisors. The invite list is different each year bar some regular core members depending on the issues on the planning table. The purpose of the group is to plan and implement how they globalise the world for their own benefit. It has been running since the 1950s and has always been denied until recently and has been acknowledged to control who gets to be president or prime minister of a multitude of countries to carry out their agenda. Basically if you even want to be a nominee you have to be approved, on both sides of the fake left right paradigm.

Why do I mention this? Well because it is a body that is not working for the national interest and hence it is treasonous for government or Federal officials to attend. So you may want to ask yourselves why on 4th June 2008 in the Marriot Hotel near Dulles Airport where the meeting was being held, none other than Henry Poulson, Ben Bernanke, as well as 2 state governors for South Carolina and Kansas attended.

Now more interestingly along with Poulson and Bernanke there were also present Harold Ford Jnr and William McDonough (Merill Lynch), Timothy Geithner (FED Bank of New York), Paul Gigot (Wall Street Journal), Donald Graham (Washington Post), James A Johnston (the man Obama tasked with finding his running mate), Robert Zoellick (World Bank) So hey presto just a few moths later the whole system collapses and the banks all pile in together. Just as planned and the big pay off is born.

What supporters of Obama might not be happy to hear is that his plane touched down at Dulles that day en route to Washington and he was “missing” for a time. It has been suggested he was in a meeting with Hillary at the Marriot, you might like to check that out.

There are a lot of interesting names at this highly secure meeting you will recognise many of them. They are an odd bunch of people to bring together including 3 Queens and a Prince. Why such an odd group? This would suggest that this is about consolidation of wealth and power rather than something for our benefit. Please read the attendees list, it will be of great interest

You will also notice some countries like Ireland, Czech republic and Poland seem over-represented. This is because they are bucking the trend of the Groups plans in Europe to create a Federal European Nation and want to know what they are doing to bring it up to speed. Also you will also notice that the invitees are bi-partisan from both sides of the false left right paradigm. You can see this clearly that there are UK Parliament members from Labour and the Conservative Parties meaning that whoever is voted in the Bilderberg agenda will be carried out. Not the will of the people

I hope I’m wrong but if he doesn’t toe the line, expect Biden to succeed soon. Remember what happened to JFK when he gave that speech about “secret societies” !

What is the purpose you ask of crashing the US economy?

Well that leads to his next big decision. The economy is not saved with the mere trillion already bailed out. The true figure discussed amongst economists in the industry is around 5 trillion and that is only half the national debt.. What has come out of the Bilderberg Meetings via insiders is that the intention is to collapse the US economy completely by summer of 2009 to force the USA to merge with Mexico and Canada in the NAU to make them competitive against 3rd world manufacturers. This can only be done by hyper inflation and devaluing the dollar which will destroy the standard of living enjoyed by US citizens for so long and bring them into a feudal standard where the middle class is eliminated and the population are subsistence level and the nation’s land and wealth is all controlled by the elites.

How will they do it?

Well they started with the sub-prime scam (which leaked out of the meetings years ago) but they intend to finish the job by reducing the price of crude oil to $50 per barr
el by opening new oil fields in Indonesia and in the Arctic circle which are larger than those in Saudi Arabia and flooding the market with cheep crude. These reserves have been known for years, the entire world has been radio-mapped from satellites so they know where everything is. The concept of hitting peak oil is a lie you all believed by design. Good I hear you say, but no. The effect will be to bankrupt the Arab Nations and send them back to the 3rd world. So what, you say, how does that effect the USA? Well the Arab states then cash in all their dollars and the US goes bankrupt too

What will confuse you is why wont Obama just drill the enormous oil reserves in Montana (40 billion barrels) and those in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska? They will not be touched and you won’t understand why you remain dependant on foreign oil when you are floating on it. You won’t understand why he chooses to maintain the trillion dollar defence budget and move the war from Iraq to Pakistan to complete the Caspian Oil pipeline. You won’t understand why he introduces carbon taxes that raise the costs of production so that factories close and the jobs go to China and India where they pay no carbon taxes and pollute away instead of you.

You won’t understand why the country is being allowed to collapse. However the globalists don’t have 50 years to get North America to the same place Europe is at so they need to bankrupt USA to force the NAU into existence. This is their goal and if you doubt that all you have to do is look at the headline statements of world and EU leaders this week calling on Obama to help form a New World Economy, and New World Governance……… aka George Bush Senior’s New World Order he first mentioned publicly in 1991. The same NWO that has been repeated over and again by Blair, Brown, Sarkozy, Merkl, Clinton, GW Bush (and his cronies), Barrosso, Kofi Annan, McCain and YES Obama too.

It is time to take your heads out of the sand my friends and wake up to the NWO juggernaught coming down the road. Every aspect of current legislation is for it’s globalist benefit and overall goal of One World Government controlled by the banking families IE the Rothschilds and Rockerfellers.

All the unexplainable wars like, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Georgia and now the chaos in Pakistan.

All the false flag terror episodes like Oklahoma, WTC, Anthrax, 911 and 7/7 and Madrid.

All the financial crashes and subsequent globalisation of corporations.

The global warming hoax to implement a world carbon tax, when it is a sunspot issue and we are heading for a cooling.

The craziness of turning a third of the USA corn crop into fuel instead of food. Thus engineering a food crisis by this and by engineering GM crops to fail or reduce yield.. The GM crops engineered to include insecticide are also killing billions of bees reducing yields

Please go and research these issues and then put the pieces together.

Ask yourself what would happen in the USA if the unemployment rocketed and the economy collapsed under hyper inflation. People put out of their homes Food prices rocket. Food shortages start, What do you think will happen? Rioting? Food wars? Martial Law? Internment and FEMA labour camps?

OK I paint it black BUT these may well be the hard decisions Obama has to make

Many people already think this way, hence gun and ammunition sales have rocketed also in the USA. People are preparing for the worst to protect their homes and families and the government have prepared by putting in place all the laws and infrastructure over the last 10 years to confiscate the guns. They couldn’t pull that off with a republican president so they have decided to use the leftist presidency to work this one. We will see won’t we. However it seems to me that the strategy to deal with the fallout of this impending collapse has been being put into place since Oliver North in the 1980s

I urge you all to do research because this affects the entire worlds


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  1. Restless Says:

    Where do you live, Door, I’ve never been sure… And what would you have us do? We’re pretty stupid here in the U.S., you know.

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