Your real rulers

While you were all hyped up with the election, vehemently supporting your various candidates who were going to serve YOU, you were distracted yet again, by this sideshow for the masses, from the reality of who really controls what happens to you and what their real agenda is.

I have read into this for a long time and have been trying to find a video that would describe the situation for you in simple language. Most demand that you have some prior understanding and are able to take certain facts for granted or know the history and back-up behind them. This simple explanation is the easiest I could find.

Appologies for some of the badly scripted links these two guys unfortunately added in to this narrative but the facts they impart are all checked and correct. So if you watch these you might wish to watch the rest of their series or go and research other sources yourselves.

These organisations all tie back to the same controlling globalist sources. The US branch being controlled by the Rockerfeller family through it’s various banking, industrial interests and tax exempt “foundations”

This is only an offshoot or junior partner to the main controlling interest in this global plan, the Rothschild family. Make no mistake these are powerful people on a global scale. they have wealth totalling more than the GDP of the entire world and control much of it’s resources.

If you wish to find out who is involved in this you simply have to follow the money trails from these entities to a multitude of polititions, industrialists, bankers, media moguls, judiciary, lobbyists, military and ranking officials.

It takes time but all the evidence is clearly available while the net is available. However the reality of Newspeak is upon us and historical documents and news reports are being removed and media is blacking out the real stories. The internet will not be unregulated for much longer either so you chance to find out reality is time limited

Good luck


2 Responses to “Your real rulers”

  1. Door32 Says:

    well I hope you find good sources through this. Part 2 deals with NAU, part 3 with the FED con. There is some opinion in it but very little, most everything is backed up with documents and quotes

  2. PICASSO Says:

    on guard sir , I have come to fence with you yet again my friend .

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